V: Pranam Guruji, Please reply to my query, I know its long but please do reply guruji. Guruji from last eight months I was very depressed because of some obsessive, bad thoughts that out of no-where had poped in my mind and they had made my life equal to hell. I know that I am a soul and should not worry about these thoughts but these thoughts were bad imaginations that I NEVER willfully wanted to harbour but probably are result of my previous deeds. I had started meditation and naam jap besides occasional gayatri recitation to address this problem.

But guru ji I was not able to cure myself properly. The more I tried to shun them these thoughts became more horrifying probably because I was still afraid of them. Guruji I am a student and this had been affecting my studies very badly. For 5 months I struggled with it. Then through internet only I came to know that I am suffring from panic disorder (more technically OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER OCD) most probably a problem that has started after MAHABHARAT.

One can search about it easily on Google. Many Psychiatrist in India and outside tell their patients a technique called AWARE in it they teach one not to worry about these thoughts. I have been practicing this technique in which instead of fighting and turning my mind away from the thoughts I acknowledge them and let them easily come in and go out without any fear. During this practice I donot think about these thoughts and just observe them as a useless creation of my mind and after some time as I am no more afraid of these wasteful and wrong illusions and they no more come to me either as now I am not afraid of those thoughts. So I am better able to concentrate on studies and do meditation.

Guruji I only wanted to know that If I should follow this medical practice/technique that has helped numerous people, as I am not tring to restrict these thoughts but winning over them by making them redundant and worry-free. Besides this technique I am also Doing Meditation to remember God.

2. In the present time when people are not aware of vedic knowledge and not following its path from childhood, I think such problems are bound to occur like the new diseases like AIDS, MERS and many more. In this situation shouldn’t one should try to solve these diseases through medical discoveries besides trying hard to learn and follow the vedic path.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. First of all, I would advise you to get medically checked. In addition Vedas tell that one should get progress and destroy their bad thoughts and bad deeds at his own i.e., you will have to do hard work like listening Vedas, daily agnihotra, name jaap and practice of Yoga philosophy under the guidance of a learned acharya. Learned acharya of Vedas can be sought by a locally taking help of Arya Samaj. Again you yourself will have to make your firm decision (unbreakable) that when bad thoughts etc., starts coming in your mind then the thoughts must be neglected or destroyed by your firm decision then and there i.e., must be destroyed before entering the mind.

Awake early in the morning for a morning walk and exercise. Take plenty of water daily. See that your stomach is alright. If you follow the above advises you will be make yourself able to be exempted from your all diseases.

In addition, I will also advise you to study some of my Vedic books with full concentration which will be helpful for you in this matter. It will divert your attention from disease. Vedic songs in my CD must also be listened.

Yes you may follow the medical advises as you told above. But vedic advise can never be ignored being the preaches direct from God. So study of vedic books, faith on God and Yajyen etc., as quoted above can never be ignored.

Harish Arya: Sir mujhe dharna k bare mein janina hai kese karen koi kahta hia nabhi pe dhyan lagao, koi hirdaya pe, koi kahta hia bada om karo aur us pe dhyan karo fir aahista aahista uska awaz kam karte jao us k bad mann mein om ka jaaap karo fir wo b mat karo, aur ek aadmi to mujhe kah raha tha k aap wo granth ya chapters padhein jo eshwar ki tareef mein ho fir wahi mann mein sochein is se jaldi samadhi prapt ho jaegi, lekin mein bada om ka awaz kar k dharna karta hoon, aap kirpya bataein kiya tareekar sahi hia g, mein bahut confuse ho gaya hoon.
Swami Ram Swarup: Do baatein hamein jaannee chahiye ek to vedon mein har karma ya gyan, upasana ke bare mein Ishwar vedon mein hamein kya, keh raha hai kyunki baat to kewal Ishwar kee hee satya hogee, ya Rishi satya bolte hain. Isliye Rishi pranneet granth jaise 6 shastra, 11 upnishad, Mahabharat granth, Valmiki Ramayan aadi hain, yeh vedic adhar par satya bolte hain. Dooosree baat yeh hai ki sadharann admi kya bolte hain. Sadharann aadmi ke bare mein Shatpath Brahmin Granth ke Rishi Yagyavalkya kehte hain-‘ Manushyaha anritam vadanti’ arthat manushya to jhoot bolte hain kyunki manushya weh hai jise vedon kya gyan nahin hai, weh Rishi-muni, yogi ya dev nahin hai. Dhyan ke vishay mein bhi yahi baat hai ki ved mantra aur yog shastra ke Rishi Patanjali ka Yog shastra sutra 3/1 keh raha hai-

‘Deshbandhshchitthasya dharnna’ arthat shareer ke kisi hissey par nirakar brahma ka dhyan dharnna hai aur weh mukhya hissey hain – Agyachakra, nasagrey athwa hridya hain aur yeh dhyan dharnne kee shiksha kisi ved aur yog ke gyata acharya se personally seekhnee hogee. Bina seekhey dhyan lagaana varjit hai kyunki dhyan 7th manzil hai, pehle 6 manzil ka bhi khayal karna padta hai.

Maine bataa diya ki aap kisi ved, yog ke gyata ko locally dhoondhe aur uske paas jayein, main bahut door hoon main nahin samjha sakta aur aap yahaan aa nahin sakte , isliye local Arya Samaj mein jaakar vidwan ko dhoondein.