Sanjay Kumar: Swamy jii, charan sparsha. i would like to know following facts:
1. what is life, 2. why is this life, 3. who are we, 4. why Ishwar gives us ‘sukh’ and ‘dukh’, if it is said that every thing is done by one is only with his permission. i would be highly obliged if you would bless me with the answer on such facts. pranam.
Swami Ram Swarup: (1) life is a struggle, we have to face it happily and not with tensions,
sorrows etc.Human life is blessed based on the result of previous lives’ good and bad deeds. Result of the said deeds are borne/faced in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively. So, the present human life is also a creation by us based on our deeds and result of the same is awarded by God.
This cycle of death and birth is eternal and everlasting. God preaches in Vedas that those who want to overcome the said cycle and get salvation, they should follow eternal Vedic path, under the guidance of a learned acharya.

As stated above, cycle of life and death is eternal and everlasting and even natural until an aspirant after following Vedic path attains salvation.

(3) We all living beings are pure, alive souls and live in bodies based on our deeds. So, we are not bodies. Body is separate and we, the souls are separate form body. Body is destroyed and not the souls.

(4) Ishwar gives us sukh(pleasure) and dukh(sorrows) based on our previous lives’ deeds as mentioned above. So, to kill the effect of bad deeds and to spend long, happy life God has given us eternal knowledge of Vedas, to follow. My blessings to you.

B: Param pujaya Guruji, our charan sparsh & dandawat pranam at your pious feet. Guruji, with your blessings we have booked tickets. We will reach during the Annual Yajyen. Further, I kindly request you to please guide on following. 1. I can spare more time on Dhyan on Saturdays & Sundays since these are weekly off days for me. Please advice out of these options which shall I do. To do dhyan with chanting by heart of Gurumantra or Om or Gayatri mantra with its meaning or to concentrate on qualities of Ishwar. Guruji, please advice out of these 4 options which shall I do.
2. Guruji, as informed earlier we would be highly obliged if we are given chance to contribute
& provide our services to spread Vedas knowledge. So please inform us if we can help in anyway. Also, we would like to serve anyone who is in Mumbai and wants any kind of assist/support including your aspirants. Though at present we are not able to serve you in Ved Mandir since staying far here, but in this way we can do something to serve you at your pious feet and do Gurusewa. Please accept our kind request. With charan Sparsh at your pious feet.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you for a long, happy life. You are welcome here always. It is upto a devotee that how much time he spare for worship/meditation. You can very
well use Saturdays and Sundays for devoting more and more time which will be beneficial for you. In dhyan either Om or Gayatri mantra i.e., any of one can be considered with its meaning. Your
pious deeds to spread the vedic knowledge are counting towards worship of God. So you may please go ahead.

Anonymous: What is meant by ‘varn vicched’
Swami Ram Swarup: There are four varnna i.e., Brahaman, kshatriya, Vaishya and shudra as per Yajurveda mantra 31/11 but these are based on deeds (karmas) and not by birth. Varnn vichhed means if we do not follow preach and declare us at our own.

Ashwin: Swamiji, my pranams to you. I’ve found the links of Vedas in pdf format. Can you please assure me that these are the original Veda Samhitas? Thank you.
Swami Ram Swarup: The website is being checked and answer will follow.