D: Swamiji charan sparsh, i am feeling very bad while writing to you , that after following you also i did one mistake, few days back i saw small chipkali, i got scared i took that and throw from forth floor and i feel she died, now my mind is thinking as principal of karma i will also get same punishment, please advice me what i should do now i feeling very bad, i feel guilty
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Lizard is a poisonous living being when such harmful living being like snake, scorpion, mosquito, fly etc., are found in the residence or locality of human-being, Vedas allow them to be killed so that most valuable life of human-being can be saved. So, your action is not sinful at all.

Prakash: In hindu religion idea of 84 lac birth yonies are believed before a human form is aquired by spirit in ordinary path. who was the person to say this first and which is the first book that mentions this belief? ? ?. ——————————————- 33 crore devtas were said to run the hindu ritualistic philosophy ? please explain !
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, there are four alive devtas to be worshipped i.e., to give them respect and to serve them properly. Those are- mother, father, atithi, achary/guru and fifth devta is Almighty God who is always worshippable. So, thirty three crore devtas are not mentioned in Vedas. It is very difficult to say that who was the first person to say about eighty four lakh birth yonis but in Vedas and other ancient books written by Rishis as well as present true holy books tell about the yonis based on our own deed.

PK: Dear Guruji, As advise by you in mail, i require havan cd and book on detailed havan procedure. Request you to kindly send the same.
Swami Ram Swarup: Books and Cds are being sent to you, please.