Bipin: Pranam, Guruji. Charan Sparsh at your pious feet. I have received magazine “Ved-Ishwariya Vani” by speed post. Thanks a lot for sending this. I have partly read this magazine. I am also reading your Bhagwat Geeta Part-2. So I will complete reading of this magazine along with that.

This magazine is wonderful giving Vedas knowledge along with other topics and articles written by aspirant/followers/disciples. One important thing is that in this very first edition successful effort is made to give all basic knowledge of Vedas by your good self. This shall surely help to know about GOD & His Vedas to readers who are totally new to this knowledge. Sadhvi Gitanjaliji’s article on “Nari dharm based on Vedas” is also very good. I will further convey on complete reading of this magazine.

Have also liked its cover page and quality of printing. It is up to the mark. It shows and reflects the effort put in to print & publish this magazine. We hope at a later stage it will be published quarterly and then monthly with GOD’s and your blessings generating interest and spreading Vedas divine knowledge to public in this needy time.

Guruji, hereby I kindly request you to please guide on one query. I am not yet clear on this matter. Importance of “Brahmacharya” is stated in ‘Yam” i.e. in very first step of ashtangyog.

“Brahmacharya” shall also be maintained in family life as suggested in your book on this subject. It shall be maintained both physically as well as mentally. In physical form “Virya” shall be preserved. Guruji, as per today’s science if “Virya” is lost then again it is created in body in next few hours of say approx. 24 hours i.e. it is again made in body. So please give Vedas knowledge on this. What Vedas says, whether “Virya” once lost is again made in body. If yes then after how much time. Whether re-created one is less in quantity or quality.In short I mean to say what is the difference between Vedas & present scientific theory on this. How preserving of “Virya” helps to increase “Tej and buddhi” though it is again made in body. I think present scientific research is in sufficient or misguiding/lacks complete research on this. Guruji, please guide on this subject since this is directly related to control of senses and mainly real knowledge will help/inspire to implement it while doing sadhna & worship. Please forgive me if I have not conveyed this query properly. Seeking your kind help and guidance on this.

Pranam, Guruji. Charan Sparsh at your pious feet.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. I appreciate that you studied the vedic culture sincerely.

As you know, the swadhyaye i.e., listening Vedas and studying vedic culture written by Rishi-munis is itself a tapasya. Such devotees sure gain the goal, one day. So, I also bless you for the same. My blessings to all members of the family.

The views of the present science, stated by you to gain the power again does not tally with Vedas. So, it is further clear that present scientist also do not try to study Vedas. Hence, the problem. So, we’ve to follow the vedic path only in this matter. As is also clarified in Brahamcharya book, the power gained in the body is further transferred in bone-marrow and then into Oj and Tej i.e., glory/radiance. It increases memory a lot. If we see the present situation, then we’ll find that there is lack of majja (marrow) in body and as a result, there is lack of oj and tej on the face. Mostly, the student even, do not have sharp memory and in most of the circumstances, the study creates havoc in the students which is even a sin. This all is due to lack of brahamcharya etc. Brahamchari has mental and physical power , is courageous and always remains away from diseases which is not been seen in several cases, presently.

J: Maharaj, could you please tell us when is the poornahuti. Charansparsh
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. Everything will be o.k. regarding your settlement. My blessings to you all. We all will feel pleasure on your arrival to attend poornahuti which shall take place on 12th June, 2011. Nowadays, as you know, I’m very much busy hence the delay to answer the questions. Magazine was sent to you by speed post, please, confirm receipt. I want that your article should be published in next edition of magazine to be published in September of this year. So, please try to send your article and daughter Rashmi’s article at your earliest.