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Anonymous: Namaste Guruji

I want to learn Vedas and I’m from Bangalore. Please guide me any nearby Guruji or center I can contact to learn them.

2. Before marrying we match the kundali with the other person, see all the astrology things like Rahu Ketu Shani Dosha etc. So is it really that important to read kundali and match it and then marry?

And also in many other cases like if we have problems in life we go to an astrologer and seek advice. Will it really help us solve or problem or it it wrong way due to lack of knowledge in Vedas?

And I want to order some books please tell which book to start from about Vedas which you have written Guruji?

Swami Ram Swarup: To learn the Vedas you’re advised to contact with the nearest Arya Samaj Mandir. My blessings are with you.As regards kundali, etc, present astrology is not mentioned in Vedas so being unauthentic learned of vedas do not accept it. So as per Vedas one should never go to any astrologer for any problem etc.

In this connection please study Vedas divine light Pt 1,2. Aashirwad beti.

Anonymous: Family issues with my wife. I keep praying but it has no effect.  

Swami Ram Swarup: Being a family problem I can’t interfere beta. You do at your level and my blessings are with you and not with her.

Anonymous: Sadar pranam Guruji.mera prashant yah hai – kya ved shlock ka galat uchcharan karne par bhi yaj ka fal milta hai.yadi koi vyakti seekhta hai to pura nahi bol pata hai.use samay lagta hai. Dushra pran yah hai ki ved ke anusar chalne par GEETA ko nahi manna chahiye. Dhanyavad Guruji. Apka Ashirwad bana rahe sada.🙏

Swami Ram Swarup: Beti mantra ka agar galat uchharan ho raha hai tab bhi accha fal milta hai . Aisa ved kahte hain.

Geeta ko awashya manna chahiye kyunki  Geeta yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj ka diya Gyan hai aur vedon ke anusar hai .yeh Satya maine  bhagwadgeeta ke bhashya mein praman sahit kah diya hai. Yadi aap chahe to mere bhagwadgeeta ke kiye bhashya ko pad sakte hain.