Rahul: Nowadays, I am studying manusmriti send by you. I have a doubt in 5th shloka of 1st chapter. Please clarify. 1. What do you mean by “aaseed” ?. I think ypu have been seeking
2. I didnt understand the description of “apragyatam alakshanam”. Could you elaborate please. 3. Why is the pralaya state called “apratarkyam” and “avigneyam”? Avigneyam means cannot be known. But we can know from study of vedas and spiritual master. So why “avigjneyam”? I will be highly obliged if you clarify these.
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear son, my blessings to you for a long, happy life. I wanted to write to you earlier but suddenly I had to go out of station to perform holy Yajyen. I have come yesterday evening only I think you have been seeking admission in your new session. It is a blessing of God on you that like Yudhishther, Bheesham and Sri Ram. You remember God daily and are interested to gain knowledge from an acharya also. You know each single drop fills the pitcher. So I am sure that you will also get success in both pious ways that is, spiritualism as well as materialism. So, please do hard study to get success in materialism and oftenly make contact with me through E-mail to increase spiritualism. Yajur ved mantra 40/ 14 clearly states to get progress in said both pious ways simultaneously. Yajur Veda is Karmakand i.e., one can realize God while doing/ discharging all his moral duties. So in the beginning Yajur Veda states to do Yajyen. Even all four Vedas state to perform Yajyen daily. The best meaning of Yajyen, I think, you have understood up till now by studying spiritual books which I will also like to repeat here. Yajyen means Dev Pooja, Sangatikaran and Daan. Dev Pooja means services of five Devas i.e., mother, father, atithi, acharya and Almighty God .We hope that a boy of your caliber sure acts accordingly. I mean to say you have been serving your parents, learned acharya and God daily.

Remembrance of God according to Vedas is His service/worship. In a capacity of a student, remembrance of an acharya and His obeyance along with services to Him. Similarly, in a capacity of a student remembrance and obeyance of parents along with their respect and dealing with sweet, calm speech is really services of parents. This is all said in Vedas. In addition, the duties of student are —- to study hard with firm mind and to look after his health.
1). ‘AASEED’ means ‘was’.
2). LAKSHANN means sign and ALAKSHANN means without sign. ‘PRAGYATAM’ means to know and APRAGYATAM means unknown.
3). TARK means discussion, question- answer etc. During the final destruction when there is no final life then who will do discussion? So when final destruction has taken place and new creation has not started then within that stipulated time, in the absence of human beings, no TARK is possible. Yes, AVIGNEEYAM means which can’t be known. Manusmriti is telling the situation of the period when destruction has taken place and new creation has still
not begun. So in between when human beings are not there then who will know the situation.

When new creation has been completed and knowledge of Vedas have been originated in the heart of four rishis and rishis have taught Vedas to other aspirants then only the discussion starts.

Mahsa: Why God is unconcievable without anthropomorphism?
Swami Ram Swarup: If a person makes typical map of a dense and dangerous jungle to cross, then only the person would able to make it understandable to another. I mean to say knowledge is attained only when it is given by a teacher. In the beginning of creation there remains no learned acharya etc., who could give knowledge to human beings. It is an eternal philosophy that knowledge of Vedas emanates from Almighty God. Please refer to the article on Vedas philosophy. So anybody who wants to realize God within him, he will have to follow the path of Vedas, the knowledge of which is given direct by God. Vedas state that we must listen to preach of Vedas from learned acharya,
must do Yajyen, name jaap of God and practice of Ashtang yoga philosophy to realize God. Now it is up to us whether we follow the said path or not. Yajurveda mantra 7/48 states that we the human beings are always free to do good or bad deeds but result will be awarded by God in the shape of happiness and sorrows etc., respectively.

Mahima: If Vedas do not talk about religion, why only in India Vedas are found? Why not somewhere else, and why is Hinduism is associated with Vedas? Can we (Indians) say that Vedas belongs to Hinduism or India?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is our bad luck really that we do not listen to preach of Vedas from learned acharya and the history of the world which has been stated by ancient
Rishis. Manusmriti states that the creation (human beings) started from Tibet which has been termed as TRIVISHTAPA i.e., except Tibet no human beings was there in rest of the part of the world. Thus, amongst the public (few in number) of Tibet, four Rishis were selected in whose hearts the knowledge of four Vedas, which emanated direct from God was originated. The four rishis then taught Vedas to other people and traditionally the same knowledge is being taught up till now. However, after Mahabharata war the knowledge of Vedas has been over-sighted/ignored to a great extent and hence the illusion. This all has been mentioned here to make you understand that knowledge of Vedas was taught in Tibet and there was no caste system etc., and Vedas’ knowledge thus was applicable to all human beings. It remained applicable to all the human beings of the world even after Mahabharata war. The present sects did not exist at that time. Present
sects have come into existence within three thousand years. It concludes that the knowledge of Vedas was, is and will be applicable for all the human beings of the world whether we accept or not. Why? Because the said knowledge emanates direct from God and God is the creator of all human beings. So Vedas are applicable for all as all the matters of the world like sun, air, water, etc., are applicable for all human beings
keeping aside the sects etc.

Mahima: First God creates human, gives him a mind, with that mind he commit sins, then he repents and pays for it. Doesn’t make sense for me. Why create the man in first place?
Swami Ram Swarup: First of all we will have to understand that who I am? The knowledge of Vedas and experiences of ancient and present learned acharya say that to know the same “I” the creation of human/living beings’ body is known. I have described this matter in detail on this web site and have also written Hindi/English books which conclude that “we/I” am not body. Body is created by God from three gunnas of prakriti. “we/I” reside within body and are called “souls”. Body is destructible but soul can never be destroyed. Body is non-alive but souls are alive. Souls i.e., we are not made by God. Secondly nobody has made God as well. Thirdly, nobody has made prakriti also. So due to lack of knowledge of Vedas, same doubts arise, it does not matter. It is good that doubts like that of Arjuna, are placed before any learned acharya. Now there are two ways. God, as said in Rig-Veda mantra 10/129/7, may or may not create world including our human bodies, to make the soul to live in those bodies for the purpose of making soul face his good/bad karmas, in case God doesn’t t create bodies then the soul will remain in SUSHUPT stage (i.e., in stage like/ sound sleep). Would it be good if any person sleeps for many thousand years and does nothing? However, it is not in anyone’s hand that God creates or does not create the universe. Secondly it is eternal law that the universe has been created, nursed destroyed and again created. This law is unchangeable. People may or may not raise doubt in God which can not change the eternal law of God as is also said in Rig-Veda mantra 2/38/9.

Mahima: I have met a few people who claim that there are some mantras (eg: kleem) to attract whatever you want, and they even have proof as they worked for many people. If a person is honest and doing something for good of everyone is concerned is still wrong to try out these mantras to manifest material things? Probably its against Vedas but I am curious to try it out as there is no harm doing it.
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas there is no such mantra to attract people. Brahamcharya, regular study of Vedas, name jaap or practice of Ashtang yoga philosophy provides us with divine qualities and thus people start going to such a learned person to gain the knowledge of God. The said learned person is meant to educate the people to maintain Brahamcharya, honesty, true path, gentlemen only to realize God. No other type of attraction is allowed by God. Such bad attraction is based on tricks to destroy the lives. Honesty, co-operation and pious deeds and help to others is done selflessly, otherwise it is dangerous.

Mahima: Western psychology and quantum physicists are now saying that getting rich or getting anything in life for that matter is the mind set (or subconscious mind patterns), every one can earn lot of money and hard work is not necessarily required. They are selling it with a name called ‘Law of attraction’ (or you create your every day reality) – they say like attracts like it implies that just feel good and make wish with positive attitude with least resistance, the universe will re-arrange help us to make our impossible dreams come true as it is said in Bible “ASK AND IT IS SHALL BE GIVEN”. Does teachings of Vedas contradict this?
Swami Ram Swarup: Western psychology as mentioned by you if has given permanent peace then it is okay but, it is observed daily that the richest, middle classes or the poor are not happy with their lives. Vedas, as is also mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 40/14, state that we have to get progress in spiritualism, and simultaneously in pious deeds, worldly matters, like education, agriculture, science, etc. one-sided progress is always dangerous. Shri Ram and Shri Krishna, King Harishchandra and their public attained progress in both fields and were always satisfied with their lives and felt permanent peace. There are so many societies in the world, based on materialism and spiritualism. We often read in newspaper and watch TV news about corruption and characterless-ness. So progress in materialistic matters alone and progress in spiritualism alone, keeping aside the eternal knowledge of Vedas has become harmful to the human-beings. We read in newspapers about degradation of women, baseless wars, poverty, injustice etc., etc., all over the world. But the same situation did not exist in the ancient times, when the knowledge of our Vedas were in vogue all over the world.

Shailesh Garg: Why is it that people of Ayodhya have forgotten Ram while people of Lanka still remember him?
Swami Ram Swarup: I think people of Ayodhya including people of India have never forgotten. Shri Ram, Shri Krishna actually are the two eyes of our India.

Rahul: I have been listening to Havan mantras from various sources. Mantras are exactly same but the tune is very much different. I personally prefer your tune as I find it more musical and easier to learn. But please clarify if tune can be changed by people?
Are there no fixed tune for mantras? Please clarify why this different tunes?
Swami Ram Swarup: Mantras must be of Vedas. Samveda says Haven must be performed with Ved mantras keeping aside tunes, etc. Tunes may be several but mantras will always be unchangeable.

Virendra: I want to know about gotra system.
Swami Ram Swarup: As per Yajurveda mantra 31/11, God has not made any caste system. There are four classes of human beings (varannas) according to the deeds and not by birth. Those classes (VARNNAS) are — BRAHMINN, KSHATRIYE, VAISHYA and SHUDRA, which are changeable based on deeds. Further, human beings have made their own Gotras.

Meenaxi: Is it possible marriage in same gotra “bhardwaj”?
Swami Ram Swarup: No please. It is not good to marry in the same Gotra.

Rahul: In the Rigveda, what is the significance of all the deities namely Indra, Agni, Pushan. Do these deities have any special significance? Could you also explain the following from the Rigveda: Book no 6, hymn numbers 53, 54, 55, 56, 57 and 58.
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, there is only one Almighty God mentioned who is formless and creates, nurses and destroys the universe and is Supreme DEV to be worshipped. The remaining alive DEVS are mother, father, atithi and Acharya. Atithi knows at least knowledge of one Veda, whereas Acharya yields knowledge of all four Vedas. There are also thirty three non alive DEVTAS. In Atharvaveda mantra 4/30/1 Almighty God states “Aham Rudrebhihi Vasubhihi Charaami Aham Adityaihi Ut Vishwadevaihi Charaami” i.e., I (God) being omnipresent move along with eleven rudra (10 breaths+ 1 soul) and Eight vasu [earth(prithvi),water(jal), fire(agni), air (vayu), space (antariksh), sun (surya), moon (chandrma),and planets(nakshatra).] and also with aditya (i.e., 12 months) and Vishwa devaihi i.e., all 33 non-alive Devtas.

Idea is that God is omnipresent. Being omnipresent He does not need to move but the said devtas when move, it means the Devtas are moving within God and when any devta i.e., Prann, soul etc., are moving then we may assume that God is moving along with Prann, souls etc. That is why, when a complete yogi like Sri Krishna would say, it means Almighty, formless God is saying within the Yogi that He is takshak amongst snakes, king amongst humans, lion amongst animals, peepal amongst trees, Samveda amongst four Vedas, Shankar(almighty formless God who gives peace) amongst 11 Rudras, agni amongst eight vasus etc., etc., etc.

It means though the God is present within all non-alive as well as alive matters but God is most supreme amongst all matters of the universe. That is why, God within Sri Krishna or Sri Krishna duly indulged within God says that God is the most supreme i.e., supreme matters have been stated in respect of Almighty God in the tenth chapter of Bhagwad Geeta. For example:- Peepal is most supreme amongst all vegetation, king is the most supreme amongst all human-beings, takshak is most supreme amongst all snakes and so on.

Similarly formless Almighty God omnipresent God who creates, nurses, destroys the universe is Supreme amongst all matters of universe. The said God who is ONE and for whom Yajurveda mantra 27/36 states that no one was born or will be born in future even equivalent to the said God. Then what to talk about being greater than HIM. Therefore Shri Krishna is not God but God as per rules of Vedas, manifests to himself within a Yogi. Therefore the Almighty God manifested within Shri Krishna. And Shri Krishna in many occasions in Bhagwad Geeta is talking on behalf of almighty God, stating himself as God. So, Shri Krishna is not God.

Indra, Agni, Varunn, etc. These are names of Almighty God according to His qualities as well as names non-alive Devs. But the meaning is cleared by learned acharya according to the Ved mantras. For-example— in Sanskrit, SENDHAV means salt as well as horse. So its meaning is derived as per the situation that whether horse is asked for or salt. As regards meaning of Rig-Veda mantras stated by you, it is lengthy work and therefore will follow.

Rahul: In reply to my question regarding author of Shatpatha Brahamana, you mentioned that Panini muni wrote 2 books: Ashtadhyayi and Mahabhashya. But I have read in so many places that Panini wrote Ashtadhyayi and Patanjali rishi wrote commentary of Ashtadhyayi which is called Mahabhashya. So is Mahabhashya written by Panini or Patanjali? Please clarify.
Swami Ram Swarup: PANNINNI Muni has written Ashtadhyaee and Mahabhashya.

Kiran Kumar: I was brought up very religiously, my parents worship Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha and even I do and this, because of their influence. I have always been
told that Lord Shiva is supreme God. But when I have seen your website I was astonished . I am 25 and this is what I believed all the years it very very hard for me to imagine that Shivji and Ganesh are not gods and you even said that Ganesha story is false. I am very confused, what do I do now? I have many question, sorry for bothering you please swamiji answer me.
A) If Shivji, Sri Ram and Sri Krisna are not God, who are they? God don’t delegate his duties then how come they achieved many powers? And more over why did God allow them to become ‘God’ in our eyes?
B) If Lord Shiva is not superior how come all mantras start with OM? Is not OM another name of Lord Shiva? I chant the Ganesh mantra every morning, am I wasting my time doing this? How does someone pray without idol?
C) You only talk about the Gayatri mantra, what about all other mantras like durga and saraswati do the have any power according to Vedas?
D) If a person carries bad karma from previous life, what about the very first life of that person, are all people in their first life are happy (as they have no previous bad karma), and can we burn the bad karma with Gayatri mantra?

Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, please. Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, and Shivjee are
not Gods, they studied Vedas under the guidance of their acharya and they did hard practice of ashtang yoga, which is mentioned in Vedas. Thus they become complete Yogi and equivalent to God but not God. A Yogi when attains Asamprgyat Samadhi and realizes God within him then yoga’s powers are attained by Yogi. As per Yajurveda mantra 7/4 and chapter 11 and 17. because Vedas emanates direct from almighty, formless God then it is in His law to make a Yogi to attain the powers.

B.) In Yajurveda mantra 40/15, it is mentioned, “OM KRITO SMAR” the idea of said mantra is Oh! Soul remembers the name of God, OM at the time of leaving the body (death). So God has given His name Om and other unlimited names in the Vedas. OM is the name of formless, Almighty, omnipresent God, who creates, nurse and destroys the universe, please. I have also explained the detailed meaning of OM on this web site which may be read from there please. Books will clarify all your doubts, please. As regards idol worship, it is not mentioned in Vedas, please.

Every matter of the universe has been created by God from three qualities of prakriti (three gunas i.e., raj, tam and satv gunnas) prakriti is non-alive so every matter of universe is non-alive. So we have to worship alive and uncreated power who is called
“GOD”. We have not to worship the creation but creator, say the Vedas.

C.) As clarified above, Vedas say that we have to worship only one formless Almighty, omnipresent God and no other Dev-devtas, please. Vedas are God’s preach which we have to obey. Preach of God is everlasting whereas man made matters and preach is not everlasting and may not be true as our Vedas. Secondly, God is complete in all respects. That is why He is called PURANN PURUSH whereas man is not PURANN PURUSH. So, the knowledge of Vedas which emanates direct from God is complete in all respects.

D.) There is no question of first life please. According to Vedas we have to understand three matters under guidance of learned acharya of Vedas. Those matters are God, souls and prakriti. The said three matters have not been made by anyone. Therefore the said matters are called eternal i.e., neither is there a starting point of said matters nor do they have end point. You know, we are souls and not bodies. A soul resides in a body. Therefore unlimited bodies are there in the shape of living beings wherein unlimited souls reside. Therefore question of first birth/life does not arise. Birth is of bodies and not souls. Bodies are destroyed but souls never get destroyed. All ancient Rishis have also told to chant Gayatri mantra AND NAME OF God, OM as the same has been mentioned in Vedas by God. And we can burn our previous deeds, sins etc., if we chant Gayatri mantra and OM. And do name jaap of OM under guidance of learned acharya of Vedas as told by God in Vedas. So in addition we’ll have to listen to preach of an acharya, perform holy Yajyen and practice Ashtang yoga philosophy. This is all possible in family life as per Yajurveda mantra 40/2.

God has preached in Vedas that one will have to learn the above matters, worship etc., under guidance of a learned acharya who knows Vedas and Ashtang yoga philosophy just as Shri Ram learnt from Vasishth Muni, Shri Krishna learnt from Sandeepan Rishi.

Dharmendra: Clarifications about a Purann story..
Swami Ram Swarup: Learned of Vedas actually do not accept the views of present 18 PURANNS because most of the stories of the PURANN do not tally with the views of eternal knowledge of Vedas.

Uday Singh: Please send me the gayatri mantra for worship of “air” element.
Swami Ram Swarup: Gayatri mantra consists of three eternal matters. 1. praise (STUTI) of Almighty God.2 to worship (UPASANA) 3. Prayer ( PRARTHANA). So, it is not meant for worship of “air”, please. However, in Vedas, VAAYU 9air), word is also used as the name of God according to the qualities. Air has the quality to make breathing
system function for survival (PRANN). And so is the God.

Secondly, air (VAAYU) destroys the huge structures like houses, trees etc., in the shape of cyclone. So is the God who destroys the universe. So in Vedas, Vaayu is also the name of God and Gayatri mantra is a worship of God and not for worship of non-alive air, please. Meaning of Gayatri mantra in detail has been displayed on this web site.

Neha: What are the name of the books written by Valmiki?
Swami Ram Swarup: Valmiki jee has only written one holy book i.e., Valmiki Ramayana, please.

Sushma Sinha: I have arthritis in both knee, because of that life is becoming very difficult. Please help.
Swami Ram Swarup: First of all you must take the medical advice and do accordingly. Secondly if there is increase in uric acid in your body. Please always avoid food, dals etc. Take proper medicines and take at least 20 glasses of water daily. You must also awake early in the morning for long morning walk and light exercises daily. Please, learn yoga asans, pranayaam, and meditation for daily practice. This all will give you relief from not only arthritis but other diseases also. In addition it will also be better if you chant GAYATRI Mantra ALONG WITH ITS MEANING AND ALSO DO HAVAN with Gayatri mantra. It is a worship of God and God helps us in this way.

Shama: Does human body stop growing at certain age? Can any person increase height at the age of 37 by pranayam? If yes, how? If no, why not? Is there any relation between desires and kundalini jagran? Do tantric teachings work?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, please. After the age of 25 years, human body stops growing.

No, please, at the age of 37 years, nobody can increase his body’s height by pranayaam. However, health can be improved. It is all under the law of Almighty God which is unchangeable, please.

When an aspirant listens Vedas, and holy books regularly, does Yajyen and does hard practice of Ashtang yoga making contact with learned acharya then his bad desires pertaining to kaam, krodh etc., are killed and chances to awaken kundalini are there. So this is the connection between desire and kundalini jagrann please.

Tantrik matters are not mentioned in Vedas by God. These are unauthentic according to Vedas.

Jack: I am very new to the world of Vedas. I would like to know where and how can I study the Vedas.
Swami Ram Swarup: You’re always welcome here to study Vedas if you so desire, please. Please also confirm whether you know Hindi or only English. Vedas are taught here in both languages. Yoga philosophy is also taught. Otherwise you can first study my Hindi/English book on Vedas and then you can come here. But it is better if you come personally.

Harshad Mulani: I have seen people showing comparison between Veda and astrology. I am don’t have proper idea, but what is Vedic astrology. How can this people relate Vedas with astrology, if its not mentioned anywhere in Veda?
Swami Ram Swarup: Present astrology to tell future etc., is not mentioned in Vedas, please. So is not authentic in learned acharyas. Vedas tell about the knowledge of planets, etc., and planets are non-alive, which do not affect our lives as is being said in present astrology. Non-alive matters are not required to be worshipped being created by God from non-alive prakriti. Only one God who is formless, eternal, omnipresent and who creates, nurses and destroys the universe, is adorable, please.

Varun: My mind is full of negative thoughts. Please suggest a way to conquer?
Swami Ram Swarup: First of all, you must take medical advice please. Then you must learn asan, pranayaam, meditation from a local yoga teacher and must do practice of the same daily both times. Chanting of gayatri mantra and havan from Gayatri mantra daily is a worship of God, which must be done daily please as the same will give you peace. Then you can send your progress and condition to me after one month. You not need not to worry, all will be okay.

C K Vatsa: Is Samundra manthan a myth. ? It does not seem to be a physical possibility; not at least from the Vedic ideology point of view. Please elucidate.
Swami Ram Swarup: Story of samundra-manthan is not mentioned in Vedas, please. Vedas are considered self-proof. So whatever is there in Vedas, that is all true, otherwise unauthentic and false.

Rahul: Who wrote Shatpat Brahman Granth?
Swami Ram Swarup: Shatpath Brahmin Granth was written by Yagvalkaye Rishi and Shandilye Muni. Yask Muni has written Nighantu and Nirukt Granth. Spiritualism means study of Vedas, Varnno-Charann Shiksha.

Shatpath Brahminn Granth, shastras, Upanishads and other holy books and by maintaining hard Brahamcharya, to do hard practice of Ashtang yoga. If we will only remember the names of the writers and not do hard deeds and hard tapsya quoted above then still our life will be ruined. Ignorance of names is not a serious mistake but ignorance of above Tapsya is a blunderous mistake.

M S: I am a simple human being ignorant of the Divine ways of The Almighty Lord. I am unable to understand His ways when He takes away the best of the people from us. I have recently have lost my father whom we both sisters loved deeply. He was not only our Father, but also our Mother, Friend, Philosopher and Guide. In fact for us he was The God himself. It’s very difficult to comprehend this loss and more so when there is no one to guide us. We miss him terribly. Is there some way to communicate with God so that we can get some peace of mind and be able to communicate with Papa as well?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, please. You are right. Ignorance of divine ways of Almighty God is a blunderous mistake as the result of which we always face sorrows, problems etc., in present life as well as after death. Due to involvement in illusion, we mostly feel pleasure in getting assets, materialistic articles and involvement in sensuality, anger, pride, ego etc. God’s ways are only mentioned by God in Vedas. This is also an illusion that we have made our own way of worship against the Vedas, which can never give peace, ill-free long, happy life and salvation. So it is an order in Vedas by God that our birth in human life is meant to listen Vedas from a learned Acharya and follow the ways mentioned therein. Mostly the present saints who are against the Vedas have been telling the public that “Vedas and Sanskrit language are difficult. There is no need of performing Yajyen and doing practice of yoga philosophy” which is false being against the Vedas. Vedas and Sanskrit are not difficult being mother tongue. Nobody thinks that
present saints who are against the Vedas also speak Sanskrit shlokas of bhagwat Geeta, shastras and Bhagwad Purann etc., in such a way, as if they are learned of Sanskrit language. But mostly, they learn the said shlokas by heart and speak before the public without knowing Sanskrit grammar. Secondly, they only speak shloka and sutras in Sanskrit but their listener/audience never speak such Sanskrit sutras or shlokas and they do not even know the meaning thereof in Hindi or in English. The audience simply learn the translation of those shlokas and sutras in Hindi or in other languages and mostly the audience learn the story told by the saints in Hindi, or in other languages or Bhajan-Kirtan etc. As said in Manusmriti shloka 2/6 and Bhagwad Geeta shloka 3/15, the complete knowledge of the universe exists only in four Vedas. All duties of the human- beings along with science matters, i.e., knowledge right from straw to braham is mentioned in four Vedas only. And if the Vedas are listened from a learned Acharya then the listeners become learned of all the said knowledge. The Acharya will also preach the Vedas by reciting Ved mantras in Sanskrit and explaining the knowledge in Hindi or in other languages. In this way the Vedas say that listening of Vedas is tapsya and listener becomes Tapasvi and the listener by listening the Vedas in Hindi or in other language will become learned of Vedas in same language and he can not be indulged in illusion by any means.

Whereas non-listening of Vedas may cause the person to get indulged in illusion. In this connection Rig Veda says that knowledge of Vedas is like the light of sun before which the darkness can not exist. Similarly knowledge of Vedas is a light in the shape of knowledge before which darkness i.e., illusion can not exist. Saamveda states that if we have been listening Vedas, it means the effect of listening of the same will never go in vain and will be carried with us in next life. And in next life we will not have to listen the knowledge of Vedas which we have listened in the previous life.

There is a very beautiful description of Shri Ram in sarg 1 of Valmiki Ramayana that Shri Ram was learned of Vedas and Ashtang yoga philosophy, who had attained Samadhi. On this Tulsi Das has also written a very beautiful chaupayee:-

The meaning of chaupayee is that Guru Vasishth, who was learned of Vedas and Ashtang yoga philosophy (nowadays mostly the present Gurus are not of the same category but tell people that Ram had Vasishth Guru then public should also seek the shelter of Guru, which is wrong) used to preach Vedas to Shri Ram and Shri Ram carefully listened Vedas’ preach. In another chaupayee, Tulsi states about Shri Ram:-
That Shri Ram followed the path of Shruti, i.e., Vedas. So it is said that due to the present self made preach the people are worshipping idol of Shri Ram, but are not following his eternal religious path of listening Vedas, doing Yajyen and practising Ashtang yoga philosophy based on which Shri Ram did all pious deeds towards his family and public and was called “Maryada Purshottam, so is Yogeshwar Shri Krishna. Actually Shri Ram and Shri Krishna are the two eyes of our motherland and have been great dignitaries of the world by following Vedas path. We should have followed their path but it is again said that due to the effect of bad, self-made preach, the people have not been able to follow the eternal path of both the said dignitaries in their lives and hence the bad luck of our India that several types of worship exists yet tensions, diseases, corruption, corrupt politics, treason, conflicts in every household. Violence, injustice, insult to women, theft, dacoity, unnecessary war all over the world which several problems are increasing day by day. So, study of Vedas is necessary and not only necessary but even our human life has been blessed by God to listen Vedas, do Yajyen and hard practice of Ashtang yoga while discharging all our moral duties towards family, nation and the world and the said duties, I may tell you please, again, will only be known by studying Vedas, as stated above.

Please also recollect that God’s ways are known by listening Vedas. I am sorry to listen about the death of your beloved father but death is a bitter truth and is only controlled by God.

According to Vedas, there is no system of communication with God to give the departed
soul, please. It is only present human life who can gather pious deeds by listening Vedas, doing jaap of holy name of God, Yajyen and doing Yoga practice and by making contact with learned Acharya to follow eternal religious path of Vedas which gives permanent peace here and there.

You can only do prayer to God in a daily havan from Ved mantras for your papa, please. I would like to advise you that you must study my one- two Hindi books on Vedas’ preach and even listen one CD on Vedas preach which will enlighten you about the ways of God. Book can be sent on receipt of your postal address, if you desire.

Amit Dua: We see today Anti-Vedic and Non-Vedic sects are prevailing in the world. Even present Hinduism is full of many Anti-Vedic and Non-Vedic practices as well as cults. On the other hand, we are studying from childhood – Satyamev Jayte – Truth always wins finally. So can we think that this law will be applied here also and one day Vedas will prevail?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, you are quite right that anti-Vedic and non-Vedic views are in vogue, at present. Actually, for the last five thousand years public is not listening Vedas due to the lack of learned acharya. Swami Dayanand has done a great job to redirect the public towards Vedic philosophy about one hundred and fifty years back with the result now so many learned acharyas are there in Arya Samaj, but due to one or the other reason no fruitful result has been coming out in the matter of spreading of Vedas. I do not believe and even I am not interested to tell or quote man-made stories but still occasionally the story which may be false but if gives knowledge, the same I quote.
I quote a story——- Once two men A and B went to a hakeem to learn about medicines and treatment etc. The hakeem asked whether they have already learnt hakeemi (treatment and medicines etc.). ‘A’ answered ‘no please’. ‘B’ answered yes, I learnt for one year. Then the hakeem stated that ‘A’ will be trained in his job within one year and ‘B’ will be trained in two years. ‘b’ asked that WHEN HE HAD ALREADY TAKEN ONE YEAR TRAINING OF THE job then why would he take longer time of two years to be trained whereas ‘A’ has not undergone any medical training but he will be given training within one year. On this hakeem told to “B’ that ” ‘A’ is new/fresh and will be trained within one year. But he (B had already taken something knowledge about medicines, therefore the hakeem would need one year to wash out the effect of previous one year training and then he will start giving training for next one year.” So is the problem please, that after Mahabharata war, people have been worshipping mostly self-made path which are against the Vedas. It is very difficult to make them educated according to Vedas until the effect of self made worship is washed out. In this connection Tulsi has also stated—–

Meaning of chaupayee is— the worship according to Vedas connects the worshipper/aspirant with asceticism and knowledge to understand the truth (God) but duly involved in attachment, the people do not follow the Vedic path instead they have made their own ways. So the own ways are against the Vedas because in the universe as also stated in Rig-Veda mantra 2/38/9 nobody is able to challenge the fundamental laws of Almighty God mentioned in Vedas. But no doubt truth prevails.

Atul: I want to know the importance of ghat war according to janam patri. Please let me know.
Swami Ram Swarup: Ghat war, janam patri, kaal sarp yoga, navgrah poojan have not been mentioned in Vedas, please. So learned of Vedas do not accept the same, because the same do not tally with the Vedas.

Hemant Pansare: Swamiji, in today’s world there are lot of ritual practices which are carried out for example pind dan, shraddha, etc. are carried out for our loved ones which are dead and gone but than also we have attachment for them so we carry out theses rituals. I wanted to know in any of the four Vedas is there any thing regarding ritual practices to be performed for our ancestors is to done? Are the current practices worth? Or we should strongly believe that no one is mine and I am nobodies except the one who has created me.
2) If any body wants to take sanyas why he has to ask his family member for the acceptance and allowance? When I have really understood that there is no mother, no father, except the one than also there is little attachment far behind in the mind. If I leave for sanyas without allowance or acceptance is there any such thing that would obstruct in my path?
3) According to Vedas please tell in detail rules and regulations followed by a bramacharya and sanayasi please explain as mentioned in Vedas.
Swami Ram Swarup: Ritual practices like Shradh, Pind-daan etc., have not been mentioned in Vedas. Please and therefore are not authentic. When a person has gone to heavenly abode and his body has been burnt on pyre then how will he be able to eat from mouth. It is a well known fact that soul resides in body. Soul is alive matter whereas body is non-alive. Body functions only when soul resides therein. At the time of death soul gets out of the body and the mouth ear, eyes, nose, legs, hands etc., used by the soul are burnt on pyre. According to the 39th chapter of Yajurveda, then soul takes new body based on his good and bad deeds after 13 days. Before taking new body soul remains in space in ‘Sushupt’ (like in coma) stage. So in the Sushupt stage neither soul can become ghost nor he is able to eat, etc. when soul takes new body through parents then soul is fed through new body first in the womb of the mother and thereafter by mouth. So the said
practices are not worth. Vedas clearly state that there are three matters—- Almighty God, souls and prakriti. God and souls are alive whereas prakriti in non-alive. All the said three matters are immortal and eternal. In prakriti, God’s power acts and the whole universe is created. So all bodies of living-beings are also created from prakriti. At a proper time, the universe is destroyed by God and the universe is turned into prakriti. So all the matters of the universe are rested in the shape of prakriti but not destroyed, “In accordance with scientific law, that matter changes its shape but is not destroyed”.

So God, souls and prakriti are never destroyed and always remain. So you, I and every living being are never destroyed and always remain. Every matter of the world used by us to live upon always remains.

However, most of the present saints tell that there is no existence of souls and worldly matters like sun, moon, air, etc., except God which is wrong being against the eternal knowledge of Vedas. I have written a book in English—- named “Vedanta and eternal philosophy of Vedas”, in which the subject matter has been dealt in detail. I would advice you to please read the book for your knowledge.

A list of books is pasted below for your information, please. As regards, sanyas, permission is not needed of family members. Swami Dayanand Saraswati, founder of Arya Samaj was objected by all family members, yet he in his early age took sanyas at his own and became a great Rishi. Sanyas is the matter of asceticism, absence of which sanyas is of no use but only a fraud and source of income to live upon and to be adopted in immoral activities. A person must study the Vedas from an acharya, he must do havan and do practice of yoga philosophy daily while discharging his family duties. When he will be ascetic then he must take sanyas. So as I have stated above, the existence of mother, father and relatives is there because their bodies is being seen and they have done several deeds of gratitude for us and we must also discharge our duties towards them. However, in sanyas, the relations end but act of kindness is never ended.

I have written a book on Brahamcharya in Hindi also which can be read by you for your knowledge please.

Hemant Pansare: How to overcome five stages of chitta? Please explain in detail. I want to learn yoga and practice samadhi what would be the duration to reach till the state of Samadhi. Can you please send me your address how to reach in detail?
Swami Ram Swarup: I have written the details of Chitta Vritti and about its control in my book Patanjal Yog darshan (Hindi Vyakhya Sahit) Pt. I and II. It is a lengthy matter and I will again advice you to please read the said book the description of sampragyat, asampragyat /Dharammegh Samadhi where a Yogi realizes God, have also been mentioned in details. Books can be sent on the receipt of your postal address please. If you have already studied the said book then you will have to come here for personal guidance, say the Vedas.

T: I was am basically a negative thinker and introvert, during many years I have changed a lot but still I cannot say I am happy about my self esteem. So I decided to wear rudraksha and perform pooja every day. It has been told that a person wearing rudraksha will see its power in 90 day or so, but I have not seen any changes in my thinking. I did quite all bad habits during this period, can you please advise me? Had I done anything wrong for not seeing any result?
Swami Ram Swarup: Bad habits or bad deeds due to the influence of fact of previous lives bad deeds/sin which are stored in our Chitta and are suddenly awakened to bear the consequences. It is oftenly said, “LOHE KO LOHA KAT TA HAI” (DIAMONDS CUT DIAMONDS) therefore bad deeds are destroyed by pious deeds. This law has been already made by God in Vedas. Yajurveda mantra 40/2 states that pious deeds done according to Vedas will destroy your previous bad deeds/sins. So wearing of Rudraksha and worship against the Vedas will do nothing. I would advice you to please study Vedas which will give you hundred percent correct knowledge about God, deeds and knowledge of matters, science etc. However, before entering the Vedic knowledge, please select the following books to study to get the same knowledge about Vedas in short.

Amit Kumar: I am keen to learn Vedas. How do I control desires?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, my dear son, you are welcome here and you’ll gain lot of knowledge about Vedas here. The creation by God is eternal and automatic at a fixed time and the said process being eternal will never be changed. So why should we worry about creation of world, its matters, our minds/bodies etc. We are souls and reside within bodies. We do work from senses and perceptions but God is formless, Almighty and needs no organs, mind and bodies etc. Bad thinking is due to the effect of bad deeds which we have done in our previous/present lives. We can burn the bad deeds by daily Vedic worship. Mind is of two types— pure and dirty. Pure mind always does pious deeds and soul then gets peace. Dirty mind does sins and soul faces sorrows etc. So when we attain knowledge from Vedas, then the said knowledge makes our mind pure and we always do pious deeds. So mind is essential and we are able to make our mind pure. On the other hand animals/birds etc., have mind also but they can not make their mind pure to worship God. So we must thank God who has blessed us with mind to do pious deeds, to realize God. Attraction between opposite sex is but natural, but a pure mind who has gained knowledge of Vedas, will never misuse the attraction. The pure mind will maintain Brahamcharya and will make always pious relation. So pure mind is meant to do pious deeds and attain long, happy life and to attain God. Then only the sorrows and problems end forever. So mind is essential.

S P Ianala: I totally agree with your explanation about GOD, that GOD is the supreme energy which can manifest itself in any living or non living thing, it is already known in physics that every particle in this universe is in continuous vibration and they all are interconnected and the sole cause of this vibrations and connection is the supreme
energy- GOD, Devi-Devata/Yogi etc. are supreme souls which have attained maximum level of purity so they can manifest themselves as one with the universe, they are very much like GOD- the supreme energy but they are not the supreme energy themselves, again the probability of supreme energy manifesting itself through them is very high given their purity compared to an ordinary human being, this does not limit the
human being from achieving that level, but it might take many many cycles of purification (Births), Guruji, what does the Vedas say about the highest achievment in bhakti, I think it is when a soul is accepted as associate of Lord Vishnu and it is higher
than assimilation of soul in Lord Vishnu. I know the scientist and the bhakt in me are in conflict here.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes please. God is the Supreme power/energy and is therefore called Almighty, omnipresent, omniscient, etc. Devi -devta and Yogi are supreme souls amongst ignorant souls but God is supreme amongst ignorant souls and devi-devta/Yogis. However God is also not called soul. Soul is separate, prakriti is separate and God is separate and thus God is supreme commander of non-alive prakriti (by which universe is created) and alive souls. Soul resides within human body. A person who becomes aspirant and desires to realize the God, then he goes to the experienced acharya who knows Vedas and who has performed an atma-Yajyen like hard practice of ashtang yoga then the aspirant becomes a Dev i.e., devta. Dev means who is philosopher of Vedas and yoga philosophy. Dev thus attains Asampragyat Samadhi where he realizes God and therefore is called Yogi/Rishi. At this the highest stage of the Yogi he has nothing to go beyond and has nothing to do more. He is never indulged in illusion because he has attained salvation. Now he is equivalent to God but not God. He can not create the universe as is created by God. So, He ever remains soul but is called supreme amongst ignorant souls of the universe. The rules and regulations of rajo gunn, tamo gunn, sato gunn and Almighty God do not apply for the supreme soul then because the soul has attained final liberation.

God is one but as per Rig-Veda mantra 1/164/46 His names are numerous based on His unlimited divine qualities. So Vishnu is also a name of Almighty God who is Supreme. The study of the ancient holy books reveals that our ancient Rishis were the best scientists. In Vedas, all matters of science exist along with spiritualism that is why Yajurveda mantra 40/14 states that we must attain progress in worldly matters i.e., education, science, politics, business etc., as well as in spiritualism. So the ancient Rishis were of the same category. I think your conflict is totally pure and appreciable. May God bless you to be a real scientist as stated above.

Azad: Can I get the info about types of marriages in Manusmirti?
Swami Ram Swarup: Marriage period can be divided into three parts— child marriage, adolescent marriage and marriage at mature age. Child marriage which relates to marriage at the age earlier to the age of adolescence and should never be performed.

Hindu religion is based on eternal philosophy of Vedas and this philosophy is well briefed in six shastras and Manusmirti etc., written by this rishis who were philosophers of Vedas, did practice of ashtang yoga, realized God and Ved mantras within their heart. Those ancient rishis were like Manu, Atri, Kambadh, Matang, Patanjali, Vashisth Vyas Muni, and dignitaries like Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Mata Sita, brahamcharini Gargi who was Guru of king Janak and so may other multimillion ancient rishis and Raj rishis.

In between there came a time, i.e., about 5,000 years ago and thereafter started following smritis and shastras and now a days India mostly depends on the present saints and present holy books written between 3000 years time. So there are three types of periods— eternal–l based on Vedas, middle period– based on smritis and shastras/karam kand and present period– which we are observing, whatsoever is going on, i.e., mostly against the Vedas and smritis. However, according to the eternal philosophy of Vedas, child marriage is not permitted. The age of marriage of boy is plus 25, 33 and 44 years up to which one has to be complete in Brahmacharya and of girl’s the age is above 18 years. In middle period and present period, the custom of child marriage against Vedas started. Reason may be any, which has created a huge loss of humanity. In Manusmriti shlok 3/21, eight types of marriages have been stated, but of eight last two are prohibited:
1. Brahm Vivah (marriage) — it is self decided marriage by girl. In this girl is married while performing holy Yajyen with the best learned boy searched by parents or herself and no dowry.

2. Dev Vivah — in this marriage holy Yajyen is performed and to perform the Yajyen, number of learned boys are also invited. And in this marriage some good articles, clothes etc., are donated whereas in above stated Braham marriage nothing is donated.

3. Aarsh Vivah — in this marriage the father of bridegroom takes nothing and marriage is performed in holy Yajyen.

4. Prajapatya Vivah — in a holy Yajyen, learned person and parents do marriage and advice both (boy and the girl) to continue their family life religiously. In this marriage all the married learned persons give blessings to newly married couple.

5. Asur Vivah — while performing holy Yajyen marriage is performed and the parents of girl give some dowry to bridegroom. It is not blessed by learned persons due to the involvement of dowry system, etc.

6. Gandharv Vivah — where there is no Yaj and presence of any other person except girl and the boy. Both agreed to marry and continue family life.

7. Rakshas Vivah — when a girl is forcefully taken and marriage is done, it is also not admitted by learned persons and is not religious.

8. Paishach Vivah — in a lonely place if a girl is met while sleeping or she is mad etc., and someone outrages her modesty. It is also not admitted by learned persons and is not religious.

These marriages are according to Manusmriti shlok 3/21.

Marriage is a religious function. In this religious function, the holy Yajyen with Ved mantras is performed. The Ved mantras are also recited concerning the future family life of couple which makes pious effects on both hearts. It is performed by a learned person who knows Vedas.

The following custom is performed – The welcome of whole barat and especially of bridegroom in mandap. The best seat is offered to bridegroom by bride, water is given to wash the hands, mouth and feet and to do achmann. System of donation of cow. Bridegroom also gives heartily respect to the bride. The Yajyen in full respect is performed.

Pannigrahn custom is performed when bridegroom takes hand of bride, while reciting Ved mantras.

Rashmi Sahu: How did Ram and Krishna die? Further please tell us what is an ideal life for house holder as per Vedas and duties of inhabitants of a country towards the motherland.
Swami Ram Swarup: Maryada Purshottam Shri Ram left Ayodhya for jungle at the age of 81 years. Thereafter no history of Shri Ram is received i.e., Shri Ram left his pious bodies at an unknown place of jungle after the age of 81 years. As regards Yogeshwar Shri Krishna, he was once sitting in his court while ruling Dwarka Puri. Suddenly, his courtiers/ministers started fighting amongst themselves in which they also killed three sons of Shri Krishna Maharaja. Then Shri Krishna also killed rest of the courtiers. Then Shri Krishna told his father to give the kingdom and all assets including public of Dwarka Puri to Arjuna, as he (Shri Krishna) is going to leave his body. Shri Krishna after the death of his sons and courtiers already saw that his brother Balram was duly puzzled was going to jungle. Shri Krishna followed him and saw that Shri Balram left his body under a shady tree and has gone to heavenly abode. Shri Krishna after a talk with his father also reached nearby the tree and sat on an asan to leave the body, by the power of eternal yoga philosophy of Vedas. Suddenly an arrow was shot by a hunter which erroneously hit the toe of the feet of Shri Krishna. The hunter came near Shri Krishna and begged for his forgiveness. But Shri Krishna answered the hunter not to worry as he (Shri Krishna) at his own wish was already ready to leave his body. Shri Krishna thus left the body at the age of 125 years.

Ideal life of a family holder (man and woman) must be according to Vedas’ preach. So everybody must listen Vedas or study the books by a learned acharya totally based on Vedas wherein duties are also mentioned. I think you are having my book named, “Manav Dharam Shiksha”, and “Vedic Satsang Sangrah” which also tell some moral duties of family members. As regards duties of citizens of a nation, the same are also mentioned in all Vedas. Mainly everybody must discharge his duties faithfully which have been entrusted to him, i.e., army men, police, agriculturist, politicians, students, family holders, scientists, etc., must discharge their duties honestly and bravely to build a
strong nation. I preached before a unit of police and a VCD has also been made therein. Again send your address to send you VCD. However, to discharge duties honestly and bravely the preach from Vedas is needed always. Being a lengthy matter, I can not describe here fully but will try to write a booklet in future for the duties of army, police, family holder, students, politicians, agriculturists, businessmen, etc.

Rekha: What is the importance of Tirth? What we get when we do tirth yatra? If one could not do it what is the impact of this?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Hindi Tirath means tarna and in English its meaning is “to cross over”. In Vedas there are two types of Tirath. First ship/boat to cross over river/sea. And second the pious place of a learned acharya who knows Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy and where preach of Vedas, Yajyen, ashtang yoga philosophy and other religious true knowledge is delivered for the aspirants to cross over the death i.e., to attain salvation. So the said both places are called Tirath. Rig-Veda mantra 10/114/7 states that Tirath is the true place where the preach to cross over the world is obtained i.e., from where an aspirant learns Vedas’ knowledge and ashtang yoga practice etc., to attain salvation. Salvation is given by Almighty God so Almighty God is also called Tirath.

Atharvaveda mantra 18/4/7 states about second Tirath that its meaning is the object (means) by which a person becomes able to cross over the river/sea etc., a person crosses the sea, river etc., by a boat or ship. Rig-Veda mantra 1/169/6 states that Tirath means the boat/ship by which we cross over the river/sea. Yajurveda mantra 4/11 states that the place where we study Vedas, follow true path and learn ashtang yoga philosophy etc., to cross over the world i.e., to cross over the repeated birth and death i.e., to attain salvation. So the said Tirath have been mentioned by God in Vedas and are authentic. I think you are talking about worldly Tirath like Haridwar, Pehwa etc., but its description is not in the Vedas. So the main Tirath for human beings is the above quoted pious place of Rishis, Munis, acharyas from there they become able to finish their sorrows and attain salvation.

Hemant: According to Vedas I want to know how should a grashthashram pravesh should be done. What are rules to be followed as specified in Vedas for a grahastha and especially Brahmcharya?
Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection, I shall advise you to please study my book “MANAV DHARAM SHIKSHA” , “BRAHAMCHARYA ek dukh Nivarak manni”, you will get lot of knowledge from the said books. CDs of spiritual bhajans with Vedic preach by me are also available here. After studying the book then you may further ask any doubt or may put any regarding Grihasth ashram. You know the views are so lengthy which can not be briefed here but when you will be able to study the books then the matter will be very easy to understand.

Hemant: 1)As per Vedas God is formless nameless, sizeless, he is present in each & everything but how can a common man remember him by which name when he himself is nameless how can he know him how can he meditate on him?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, according to Vedas, as is also said in Yajurveda mantra 40/8, size-less, but not nameless. In the said mantra it is stated that God is “AKAYA and ASNAVIRAM”. Akaya means has no shape and Asnaviram means has no nervous system. Avrannam means can not be divided into any parts and no hole can be pierced into His body. So according to Vedas, Almighty, omnipresent, formless God can not take avtar (incarnate). The said definition in the four Vedas has been preached by God Himself. So, we the human beings must not deny the same and we must not go against the Vedas. We have to follow the preach of God. It is only due to the lack of knowledge of Vedas that we presume God in shape and we say about his incarnation. God is not nameless. Rig-Veda mantra 1/164/46 also states— “EKAM SADRUPA VIPRAS BAHUDA VADANTI” I.E., God is one but according to His unlimited qualities, His names are also numerous. Yajurveda mantra 32/1 His names are — Agni, Aditya, Vaayu, etc.

In Yajurveda mantra 40/15, His name is “OM”.

However, the pious name of the Almighty God is listened from an acharya and Deeksha must be taken from an acharya. The chanting of Gayatri mantra in mind is also a jaap of God. In Gayatri mantra, OM, BHUHU, BHAVAHA, SWAHA, BHARGO, DEVASYA are the few pious names of God amongst numerous other names. I have pasted Gayatri mantra on this web site, along with meaning of each pious word. One must even do havan daily from Gayatri mantra chanting Gayatri mantra both times, the process of doing havan has also been pasted on the web site please.

Hemant: 2) few days back I had a dream in which I was reciting om namah shivay mantra suddenly one person came and asked me do you want to learn Vedas than come tomorrow morning. Please explain me this stage how can I come in morning and where?
Swami Ram Swarup: No doubt the dreams are not considered true in Vedas but this dream is inspiring one. Because in the dream, the idea of the Ved mantra is there.
Atharvaveda kand 19, sukta 43 states that Oh! God bless me so that I may go to the place of an acharya to listen and learn Vedas. So, you must try to go to the acharya but it is your own decision to search the learned acharya. I am away and I can’t teach you from here. However, please always beware of false prophets. In this period. I would also advice you to listen the preach purely on Vedas in Hindi, in my spiritual CDs if possible. In the matter of Vedas/true knowledge money is no problem. CDs can be sent on half rates or less or even free if needed.

Hemant: 3) Meditating on any name of God, the mind itself is not calm how can a person make his mind calm and observe silence form the stages within mediation a yogi experiences during yog sadhana. Please explain.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes the mind is not calm while meditating the name of God. Here, I may tell you that mostly the people recite the name of God announced by so called saints/men who are against the Vedas. Secondly, name is not recited mostly with its meaning and ideas. Vedas tell that the name must be first recited by the acharya along with its meaning and idea and the name must be from Vedas, then the aspirant must learn about Yajyen and ashtang yoga philosophy. Thereafter only the mind becomes calm. So in this way, a learned acharya is always needed to guide the aspirant properly according to Vedas.

When the said procedure preached by acharya is observed then only one observes silence and experiences are gained as is realized by Yogi. After being inspired by an acharya when an aspirant does practice of name jaap, Yajyen and yoga philosophy, then mainly nine problems occur as per Yog shastra sutra 1/30. So I will again advice you to study my book named “Patanjal Yog Darshan”, Hindi Vyakhaya sahit, along with its solution because being a lengthy matter, it can’t be briefed here.

Sanjeev: Problem of anxiety and acidity.
Swami Ram Swarup: First of all, you must take medical advice if not yet taken. You must awake early in the morning for morning walk after taking two glasses of water and light exercises. Exercise must also be done in evening. Always avoid fatty food. You must not take fried vegetables/food. In the vegetables use only mustard oil/refined oil. Avoid ghee. You must learn at least 12 yoga asans from a local yoga teacher and must do practice daily in the morning as well as in the evening. Avoid stale food. Salad and fruit must be taken daily. Carrot and radish juice must be taken daily. Quantity must be 1/4 of a glass. You must take at least 20 glass of water daily. You must also do havan from gayatri mantra daily which will also help to kill your diseases. Please write after one month again about your health.

C K Vatsa: The Vedas are known as ‘shruti’ because the knowledge imparted by God (Brahamn) at the beginning of this srishti was preserved by word of mouth and was passed down through the ages till the period Vayas ji recorded it; which again was retrieved from the original manuscripts when the printing press was invented.

The Ramayan was written by Valmiki Rishi, we are told, about nine crore years back. How did the original manuscript survive through the Yugas ?
Swami Ram Swarup: The period of Valmiki Ramayana is about one crore, 81 lacs, 49 thousands years, please. Yes Valmiki Ramayana is not shruti. The lovers of Rishi Valmiki have maintained the Ramayana well traditionally. Its pandulipee is sure kept in any museum from where it has been printed.

Kamal Kashyap: Which is the upmost duty of a man – towards his family and towards God. God made us, in this materialistic, world on one hand (give us problems, affections and even made illusions. So that we forget or derailed from the path of spirituality) and on other hand God shows us path of eternity through Guru’s / Acharya’s. Kindly suggest?
Swami Ram Swarup: In each human body soul resides. We are souls & not bodies. God creates bodies based on the result of our own good & bad deeds of previous lives but God does not create us i.e. souls. Through the bodies soul does deeds. In the matter of deeds, as per Yajurved mantra 7/48, every soul is free to do pious deeds or sins (good deeds or bad deeds) but result I awarded by God. At the time of beginning of the earth, knowledge of four Vedas, emanates automatically from Almighty God & originates in the heart of four Rishis. The said knowledge is thus spread by the Rishis to the human beings. In the said knowledge of Vedas, there are principles to be adopted in the life to make the life long and happy. In the said principle, it is also said that nobody can attain peace, pleasure and ill-free long, happy life etc., without worshipping God.
Secondly, the knowledge of God and His worship is not attained without studying Vedas. Thirdly Vedas cannot be learnt in the absence of a learned acharya.

Therefore Yajurveda mantra states, “PUNANTU MA DEV JANAH”, i.e., learned acharya makes us pure by burning the illusion which has covered the soul. So God has not given us problems, affection or illusion etc. It is we, i.e., souls who due to ignorance (in the absence of knowledge of Vedas & acharya) do not know the shape of illusion, sins etc., and indulged in illusion and thus do sins etc., like affection, kaam, krodha, mada, lobh, laziness, attraction towards materialistic articles, assets, etc., due to which we forget the first principles quoted above that in the absence of worship of God no one can attain peace or ill-free happy life.

You’ re also advised to read my two three books on Vedic literature, which will give you huge knowledge please. My spiritual Cds which are totally based on Vedas’ knowledge will also help you to understand the motto of human life. Money is no problem. You can pay 50%, if not then books and Cds can be sent free of cost. So to overcome the illusion,
problems, corruption, affection, sensuality etc., worship of God, knowledge of Vedas and for the same necessity of learned acharya is essential please.

Please recollect that Yajurveda mantra 7/48 quoted above states that we all may or may not worship, study Vedas and make contact with learned acharya.

Varun: How to pronounce the last sentence of the GAYATRI MANTRA.Is it “dhiyo yo naH prachodayat” or “dhiyo yo naHA prachodayat”; I have this question because in Sanskrit if there are two small dots after the mantra, we pronounce it as “naha”; but everywhere I see the pronunciation ,there it is given as naH. Please clarify this doubt.
Swami Ram Swarup: In Samveda mantra 1462, and Yajurveda mantra 22/9, the pronunciation is “NAHA”. In Sanskrit swar and vyanjan are alphabet (varn). Swar are aa, ee, uu, etc., and vyanjan are ka, kha, ga etc. Swar while pronunciation needs no any help and are pronounced itself. But vyanjan needs help of swar. Na is vyanjan, therefore needs help of swar ‘a’. so pronunciation will be ‘na’. then we will use visarg, i.e., two dots. Visarg usually pronounced as ‘ha’. So pronunciation will be NAHA. However gayatri mantra or any Ved mantra is listened first from an acharya face to face. It is very difficult to explain in English.