Ashwin: Swamiji,my pranams to you. What is the exact episode involving the questions answered by Yudhishtir in the forest? How did the Pandavas got back their life after answering the questions by Yudhishtir? Is it possible? Thank you.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessing to you. Yudhishthir along with his four brothers were after a deer in jungle. As the dear in his horn was carrying a good of Rishi. They wanted to take the goods to return to the Rishi when they wanted to take the goods of Rishi when they were wandering they felt the order of Yudhishthir searched the, water tank and tried to take the water, a voice of Yaksh was listened by Arjun. Yaksh told Arjun that Arjun should give answers of his questions before taking water otherwise he would die. Arjun did not listen and as soon as he took water, he died and in the same manner, Nakul, Bheem, Sehdev also died. At last Yudhishthir came near the water tank and saw dead bodies of his four brothers. As usual the voice of Yaksh again echoed. Yudhishthir in return, respected the voice and requested to put the questions and he answered all the questions to the satisfaction of Yaksh. Yaksh blessed Yudhishthir with the life’s of his four brothers. Yes, in the eternal truth of Vedas, it is always possible.

Anonymous: Namaste swami ji, mere pichhle prashnon ka uttar dene ke liye apka bahut bahut dhanyavad. Kripaya meri kuchh aur samsyaon ka bhi yathasheeghra samadhan karen: 1) Main ek aise profession me hun ki jahan mujhe lambe samay tak lagatar computer per kaam karna padta hai, jisse meri aankhen abhi yuvavastha me hi kamjor ho gayi hain. yadi main isee profession me rahun to mujhe nahin lagta ki poorna aayu tak meri aankhen swastha rah payengi. to kya mujhe apna profession change kar lena chahiye ya phir isee ko apni duty samjhkar karte jana chahiye. ye profession maine apni ichchha se chuna tha lekin ab mujhe ye apne liye suitable nahin lag raha. yadi ab isee ko karna meri duty hai to mujhe isko karne me prasannta hi hogi, parantu ek bar yah nishchay ho jaye ki haan bas ab mujhe yahi karna hai.
2) Mujhse jahan tak ho pata hai wahan tak mera yahi prayas rahta hai ki main kuchh galat kaam (kisi ke bhi prati bura vyavhar, jhooth, chori, khan-pan me aniyamitata ityadi) na karun. phir bhi mera swasthya theek nahi rahta. mujhe samjh nahi aa raha ki iska karan kya hai. mujhe kya karna chahiye? uttar ki prateeksha me….
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
1.) Aapko ati sheegra eye specialist se aankhein test karaa kar uski advise lena zaroori hai. Subah suraj kee pehli kiranon ko aankh band kar ke rozana panch minute tak dekho. Arthat band aankhon se suraj ki taraf apne mukh ko sthir karo. Purnnamasi ko aankh kholkar lagataar chandrama kee aur utni deir tak dekho ki aankhon mein se paani nikal aaye. Subah-Subah mukh mein taaza panni bhar kar moonh band karo aur band aankhein karke unpar thande paani kee chheithein lagao. Yahi kriya ratri mein soney se pehle bhee karo. Is avastha mein koshish karo ki doosra achcha profession mil jaye aur jab tak doosra job na mile tab tak is present job ko nahin chhodna.

Aap ek kaam aur karein ki Tulsi ka ras aur shudh shahad baraabar matra mein milayein aur uski ek-ek boondh roz dono aankhon mein dalein. Yehi profession karne ki hee zaroorat nahin hai, parantu jab tak doosra job na mile is present job ko kabhee bhee na chhodna.

2.) Swasthya ko theek karne ke liye Brahmacharya dharann karna aur hamesha achchhey vichaar dil mein aaney deina zaroori hai. Subah paanch baje tak uth jaana chahiye aur bathroom ityadi ke baad 1- ½ glass paani peena zaroori hai. Ishwar ka naam jap kar thoda Yogabhyas karke phir lambi sair zaroori hai. Iske saath hi halki exercise zaroori hai. Bhojan mein chapatti, chawal, dal, sabzi, dahi, dono time doodh, salad leina chahiye. Sawere se sone ke time tak din bhar mein kam se kam 15 glass panni pina zaroori hai.

Pratah kaal hawaa mein baith kar pranayaam zaroor karein, issey aapko bahut labh hoga.

Waris: Idol worship is true? Reply me under light of Vedas
Swami Ram Swarup: Idol worship is not mentioned in the Vedas. Vedas tell only to worship one, formless, omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. In this connection, I also paste my article below-

If an aspirant will concentrate over mouth of idol then for sometime he will concentrate on chin, nose, head etc., but concentration on one point will not be achieved. Secondly, Vedas do not preach to concentrate outside the body. Yog shastra sutra 3/1 also states, “DESHBANDHASYA CHITTASYA DHARNA” i.e., concentrate on a point of body like agyachakra, tip of the nose or heart. So we cannot go against the ved-shastras. Yes, idol worship has been started within two thousand and five hundred years. That is why, Vedas do not tell for idol worship but if people desire, they can go ahead.

Pictures, drawings etc., may not be considered idols but it is an art and not worship of God. We must know that knowledge of Vedas emanates direct from God and idol worship has been made by human beings. So now we have to decide whether we obey God or human beings. If we still follow the path made by humans then no problem, one must go ahead. On the other hand, follower of Vedas must continue his own path.

In four Vedas, the media to realize the God has been stated as –
Study of Vedas under guidance of acharya which is a real media and as mentioned in the Vedas, one has to follow the preach mentioned therein viz., performance of Yajyen, name jaap of God , regular contact with learned acharya of Vedas, ashtang Yoga Practice under his guidance etc. The said media is stated by God Himself in Vedas. Man, an artist, clay and every matter right from straw to sun, moon, air, space etc., is the creation of God. It thus concludes that we have to worship and realize the creator and we must not be attracted towards creation. Attraction is the task of senses, perceptions and mind which is destroyed but the creator is immortal. No other media is stated in Vedas except the human body through which the said worship is done by a Yogi, Rishi-muni or aspirant.

Vedas-shastras state that God is omnipresent and according to Yajurveda mantra 40/6 it is true but other mantras state that God is “Ninnaya” that is hidden in the universe and we have to locate the hidden God and not the visible, non-alive matters of the world.

T.V., radios etc., all articles are man-made and controlled by some mechanism. And examples of man-made mechanism are actually not applied on Almighty, omnipresent God. Any mechanism, for example- rocket launching , launching of satellites etc., involves the mind of a man and mind has limited power otherwise mind could have searched the hidden Almighty God also but Vedas state that mind, intellect , senses etc., have limited power and God is beyond imagination , beyond description, beyond calculation. That is why, our ancient Rishis, Rajrishis practised Vedic path that is did practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, yajyen etc.

As such they exercised control over mind, intellect, senses etc. A Yogi when makes the mind dead etc., and forgets even himself (soul) then he realizes the God. This eternal Vedic path of Yoga philosophy has been very well preached by Rishi Patanjali in his Yog Shastra.

God is not a matter to be seen with eyes. So how can He be seen alone in everything with the destructive eye?

Ego is not one-sided matter. If there is ego, neither a formless God is realized nor difference between idol or formless God is established. It is ego that most of the people respect the idol worship as well as formless God’s worship mentioned in Vedas but when an aspirant follows the Vedas, his mind becomes stable, then he only accepts worship of formless God and not others. Whereas, the worshipper who worships idol, he accepts formless God also i.e., he cannot ignore Vedas and can not accept one path alone. We must deeply think over it that why is it so?

God being formless has not preached regarding any of His substitute or symbol, so the aspirant who knows Vedic philosophy accepts the God’s preach accordingly. When God in four Vedas, has not stated about His mark or representative then how the follower would accept the same? Vedas have been preaching the formless worship as quoted above eternally whereas the worship of idol has been made for the last about two thousand five hundred years ago by the human-beings. So there is difference of worship of formless God and idol.

Idol worship is the worship where the sentiments and emotions of heart are involved and all the said involvements are man-made as well as destructible. How a mind/intellect having limited power can dig out the Almighty, formless, hidden God from the creation? God is Almighty i.e., He has unlimited powers whereas soul who is being assisted by mind, intellect and senses etc., has limited power.

Yajurveda mantra 1/5 and Rigveda mantra 3/56/1 states that even God cannot transgress His rules. So how can God be transformed according to our emotions and be forced to accept our sentiments which are not according to His laws of nature.

All Vedas state that His laws of creation remain unchangeable. So there is no value of our sentiments etc., contrary to His rules and regulations. In the said Rigveda mantra, God strictly states “that all mountains, seas, rivers and even the Yogis who have realized Him (God) are incapable to change His rules and regulations and the way of worship etc.” So our self-made worship, emotions and sentiments etc., are of no use until these are according to Vedas.

As regards flag, yes it is invaluable not only for soldiers but for countrymen as well. However, the flag of each country is different. Will any other countryman sacrifice his life for our Tiranga? We, the Indians are enough to sacrifice our lives to maintain the dignity of our adorable Tiranga. So flags are different, the countries being different but God is one and only one for entire universe. So worldly example in the matter of formless, Almighty God is not applicable, please.

Also the matter of image being very clear to the devotee when it speaks to him in his own language of devotion, forces a learned man to say that the said speech between his mind and soul is worldly speech and even destructible whereas when a Yogi realizes God, he is completely unable to speak, hear, see, smell, eat, think etc. In this connection, the description of Yog shastra sutra 4/30,31, 32 pertaining to Dharmamegh Samadhi refers.

Yes, only currency notes are valuable. Similarly the Yogis –like Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj, Sri Ram, Vyas muniji, Guru Vasishth, Atri Rishi, Patanjali Rishi and the present Yogis-Rishis –Munis who have realized God, following the Vedic path are valuable. The stamp of beloved God is everywhere that is in sky, water, vegetation, in each living being etc. But as far as worship is concerned then the follower of Vedas only worships formless God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe, alone being Almighty. He is Almighty, therefore, He doesnot need any assistance from anyone.

This is never forgotten that the image has been brought from Jaipur etc., so if one can worship an image then why can’t one worship all pervading, omnipotent, omniscient, merciful God, who is the source of everything, who is eternal, unchangeable, life of life and soul of soul etc. Why do we change Him from being unchangeable to changeable idol?

Practice makes man perfect. So the beginner will get the sanskar (effect) on his chitta of idol worship and the same will never be omitted again. Secondly, according to the Vedas idol worship is not authentic. You see, there is no shape of soul. Atharvaveda mantra 10/8/25 states that size of soul is less than the tip of hair i.e., soul is the minutest matter which remains unseen. But when an aspirant tries to know about the soul, he knows based on qualities. We know about a person according to the description of his qualities- good or bad. Accordingly, we know Ravanna, King Harishchandra etc., based on their bad and good qualities respectively. So is the case of formless God. God has given His description/His divine qualities in Vedas only. After studying the Vedas, we first know the God based on Shabda Brahma i.e., ved mantras. Thereafter, when we worship Him according to Vedas, we attain Samadhi and realize Him. This fact has also been mentioned in Shantiparv of Mahabharat wherein Bheeshma tells Yudhishthir that Oh! Yudhishthir, he who gets perfection in ved mantras first, then he realises God.

When Formless, Almighty God has not stated in any ved about the idol worship then how will He be pleased by idol worship? Yajurveda mantra 32/3 states “NA TASYA PRATIMA ASTI” i.e., God cannot be measured. So there cannot be any idol of God because He is immeasurable. However, if people get peace in following idol worship, they may continue. Here I am only discussing the fact of Vedas.

Touching of hand and body etc., is materialistic matter which can only please mind, intellect through skin but it can’t be quoted in respect of Formless, Almighty God.

Whole world can be considered as the body of God but in reality God does not have body because God is alive whereas world is non-alive matter. So God is separate and world is separate. God remains immortal whereas world is destructible.

The image will be destroyed one day but not God. When there is no body of God then how will we be able to offer flowers, sandal wood paste, food etc., to Him.

Yajurveda mantra 40/8 states God to be the purest and He needs not to be purified by bathing, changing clothes and applying sandal wood paste etc. It is an idol or body of human-being which requires purification again and again.

External form of worship will strengthen the idol only because we will be singing, describing the attributes of idol/creation and not to Formless God. If we in the beginning are not able to judge the true, divine qualities of formless God then our love and faith will remain unstable.

Such aspirant will only feel nearness to the idol and not formless God who is already within him and who already resides the nearest to the soul i.e., within the soul.

We will have to study the Vedas which state that idol worship is not permitted by God. Yet, if an aspirant wants to worship an idol then I am telling again and again that he can go ahead at his own. On receipt of your e-mail, I am giving answer based on Vedic philosophy only that what Vedas say about idol worship. Vedas do not speak about idol worship and avtarwad. However, people are free to go ahead on their own and do whatever they like.

When I will see any art which is liked by soul through eye, definitely it will be admired and the scene which is disliked will be ignored. So if many people admire the idol of Ganesh sitting on conch, admiration is natural. As far as Vedas-shastras and other holy ancient books written by Rishis are concerned in the worship of formless God, spirit has no concern. Neither spirit exists nor has any concern with the worship of God.

So in the end I again say that he who wishes to worship idol, he may go ahead at his own. I have only told Vedas’ views on the matter of idol worship on receipt of your this particular e-mail.

Anonymous: Namaste Guruji, What is true happiness/bliss? Why does one attract towards opposite sex?If getting God is true bliss why not one attract towards God instead of opposite sex.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The happiness/bliss which does not go away even for a friction of time but remains always in any circumstances/situation is called true happiness/bliss. However the said happiness/bliss, is attained by following eternal Vedic path i.e., listening of Vedas, performing daily hawan/yajyen and daily practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy. Due to lack of knowledge and the said worship nobody becomes able to control his senses, perceptions and mind. Such persons are always indulged in illusion therefore they are always after the materialistic articles of the world. So they are also attracted towards opposite sex. Same is the reason of a person no to be attracted towards the said worship to realize God, true happiness/bliss. Until a person makes contact with learned acharya of Vedas and Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, he will never be able to follow the right path of worship by which true happiness/bliss is attained.