Sagar: Swamiji pranam!! swamiji there is one western scholar of vedas. he is very popular and has written many books on yoga,auyurveda,,etc etc.I have read one of his book yoga and this book it shows his understanding of vedas and yoga.he is runnng a very big vedic institute in america.he also conducts many of them is ayurvedic lifestyle concellor.where a student gets indepth knowledge about ayurvedic studies.swamiji I always wanted to do course in ayurveda where i can use the knowledge and help peple to live a healthy life as ayurveda is from vedas.I wanted to ask if it is worth to to go thru this american vedic intitute.swamiji please advice if i should go for this. i do beleive he is not a yogaacharya as he is not a ashtang yogi,and he also talks about vedic ashtrology ..which is not true as there is no mention of ashtrology in is he also one of the people who comercialise vedas for personal gains. pls guide me swaiji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In this connection, I can only say that to reach the truth, proof of ved mantras is required i.e., if the views of any writer tally with the Vedas’ knowledge then the views of writer are true otherwise not. So, until a learned acharya reads the books of a writer, he cannot comment more. Ayurveda relates to the matter of health, medicines and diseases. There are only four Vedas i.e., Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda and no other ved is there like Ayurved. Yes, Ayurved is based on the knowledge of four Vedas especially Atharvaveda wherein medical science has been very well mentioned. I think you already know about the Vedic knowledge, so you may attend ayurvedic classes, then only will you be able to know the fact. Yes, In Vedas, the present astrology is not mentioned. It has been an eternal tradition that no Rishi- Muni, Yogi has made the Vedic and Ashtang Yoga Philosophy as a means for personal gains, being a sin. Again, my blessings to you.

Rajeev: Pranam swamiji,my qstn 2 u is dat why human beings r created,why we r born jst 2 live lyf?if death is d ultimate end dn wht’s d reasn of creatn?nd wht we do 2 lead a peaceful lyf?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. We see that all living beings give rise to progeny, love their children etc. Why? Because it is the nature of human-beings to produce children and nurse and love them. Why does a player or wrestler etc., play his games? Reason is that it is their nature and they have power to play. Similarly, Almighty God Who has power to create, nurse and destroy the universe and since it is His nature that He also remains present in every item of universe, since He is omnipresent, He also remains present in every matter of universe otherwise what will be the use of His power and nature. Should it go in vain? Suppose, human-beings are not created, it means the souls will always remain idle like a lazy person who always sleeps on bed and does nothing fruitful. So, would it be feasible that soul should always try to do brave and hard-working. So, definitely human-life is meant to discharge one’s duties and to get disease free, happy, long life. Only a lazy person experiences sorrows. Due to lack of hard-work and as a result, due to lack of vedic knowledge, a person does not know that he never meets with death. He is soul and not body. Death pertains to human-body only and not soul. Due to lack of hardworking, courage and good society, a person indulges in illusion which is further sin in life.

Anoop: Please send me the following books:
1) Vedas – A divine Light I [best seller]
2) Vedas – A divine Light Part II
3) Vedas – A divine Light Part III
4) Vedas – A divine Light Part IV
5) Vedas – A divine Light Part V
Swami Ram Swarup: Books are being sent to you, please.