Priyanshu: Pranam guruji!

I have two questions! The first is that where does the soul goes after getting free from birth and rebirth? Will the person loose his individuality or will he be conscious of his existence?

Second question ueh hai ki kya Vishnu aur Shiv naam Vedas me mentioned hai? Main ye to janta hu ki Vedas ek hi God ke baare me baat karte hai alag alag naam se.. to kya usme do naam Vishnu aur Shiv bhi hn?

Aapka keemti samay dene ke liye dhanyawad!

Swami Ram Swarup: After liberation the soul lives with omnipresent God. Nothing like this but soul remains with God.

Yes Vishnu and Shiva names are mentioned in Vedas but pertains to formless God and not other kind of vishnu, shiva etc. You see God has innumerable names of God based on His divine qualities and so Brahma, Vishnu, mahesh are the names of almighty God. For example the meaning of vishnu is omnipresent and so on. Aashirvad.

Damara: The Brihadaranya Upanishad tells us that we should be desireless. Though we become free from the desire of the worldly things, yet we desire for moksha or bhakti. Could you clarify it, Swamiji? Thanks.

Swami Ram Swarup: The stage of becoming desireless comes only after performing yaj, study Vedas and doing ashtang yog philosophy. So to become desireless is not an easy matter. To attain salvation bhakti is required so moksh and bhakti are the preach of God and it has no concern with desire etc.