Rashmi: Respected swami ji, pranaam n charansparsh, Swami what are the asanas which will benefit for a person who has been operated for kidney stone formation. What are simple ayurvedic herbs which will help in addition to yoga asanas. With regards.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my daughter. Patient should take plenty
of water daily. Also, daily take 50gms of barley. Wash them well and soak in a glass of water. Now, let the water along with barley boil till half of water remains behind. Now, let it cool to room
temperature and then water can be drunk empty-stomach, after sieving it. In case, the water of barley does not suit by generating heat in consumer then it must be discontinued for sometime from one to two weeks.

Sagar: Swamiji pranam! On watching the spiritual pravachan and bhajan cds and listening to them it gives immense knowledge and soulful satisfaction. Swamiji would it be possible to send all the pravachan cds and havan cds after 2007 until now, as I have all upto 2004 only. Thank you very much swamiji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessing to you. Thanking you, please. I shall try to send.

Namaste swamiji aur charan sparsha, which sin is more bad according to veda – a person who hurts others or a person who eats non veg? Or is the level of sin same in both the cases?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. It is the same because in both the cases,
common matter i.e., violence is involved.

Vinod: Jai gurudev, swamiji, vedo ke anusar sharirik evam manasik swaroop , udgam, nirukti, shakti laxana guna evam par prakash dale. Hruday mana ka aashray hai par man me shakti aati kaha se hai. shakti ka pancha mahabhootic swaroop kya hai. shakti kis prakar karma karati hai. kripa kar vedo ke sandarbha sahit anugrahit kare. jai gurudev.
Swami Ram Swarup: Aap ne jo kuch likha hai, us par mein short mein itna hee
kahoonga ki ved-adhyayan, vedon ke updesh ko acharan mein lana, rozana ved mantron se Yajyen/havan karna, naam jaap karna aur vedon mein kahee Ashtang Yog vidya ka abhyas karne se poore shareer ke chhote se chhote aur bade se bade, sabhi organs (angon) par mental, physical
power par bahut hee achha asar padta hai, issey shareer mein nirogta aati hai, aayu badti, sukh-shanti prapt hotee hai tatha anek laukik evam alaukik labh prapt hote hain. Mann aur Indriyon mein tab tak shakti rehtee hai jub tuk chetan jeevatma usmein niwas karta hai. Baki main yahaan kahunga ki aapke prashan ke uttar mein bahut lamba choda answer involved hai jo yahaan, samay kee kami ke karann nahin diya ja sakta.