Anonymous: This question is regarding Swamijis health. Is he having thyroid related problem? Has any blood test been done? I am a doctor.

Swami Ram Swarup: Beta thank you and at present my health is better. Also my blessings to you and your family.

Arvind: Respected Guruji, Pranaams! I am doing Agnihotra Homa for last 6 months. I came to know that while your goodself were in the military service, you were doing sadhana and meditation and during one such time, while you were doing meditation in your house, somebody appeared as yourself in the Army parade and marked your attendance.

Guruji, my humble doubt or question is, who appeared as Yourself. Was it God or some Yogi?

Do the Vedas stipulate whether a Yogi or God can manifest like this?

Swami Ram Swarup: Beta when the power entered in my office at that time I had not got samadhi. And now I cannot say about that matter being a yogi. Aashirvad.