Ritesh: Dear Swamiji Pranaam I started daily hawan as you mentioned. I do not find here mango tree woods, so I am using chips of dry coconut for hawan. During the Hawan I need to shuffles hawan bed by spoon to keep flame going. Please confirm that both above are acceptable.
I have other follow up questions based on your earlier response, which I would soon. Please kindly advise for the postal cost of following books. I have sent this request earlier on your website in the publication section but have not got any response yet.
Brahamcharya Dukh Nivarak Divya Mani
Vedanta and Eternal Vedas’ Philosophy I
Vedanta and Eternal Vedas’ Philosophy II
Yoga: a divine Vedas’ philosophy
Yajna Karm – Sarvashresth Ishwar Pooja
Patanjal Yog Darshan – Part 1
Patanjal Yog Darshan – Part 2
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. You can use other woods which do not generate more smoke like done by chir wood. Mango, sheesham, peepal, burgad, berry wood can be used. These both are acceptable and are good. Books have since been sent to you, please.

Ashtabhuja Pandey: Swami Ji, Pranam! “Pratipatpathshilasya Vidyave Tanutangata. Vialmiki ramayan sundarkand 59 sarg ka 36 slok ka arth vistar se bataye. Dhanyabad.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The shloka- Pratipatpathshilasya Vidyave…. does not exist in 59 sarg of Sunderkand. Please quote correct reference.

Manu: Namaste swami ji, mera aapse question yeh hai , jo date of birth sri krishna ji ki aaj k time mein hmare paas hai , aur jo date of birth sri ram ji ki aaj k time mein hmare paas hai , agr uss hisaab se dekhe toh har yug sirf kuch thousands of years ka hota hai , prantu ,veda k hisaab se lakh of years ka ek yug hota hai ho ? agr date of birth galat hain , toh asli date of birth kea hain?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Jo aaj hamare paas date of birth hain, wahi theek maani jati hain. Lekin date of birth mein varsh nahin likha gaya hai. Isliye hamein itna hee yaad karna chahiye kee Sri Krishna Maharaj laghbhag 5,300 years ago hue the aur Sri Ram laghbhag One crore, eighty one lakh, forty nine thousand, ninety five years ago hue the.