Anonymous: Hello Guruji, I have a question which people do not understand in the beginning of their lives, but when they start to know it, the worries creeps in as enough time has been wasted.

My question:-

1) How to imagine God, as idol imagination is not appropriate. So, how to remember God while meditating. It is very tough to concentrate who I am concentrating on.

2) Some people who do bad deeds are regarded as saints. What is your take on this Guruji?

A final question, some people get saved by diseases by doctors. This is all karma then why should I thank God for this? I know some people die despite putting appropriate efforts. Still, why should one blame or thank God in both the situations?

Guruji, I hope you would feel pleased with the question and answer them as well.

Swami Ram Swarup: Beta aashirwad. Until and unless aspirant goes to learned acharya of Vedas the correct answer of imagination of formless God is not possible. Infact without learned acharya spiritualism cannot be known and thus human life really goes in vain, say four Vedas. However, I try to give some knowledge that how to meditate. Aspirant should sit on an asan (knowledge of which gives an acharya) then khechdi mudra is done then in between the two eyebrows the aspirant should concentrate on shunya. It means we’re concentrating on God. (But all these are to be learnt from a learned acharya of Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy).

2. Infact God/vedas and learned of vedas have clarified clearly that who follow the path  of Vedas only is true Yogi, Rishi, Muni etc. He always discharges his duty according to vedas and the views, path etc, is if not according to vedas then all views and path etc, are unauthentic and false, say all four Vedas and learned acharya of Vedas. In this Yuga the problem is this that probably all the people of world have forgotten the Vedic path and therefore they have made their own path of worship.

Good intention is a good spiritual quality which is never achieved until a person follows Vedic path. So controversial problem I can’t offer my views on any person.

You will have to thank God who controls the universe. Under His administration/justice all the result of deeds (either previous life or present life) are to be faced by all human beings. If God would not do the justice then all the human beings will be puzzled.