Anonymous: I am having health issues and I am getting proper medical treatment. Though I feel blessed that I am in contact with you and can contact you through internet.

Once again charan sparsh rishivar.

Swami Ram Swarup: Beti my heartiest blessings to you, continue agnihotra daily, everything will be normal.

Dr. Iyer: Hari Om!!Pranams! Will there be another class in the coming days since programme is over. Presently I may not get train tickets due to heave public traffic. Am interested in attending another programme. Am 76 years old. Hale and Hearty by Divine Grace. I did my research on Ashtanga yoga.

Swami Ram Swarup: Yes my dear you are welcome at suitable time and you will then get the knowledge of Vedas and ashtang yog. My blessings to you.

Anonymous: Pranam maharaj ji,

Apka kya haal ha maharaj ji.

Maharaj ji mere mann mein ek question aaya ha ramayan aur mahabharat dekh ke ki kya aaj bhi hanuman ji aur ashwathama ji zinda ha

Kya woh amar ha.

Pranam maharaj ji.

Swami Ram Swarup: Beta Hanuman ji aur Ashwathama were follower of Vedas, so either they have achieved salvation or under the divine rules of Vedas they are entitled to get next birth to follow Vedas to get salvation, but according to vedas they (souls) are alive. My blessings to you.