C. K. Vatsa: Poojya Swamiji, Sadar Namaste. Human beings (Manushya), they say, is His best (Sarva-shreshta) creation. Yet, according to the chronology of creation as per the Aitrayopanishad, God created cow ( Gow ) in the first instance; then the horse (Ashav) and He created man (Manav-sharir) in the third place. Yet, again, according to an old story relating to Maharishi Chawan, the value of a cow is immense and cannot be accounted for. Now we know that after death, the soul (Atman) are allotted Yoni, Ayu and Bhog in their next incarnation according to their Karmas( good or bad). Considering the value and importance of the (GO-dhan), if an Atman gets Pashu-yoni (as a cow) in the next birth, is it a promotion or a demotion for the Jeeva?
Please elucidate. Dhanyawad. Chittaranjan
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you for a long, happy life. Yes, cow and horse is the first and second creation of God and is valuable but first the value is judged by human-being. Secondly, both cow and horse are helpful to human-beings. They can’t worship God whereas human-beings’ body is meant to worship God and attain salvation. So, naturally the best creation of the God is human-being. Agni, Vayu, Devtas’ in symbolic story of Aiteryopnishad did not like the body of respected cow and horse to live in but accepted the body of human-beings. So, to take birth other than human-being in other yoni is demotion for a soul. My blessings to you.

Lalit: Sir, could you categorize various sins in descending order. This would help people who are following this website to be cautious and not to commit grave sins even unintentionally.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mainly there are following sins-
To discharge duties accordingly to Vedas is our religion and moral duty and to against the Vedas is a sin.
I know, to understand these words is not an easy task, one will have to first become aspirant (Mumukshu) and then will have to make contact with acharya to listen to Vedas, so as to follow the same. So, I again say, some other simple pious deeds to be followed-
1. We have been blessed by human-body with the grace of God and He nurses us. So, naturally we must do His worship daily, otherwise we will be thankless persons. To worship God, Vedas state to do havan even with Gayatri mantra, daily, along with its meaning. We must chant God’s name- ‘Om’ daily along with its meaning, both times under the guidance of an acharya while sitting on siddhasan or Padmasan.

2. We must serve our:
(a) Mother, since she gives us birth
(b) Father, who nurses us and gives financial support
(c) Atithi, who knows at least one Veda and gives us knowledge of Vedas
(d) Acharya, who gives knowledge of four Vedas, yoga philosophy etc., with the blessing of whom, an aspirant gets salvation.
(e) Elders
3. Avoid falsehood
4. Forgo selfishness and maintain honesty
5. Leave laziness always and do hard-working
6. Maintain Brahamcharya to get mental and physical strength
7. Must take care of health and awake early in the morning for a walk and light exercises, daily
8. Always avoid back-biting
9. Be away from attachment-hatred.
10. Following seven main sins have also been mentioned in Rigveda mantra 10/5/6 :-
a). Theft and robbery
b). Bad intention towards acharya’s family
c). Murder of Brahmin i.e., learned of Vedas
d). Abortion
e). Intoxication-non-vegetarian intake
f). Recommission of sins
g). To hide the sin committed and to speak lies so as to hide it.

Note- if a person even is indulged in one of the above sins, he is called ‘Anghuraha’ i.e., sinner.

Anurag: What are the timings of darshan in Ved Mandir during week days and weekend?
Swami Ram Swarup: Saturday, Sunday and Monday are the days. Timings being from 8.00 a.m to 11.00 a.m(morning) and 6.00 p.m to 7.00 p.m (evening), please.