Swami Ram Swarup:
(Translations of Ved mantras, continued from previous answer)

4.)  Idea of Rigveda mantra 6/26/1- It is a duty of a king to listen carefully to the matter which public tells. This process avoids the revolt from public against the king and increases happiness.

5.)  Idea of Rigveda mantra 6/26/2- Oh! King, you must be present where the public wants to meet you.

6.)  Idea of Rigveda mantra 3/53/14- Amongst the ignorants, the cows are not taken care of/nursed, hence, the number of cows does not increase there. Similarly, the good qualities and righteousness does not progress amongst the atheists. So, to avoid atheism, theism/belief in God/righteousness is required to be popularised.

7.)   Idea of Rigveda mantra 1/7/4 – It is the nature of Almighty God that He blesses the hard-working people and not the lazy ones. That is why, those who have command on their senses, perceptions, away from favourism, are very hard-working by means of power of body and soul, are devoid of laziness, are always winners in war and thus nurse the public, they are very fortunate and experience pleasure.

8.)  Idea of Rigveda mantra 8/53/1- The Lord of universe is generous/kind. So, there is only one way to get glory that we should know Him and His divine qualities. Thus, we get glory by worshipping Him.

9.)  Idea of Rigveda mantra 8/53/2 – All the worldly matters, food, knowledge etc., are provided by God to us. God only inspires us to follow eternal, blissful path. So, to know the God it is necessary to remember and eulogise His divine qualities again and again.

10.)                     Idea of Rigveda mantra 1/176/4 – The king should punish the lazy people like the learned who showers happiness on everyone, similarly king and everyone should try to give pleasure to others at their level best.

11.)                     Idea of Rigveda mantra 10/84/2- He who has self-respect and glorious like the fire should be appointed as a commander of the army because He is only able to attack enemies, to destroy them and snatch away their wealth.