Priyesh: Swami ji I want to know I have gara this year.
Swami Ram Swarup: “Gaha” indicates cow. “Ra” indicates movement therefore, the meaning of gara is movement of cows which is a pious action of cow. Otherwise, there is no mention about “Gara” word in Vedas. Therefore ‘gara’ is not an alive matter which can give trouble to anyone.

Anonymous: Pranaam Guruji, I recently found e-mails and pictures of my wife cheating online. Our marriage has been for over a decade, however she has not been happy in the marriage. She admits nothing occurred in reality, and it was all computer, chat and picture based. The male person does not live in the same country as us, however went to primary school with her.

What does the Vedas say in this regard? Should I live and forgive, or separate and divorce? I still have feeling for my wife and am not sure. Please help with advice.
Pranaam Guruji
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you my son.

When the person with whom your wife chatted etc., is out of your country then your wife at this stage should be advised to leave such bad habit which is actually a sin in married life. After advising her, you should check whether she has left this said bad habit. If not, then you may apply for divorce. Again my blessings to you.

Amit: Jai Gurudev
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

Mohamamd Aaquib Khan: Swamiji Aap kaise hai. Could you please explain me some verses of vedas so I get correct understanding of them and please explain me proper context.
Rig veda 10:48:6-7, 3:53:14, 5:30:7-9, 6:26:1-2, 10:166, 8:53:1-2; 1:7:4; 10:84:2; 1:176:4 ; 8:2:18 ;8:45:23 ; 8:51:12; 8:53:1-2
Yajurveda chap 13 mantra 12,13 ; chap 15 mantra 15 , 16:39 ; 7:36 ; 17:38-39 ; 7:38 ; 18:74 ; 16:47 ,13:13: 9:9 ; 29:39; ; 18:34 ; 6:6 ; 6:1; 6:2; 20:36; 16:61-62; 16:36
Atharvaveda 12:5:62 same sookt mantra 65-71; khand 6:sukta 75 mantra 1 ; 6:65:1;
Samveda prapathaka 1 dasti 9 mantra 1 20:93:1-2 ; 11:2:23
Manusmriti 7:96-97 ; 10:45 ; 2:21-23 ; 9: 195-196 ;
Bohot bohot shukriya aapka. Uttar ka intezar
Swami Ram Swarup: I am well here and hope the same for you.

48th sukta of Rigved mandal 10 is meant for formless Almighty God. Therefore the word ‘Aham’ the meaning of which is ‘I’ indicates formless , Almighty God. You see , I am too busy in my daily spiritual routine , therefore the task of explaining the word by word meaning of ved mantras quoted by you is a big task which cannot be done. Yet I am giving ideas of few mantras:-
1) 10/48/6 :-The formless, Almighty God destroys the atheists without any weapons etc.
2) 10/ 48/7 :-God is formless, omnipresent and one who is empowered alone to punish several atheists, back biters and sinners, like the army persons who are killed in battle field or as a crop of food grains is cut and duly tied in a place where it is crushed and food grains are taken out. Similarly, the formless, Omnipresent Almighty God crushes the said atheists, back biters and sinners.

The said atheists etc., can cause no harm to God. Here The God Who has unlimited power is showing a little bit power which crushes atheists etc., alone, which inspires the believers.

3) 3/53/14 :-The cows do not increase in number, the religious pious deeds are not increased in atheists. Keeping in view the said situation, we must insure that the atheists are not increased amongst learned person. Therefore, atheiscism should always be kept away/destroy.

4) 5/30/6 :- Like the Sun and clouds , only those learneds create happiness in the world who give happiness to the world like they want for themselves. Here, we must know that the Sun gives all happiness/comforts etc., to all living beings and similarly the clouds do so by causing rain. Sun and clouds do not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, colour, sects etc., so are the Vedas.

5) 5/30/7 :- This mantra pertains to warriors and mantra says that Oh! King/Warrior as the Sun by getting victory over the clouds gives happiness to the world, similarly, by getting victory on vicious enemies give pleasure/happiness to public.

6) 5/30/8 :- Oh! King/Warrior as the Sun by causing rain gives happiness to the world and Sun also creates days and nights, similarly, by showering the knowledge and humility over the kingdom, gives happiness to public and also generate victory.

7) 5/30/9 :- Those persons are slaves whose wives get victory on enemies. Further, as the war between the Sun and clouds exist, similarly, there must always be war between the King and the culprits.

8) 6/26/1 :-In the first mantra the matter of behavior between the King and public has been explained. King must have a quality that he listens carefully to what public says so that no contradiction arises between the King and public and happiness generates everyday.

9) 6/26/2 :- Oh! King you be present on all the places where the public want.

10) 10/166 :-In the sukta , it has been preached that the King should be united with Army, mind and power of soul. Traitors should be controlled and public must be protected by giving special punishment to the defaulters .

In view of the above, explanation of whole of sukta is not required, please.

11) 8/53/1 :- Lord of Universe is Almighty God Who is kind. There is only one way to get glory that is to know Him and hold His qualities. In this way we get glory by worshipping Him.

12) 8/53/2 :- All the matters of world like food grains, knowledge and different types of means are donated by God to us and only these show the right path to human beings. To realize God, everybody must remember and chant divine qualities of God mentioned in Vedas.

13) 8/2/18 :- Learned of Vedas/Yogi desires Almighty God and not laziness. In this way, they realize Divine Pleasure.
14) 8/45/23 :- Idea of the mantra is this that when a person experiences lot of problems, sorrows then usually he starts blaming God. In this way he says Oh! God had you been in my position, you would have realized my sorrows since you are not in position so you are not listening my prayers.

Being busy, rest of the ideas of mantras will be sent in due course.

Khalid: mene dhyan lagane ki koshish ki but ek problem hai jab bhi me andhere me bethkar dhyan lagata hu aankho me kuch roshni si aati hai ,ye kya chiz hai ,andhere me ye roshni kaha se aati hai,aankho me ye roshni idhar udhar ghumti rahti hai aisa kyu?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedon ke anusar har shareer ke andar Ishwar kee Jyoti hai. Jo regular sadhna karta hai, usey Is roshni ka kuchh kuchh ansh dikhai deiney lagta hai aur yeh bahut hee achchey naseeb kee baat hai. Aap sadhna karte raho, aapko Ishwar aur achchha phal deiga.