Anonymous: Ramaswarupji Pranams, we are two brothers, I am the second one,i am very affectionate to my father and mother. Recently my father expired. I am the only one unmarried, neither I could leave to India nor i got the visa to attend my fathers funeral, everything was performed by my brother. My father is very religious orthodox and very pious man, he has given life to many people. Now can you tell me what is the prayaschit I can do for not attending my fathers funeral . I belong to a brahmin caste. Apart from this my father is coming to my dream sometimes and discussing about my marriage. The second thing is I want my mother to live for a long time with me, what i have to do for this, please answer my query,Thanks in advance, pranams.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. I am sorry to listen about demise of your loving father. May God give him (soul) peace. Being helpless, if you could not attend the funeral of father then it cannot be considered as sin because your brother has performed all those rites.

Your father pious deeds will be remembered. However, dreams are not considered good, but you should not worry. The dreams would get stopped at one time. You should do name jaap of God- Om for bringing peace to your father’s soul. Your views are appreciated that you wish your mother to live long. You should get blessings of Almighty God by worshipping Him daily through your prayer.

Shashikant Pandey: Swamiji namastey,dukh kaa kaaran kya hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Manusya yoni Ishwar nein karma ke mamale mein azad ki hai. Chahe manusya paap karma kare ya punya karma kare parantu karmon ka phal kramasha sukh athawa dukh, yeh Ishwar khud deite hain. Karma do tarah ke hote hain- paap karma aur punya karma. Paap karma wein hain jo ved- shastron ke khilaf kiye jaate hain artharth jis karm ko ved- shastra aadi sadgranth karne ko nahin kahte parantu manusya karte hain to weh paap karm hain jo aage bhavishya mein parmeshwar iska phal dukh dega. Iskey vipreet punya karm weh hain jo Ved-shastron ke anusaar kiye jaate hain arthath paap aur punya karm samjhane ke liye manusya ko ved- shastra sunne chahiye. Vedon ko sunne ki agya Ishwar ne swayam dee hai.

I also paste one of my answers –
Dukh ka karnn avidya hai.
Vidya (there are two matters- vidya and avidya. Yog shastra sutra 2/5 states following signs of avidya-

1. Anitya-Nitya:- If we consider the destructive matter of the world as eternal like our human body and every matter of the world which are destructive yet due to indulgement in avidya, we try to gather and keep it forever.

2. Ashuchihi- Shuchi:- To consider impure matter as pure. For instance, the human body is not pure as it contains excretory materials like sweat, urine, filth in eyes, ears, nose etc. yet, we love our body and do not use it to worship real God, description of which is given in four Vedas, Vedas being eternal knowledge which emanates directly from God at the beginning of each creation.

3. Dukhaha- Sukhaha:- In the absence of the worldly as well as spiritual education people always remain unsatisfied, worried and sorrowful. But when they meet anyone, they state that they are fine etc. here, the person tries to show that he is fine/alright. That is, in reality, he is sad. But shows as if he is fine etc.

4. Anatma- Atma:- Soul is eternal and never takes birth but takes body in the womb of adorable mother. When any death occurs everybody starts saying in ignorance (indulgement in illusion) that man-woman etc., has died. Infact, soul comes out and the body as quoted above is already destructive. Then why do we people weep. It is due to lack of knowledge of Vedas.

The reverse knowledge of above quoted avidya is called vidya i.e., to think about reality only and not illusion.

Anonymous: Pranaam Guruji, I just wanted to say ‘ram ram’ and that all is ok here. I am trying my level best to follow your shown ways and with god\’s blessing all is well. We are all happy. We are doing hawan and yoga weekly, not daily due to time constraints. Also we are trying to get our kids interested into Vedas. Please extend my heartiest warm regards to all at the Ashram. And I sincerely thank you for showing me the right path. Bahaut Dhanaywaad Guruji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all for a long, happy life. God showers His love and blessings to those who follow the Vedic path, say all four Vedas. So, I’m happy to know your pious views to respect the God’s Voice that is, Vedas.