BKB: Pranam, Guruji. Charan Sparsh. We convey our hearty belated wishes to you on your birthday today from myself and my family. We are very fortunate to have guidance of Ashtagyougi Rishi like you probably among very rare on this earth today. Even though there may be other rishis staying somewhere but your contribution of guiding mankind of Vedas knowledge is far more valuable and incomparable. It is stated that only moksh prapt rishi can preach Vedas which you are doing at present and probably no other to our knowledge. This we convey in very polite way as ‘bhuyishthante namah uktim vidhem’ for you. With Charan Sparsh.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. I thank you all. As you know, I was very much busy to perform sixty-four days Yajyanushthan and just after completion of the pious Yajyen I had to go to a Metro to record Vedic, spiritual songs for preparing audio Cds. Thus, I’ve come back only only on the 23rd of June. I meant to say, due to extremely busy schedule, I could not pay my attention on all question sets, properly and hence the delay. I again bless you to enjoy, long, happy life while doing all Vedic pious deeds and practice of Yoga, to destroy the previous lives’ bad deeds and to gain salvation.

H A: Guru ji pet ki charbi kam karne k liye kya karna chahiye
Swami Ram Swarup: Pet ki charbi kam karne ke liye charbi wale padarth na khayein, daal se bhi bachein arthat adhik daal na khayein , hari sabbji ka zyada istamaal karein, subah uth kar aur shaam ko bhi lambi aur tez chalne walee sair karein jissey paseena aye. Sair karne ke pashchat vyayaam zaroor karein, fatty food aur bazaar ki har mithai, har cheese se door rahein. Rozaana kam se kam 12-13 glass paani peena chahiye, prasann rahein, tension na rakhein, asan, prannayam se bhi motapa kam hota hai.

Nitesh: What is brahmacharya how can we practice it & what are its uses?
Swami Ram Swarup: The matter being lengthy cannot be explained here, please. So, I would advise you to read my book on Brahmacharya, named “Brahamcharya- Dukh Nivarak Divya Manni” (in Hindi) worth Rs. 100/- excluding postal charges . The book will give you immense/detailed knowledge on the topic.