Muhammad Tarique Anwar: Kaise hai Guru ji aap ?? Darasal mughe aapki bheji huyi book Vedas A divine light(In english) aur Vaidik parbachan sangrah part 1(In Hindi) kafi pahle mili… Par mughe iska part 2 abhi tak nahi mila hai aapne kaha tha jald hi mil jayega. Guruji Mughe Hindi mein kitabe chahea Aapse behad anurodh hai ki aap Hindi mein books bheje.. Mein aapka hamesa aabhari rahunga.
Swami Ram Swarup: Muhammad Tarique Anwar Bhai ji , yahaan sub theek hai, ummeed hai ki aap sub bhi wahaan theek hongey. Vedic Pravachan sangrah part II apke paas bhej diya gaya hai. Aapko meri duayein.

Rajesh: Respected swamiji .earlier women were not allowed to freely mix with men. but now in the name of rights they behave like men (wearing their dresses, imitating men) and freely mix with men, without any self respect/shame. Why the women now are so shameless, rude in behaviour & more unchaste in character? If we everybody are atman then what is feminine & masculine qualities? Is there any importance to maintain a difference between feminine & masculine qualities in our worldly living? I just read an article about creation in your site, confused sorry swamiji. Its a long pending doubt. Will you clear me? Thanking you..
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, no doubt, in ancient times, women were not allowed to mix with men like talking freely etc. In this connection, Yajurved also states that even in any function, men should talk to men and women to women. Whatever you’ve told about mixing of women with men is due to destruction of our ancient vedic culture. We’ve been slaves of Mughals for 800 years and of Britishers for 200 years, who at every level have tried to destroy our culture. It has been the ulterior motive of foreigners that if you want to destroy a nation destroy its culture and nation will perish at its own accord.

Everyone is soul. Soul resides in body of living being based on their good and bad deeds. Soul is alive matter and body is non-alive matter. Both are separate from each other. Soul has no gender. Based on previous lives’ deeds when soul is awarded human body or that of any other living being, soul seems accordingly i.e., man, woman, child, sparrow, animals etc. The job of masculine gender cannot be done by feminine gender and vice—versa. So, theses are awarded different types of bodies.

E: Pranam, we are planning to come your ashram on 25th to attend 4 ved yajeyn and also desirous of naming our son. Is it possible for you to get time for namkaran sanskar? We have not decided any name yet.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Four Vedas Yajyanushthan has been completed on 9th June, 2013.

Abhishek: Pranam Swami Ram Swarup maharaj ji, mera kuch prashna hai swamiji, mai wiswamitra gotra aur surya shakha arthat suryawanshi hu, muhjai apnai upnayan sanskar kai wisay mai puchna tha, mujhai kitnai doori ka janeu lagana chahiye swamiji, kripya karkai mera margdarshan kare.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Upnayan sanskar 6-8 saal ke bech kee umar mein kiya jaata hai. Abhi bhi aap Arya Samaj mandir mein jaakar aur unse salah karke yeh sanskar karaa sakte hain.

Anonymous: Samajik arthik bhugol ke do sakhao k nam bataiye.
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorry, Samajik arthik bhugol kee do sakhao ka naam mujhe nahin pataa kyunki aisa kuch vedon mein nahin kaha gaya hai.