V: Dear Guruji, Namaste and pranaams to you. My resignation has not been accepted. It has not been recommended by the Director and is still with the Government. I am presently on leave. Guruji whatever time I have spent in office, I have tried to do some things for the my people and their dependents because of which I am having lot of enemies. There were two people in my office against whom I had complained and they have been suspended pensing enquiry. Whoever I am talking to are not allwoing me to resign as they feel that i can do some good work for my community .Money was just a part of it. I joined the department for doing some good work and I know that people like me. (more details provided).
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Dear daughter, it is very good that your resignation has not been accepted. So, please continue your service, being a financial matter and service to soldiers/nation. Try to discharge your duties regularly then there will not be any problem. However, it is upto you that if your resignation will not make any difference as regards financial matter etc., then you can do whatever you want. What is your motto to visit kailash. If it relates to spiritualism than Vedas preach is that God is within us and we have to therefore realise Him within us and not outside.

However, the said knowledge is very difficult to understand and that is why people are wandering here and there in search of God. As regards your elder loving son, I have already advised you my daughter that you both will have to pay your personal attention to your son. Then only will he be learned boy whether admission of your son is in boarding or in a school nearby home, but we have to watch that Indian culture should not be destroyed but should be followed. My blessings to you, all.

Harish Choudhary: Guru Ji Parnam, the first sholak of Ishupnishad is same as the first mantra of 40th chapter of Yajurved. My question is why we say the VED mantar, as Sholak in Upnishad. What is the meaning of Mantar and sholak? Why the same Ved mantars when mentioned in Upnishad are called sholaks and in vedas called as mantras? Whether, Ved Mantras, mentioned in upnishads can also be called as Mantar of upnishad instead of sholak, if not why?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Rishi mantra-drishta hain. Rishiyon ne ved nahin likhe. Ved Ishwariya vanni hain. Ved chaar hain. Ved sanatan shabda hai aur jo Rishiyon ne pustakein likheen (Brahmin Granth) unke arambh ya samapti mein ved shabda nahin aata. Ved mantron kee jo vyakhyayein hain, unko shakha kehte hain jo Rishiyon ke naam se prasidh hani aur ved mantron kee Samhita- Parmeshwar ke naam se prasidh hai. Eeshopnishad Ke Rishi ne thoda sa path bhed ke saath Yajurved ka chalisvan adhyaye hee likh diya hai.

Mantra ka arth hai manan karna. Ved mantron ka manan karke hee Rishiyon ne vyakhyayon ke roop mein Shatpath Brahmin Granth, Vyakaran Shastra, six Shastra, Upnishad aadi likhey. Isliye jo vedon ka manan karke Rishiyon ne Granth likhe weh Rishiyon ke naam se likhey gaye hain. Parantu chaar ved Ishwar se utpann gyan hai. Iska karta kewal ek Parmeshwar hai. Atah vedon aur vyakhyan roop granthon mein bhinta (farak/difference) hai. Isliye ved mantron ko mantra kaha jaata hai, anya ko nahin. Eeshopnishad Rishi ke naam se prashidh hua Ishwar ke naam se nahin. Isliye Upnishad ke kisi bhi shloka ko ved mantra nahin kaha ja sakta. Shloka Rishiyon aur manushya aadi dwara likhey jaatey hain aur ved mantra Ishwar dwara utpann gyan hai. Mantra anaadi, anant aur nitya hain Jabki Rishiyon aur manushyon dwara likhee pustakein samay aaney par (Pralaye avastha mein) nasht ho jaatee hain.

Atah shloka nasht hote hain, ved mantra nasht nahin hote.