Varun: Pradam Swamiji, Another question related to previous question, biology states cell is smallest unit of life, does cell have a soul? does the above assertion is in lines with holy Vedas?

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Cell is made of Prakriti and thus does not have soul. Soul resides in three places of body only-

Soul has three places to reside in the human body. While awake, it remains in left eye. During dreams, in throat and while taking sound sleep, soul resides in heart, please. These stages have been named- Jagrat, Swapan and Sushupt respectively.

Cell functions only in presence of alive soul, the system made of Almighty God. For example- in the night, no matter is seen in a room but when light is switched on, the matters become visible. No doubt, light and maters are non-alive but due to the system of Almighty God that eyes will work in the presence of soul and in the presence of light. That is why, in the presence of light, matters are seen by eyes.

A K Jain: From which place Luv and Kush went MOKSH?
Swami Ram Swarup: Place is within our own body where soul feels divine pleasure and the said pleasure is experienced by the soul even after leaving the body. If your idea is about place like Delhi etc., it is assured that they would naturally have been in Ayodhya, the kingdom, which was handed over to them by their father, Sri Ramji.

Anonymous: hello swami g muje meri eyes kafi week hai or mai apna chasma htana chahta hu to or doctors to uske liye operation ko bolte hai bt mujhe operation krwanse se dr lgta hai isliye kya apke pass chsma htane ke liye koi acha ilaz hai to please help me main issey kafi preshan ho chuka hu or eyes mein jalan b hoti hai kbi kbi to red ho jati hai puri eyes meri please help me swami g……. i m waiting for your reply.

Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection, I would only suggest to follow the medical advise, please.