VidyaSagar: Hi Guruji, it took 5 years to learn just 20 sutras. Further progress is going very slow as I progress. Mean time I have a question to you. GOD is perfect and created the Dharma very Strong, Then why some say, that GOD punishes/blesses? He has that capacity, I accept, but need not do it. Yoga shastra says, you get magical things (magical because we have no knowledge of it now without Yogabhyasa) but, since practiced YOGA perfectly, has the capacity but never uses it or shows it, this is my understanding. Same for every one including GOD. GOD already created the Dharma, so, you get what you do as per Dharma, and there would be no change on it. Just my thoughts when I question my self. Can you please teach more on GOD punishes/blesses?

Swami Ram Swarup: Neither God punishes nor blesses, it depends on the human beings to worship Him and follow Vedic path then according to aspirations such pious deeds God blesses and vice versa. God is almighty and needs no help of anybody to create, nurses and destroy the universe, so He uses only His power/capacity to control the universe. However God Himself does nothing but His power. It applies only for yogis also. Yes, so dharam (pious duties mentioned in Vedas) have been mentioned in Vedas. One should study Vedas and know about the pious deeds to be performed. Blessings to all.