V: Pranam Guru JI…….My prob is ki mera bhai hai 1 chota n woh kuch galat sangat mein pad gya hai. to aap kripya kar ke koi upay btaye…Jai shree Krishna !!
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter.

Upaaye to kewal bachchey ko samajhana hee shesh reh jaata hai, chchote bade milkar pyar se samjhate rahogey to ek na ek din theek ho hee jayega. Agar us bachchey se krodh maar-peet karogey to kabhi theek nahin hoga.

Nitesh: Is there any way by which a person can know about his previous birth?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. No way to know about previous births. Infact, it is not needed.

More than 40 years ago, I was coming from Rishikesh in a tanga along with one person, who was my neighbourer. A saint was already sitting in tanga. My neighhbourer was asking repeatedly to the saint that before taking his sanyas, what was he? The saint was keeping silent but when my neighbourer persisted with question then suddenly, the saint replied to him that he (neighbourer) was dog in his previous life and continued his answer saying that you were dog in your previous life, whether you would like to listen about your previous birth of dog, again and again. Then the saint preached , why don’t you think about your present birth of human life, which is blessed by God to realise God, while discharging all moral duties.

D: Swamiji charan sparsh, thnks for always reply swamiji i was talking about you and vedmandir to my wife suddently she asked me a question there is one lady in our building , jain she can not be called good lady as she always keep shouting at everyone and very proudy lady, but still she is very rich and almost three to four time keep going for vacation to abroad and in India also. my wife told why she is so happy while she doesn’t follow Vedas not good lady also, I told her its her past karma, than she said ok if she done good karms in past than whole life she will enjoy, and we may not have don’t good karmas so may be till 60 or 70 years age of us we will keep struggling than may be Almighty will be blessed us and give us money everything but than our whole life passed in problems what about that, and so many people from childhood to their death pass life very well , while they were not following Ved s and eating non-veg and doing wrong karms, who knows their next birth but this birth toh went good na…. again she said another person living in building always shout at her old mother he is happy and his salary is also 1 lacs 50 thousands and she told me u do very good seva to your father still you not well settled

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

You are welcome, my son.

I think, I’ve replied your question earlier. However, the peace it is a result of previous lives’ good deeds that the lady is enjoying wealth. But, you see, at the time of enjoying such wealth, in the absence of worship and good manners naturally, the pious deeds are not being added, as a result, the store of good deeds is being minimized day by day.

When the effect of pious deeds gets exhausted completely one day, the person will have to face the sorrows. We’ve the example of Ravanna, Kansa and Duryodhan etc., who enjoyed all matters of world but one day, they had to repent when the effect of previous lives’ deeds ended. So, we should judge our lives’ deeply whether we worship and make our character good to please Almighty God, Who showers His blessings with a long, happy life on us.

So, we should start doing pious deeds like worship and control over our senses, mind and intellect to refrain from sins, to earn the good effect of pious deeds i.e., punnya which only helps us in this life as well as in future births.

This birth, in the shape of human beings is blessed by God, to know present and future rebirths and main motto of this life is to attain salvation by following Vedic path.

Shouting on parents etc., is naturally a sin, which is to be faced by the wrong- doer and if a person gives respect and serves parents/elders naturally, he’ll get good award in return, though it may take time but fundamental laws of God are unchangeable. So, the person will sure get award.