Bipin K. Badheka: Param pujaya Guruji, our charan sparsh & dandawat pranam at your pious feet. Guruji, this has reference to queries noted down by me while reading Bhagwat Geeta written by your good self. Accordingly, hereby I kindly request you to please guide us based on Vedas knowledge.

Bhagwat Geeta Part-1
1. Shlok 4/5 (page-416) = It is stated that Yogshashtra Sutra 2/36 main bhi yahi praman hai ki jo sadhak aaj bhi yogabhyas karta hua, Aprighrah pad ko prapt kar leta hai to usko apne pichale janmo ki jankari ho jaati hai. Guruji, Apargrah is one of the yam which is first stage of ashtangyog sadhna while all previous births can be known only by yogi who is complete ashtangyogi or in other words who has realized Ishwar. So whether Sadhak (who is stated here to have achieved Aprigrah) here means Samadhi prapt yogi since person who has just started ashtangyog and only achieved yam probably cannot know his previous births unless he has fully completed ashtangyog sadhna. Please guide.

2. Shlok 4/6 (page-420) = It is stated that Ishwar sab main samaya hua hai, andar hi baitha hraday ki gati rok sakta hai, ityadi. Guruji, whether it implies that if death of a person is pre-decided by GOD at particular time then power of GOD acts to give him death and that person gets heart attack and he dies. Like today also we see in many cases that even persons at young age who do not have any heart problem or blood pressure also dies due to sudden heart attack. Please guide.
Pranam, Guruji. With charan Sparsh at your pious feet.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yogi who realized God attains salvation but not the devotee who gets command on Aparigaha. Aparigha stage is obtained by him who also has obtained command on Satya, Ahinsa, Asteya, Brahamcharya. Secondly Aparigrah is not a siddhi as it does not destroy the effect of deeds in full whereas a Yogi who attains Samadhi becomes able to destroy his all deeds (Sins or pious deeds).

Jaise Ishwar andar baitha hua hai vaise hee Ishwar bahar bhee kann-kann mein hai. Janam lete samay Ishwar sabkee aayu ka samay decide kar deta hai. Apne shubh, asubh karma se aayu badaee yaa ghatayee jatee hai. Jo shubh karma (vedic knowledge) nahin jante aur us par aacharann nahin karte unkee mrityu prarabhadh mein likhe (Pre-decided) niyam ke aadhaar par hee hoti hai aur jo Vedic shubh karm karte hain unkee aayu badti hai.