Anonymous: Pratah vandaniya Guruji Maharaj ko sashtang pranam. Param pujya maharaj ji, I have completed the pactice of 80 lom vilom today with your blessings.It is taking 27 minutes in the morning and 21 minutes in the evening. The time will increase day day as per practice. Kindly advise me further course of action. I want to come to you for further learning of ashtang yoga practice before the Annual Yajyen. Please intimate me the suitable time. Thanking in anticipation of your affectionate blessings.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mera apko bahut-bahut aashirwad.
You are always welcome here & can get further advice for doing next prannayam. However, we all perform here an annual Yajyen on 19th March, so you can attend the said Yajyen also if you desire.

Prernaa: Is Gayatri mantra or OM can be spoken during pregnancy?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please, both the mantra Gayatri Mantra & name of God can be spoken or can be remembered in heart during pregnancy. If somebody wants to get better results then both should be pronounced with its meanings and if wants to get the best result then daily Havan should also be performed in addition.