Shashikant Pandey: Swamiji, pranaam,what are the different ways to rectify our errors or paapo ke prashchit ke upay kya kkya hoten hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Paapon ka prayshchit tabhi hota hai jub jeev weh paap dobaara na karey. Iske liye thoda vedon ka gyan aur Vedic sadhna ki zaroorat hai nahin to paap na karne ki kasmein khakar bhi insaan dobara paap karta rehta hai aur zyada se zyada paapi banta jaata hai. Ismein to vedanusar Ishwar ki bhakti hi kaam aati hai aur jab jeev ko Parmeshwar ka ashirwad prapt hota hai tab jeev ke paap karne chchootte hain aur maaf hotey hain.

Subarmanya Shastry: Thanks guruji received e mail
Swami Ram Swarup: You are welcome, please.

Silvana: Dear Swamiji. If you are a great literate of Vedic scriptures, how come you describe the Lord as ” formless”? The Lord appear to be the greater of the greatest of all personalities, who eternally performs activities in the company of his devotees. This is clear in all the scriptures…
Swami Ram Swarup: First of all, a solid matter cannot be Omnipresent. You see, how a solid matter can enter the air to prove its divine quality of “Omnipresence”.

Only Formless God is Omnipresent, is controlling the universe everywhere being everywhere. A matter which is in a solid form will have to remain at only one place being situated there and shall have to move on to another place. But this is not the quality of Almighty God. Any devotee may call Him anywhere, anytime in any situation. Suppose, a person is drowning in water, how would he pray to God to save his life, if God is not Omnipresent. Because at that crucial time, even if the person has great contact with King or other high and mighty people, they would not be helpful being away from him.

God has unlimited qualities like being Omnipresent, punishes the culprits/sinners, protects the virtuous’ people who worship Him, has created the universe and has held it to remain situated all time for the benefit of human beings. One quality of the God is also stated that He is Almighty. It means, He has all powers and to control the universe along with its daily activities, He does not need any assistance because He is Almighty. So, according to Vedas, He does not need any assistance to spread the knowledge of Vedas etc.

However, Vedas state that He is Omnipresent and manifests Himself in the heart of His worshipper, devotees, Yogi, saint etc., whom He accepts by virtue of their good conduct, control over their senses, perceptions and mind etc., and the saint thus starts giving his preach to those who need.