Shailash: What is devya apradh? Sometime before we face some problems and ask to a pandit jee. He look a panchang and told me that Laxmi is in fifth house that means any devya apradh, so please tell me what he said and how can cure?
Swami Ram Swarup: Whatever, the pandit said to you by looking in Panchang, all that is against the Vedas, so learned do not accept it, being unauthentic, being man-made and not God-made.

Bharat: Charan Sparsh Swamiji.I salute to you for your knowledge has dispelled many of my doubts. Can you please explain me the meaning of ‘yopam pushpam veda. pushpavan prajavan pashuman bhavathi. chadrama va apam yevam veda yopamayatanam veda ayatanavan bhavathi…. atleast meaning of the basic structure and meaning of the words in each of other paras. Thank you very much and your yajyen may enlighten the world.
Swami Ram Swarup: The meaning of Apaam Pushpam is developed stage of prakriti i.e., stage of creation. He who knows the process of creation from Prakriti and thereafter developed stage of Prakriti. He becomes learned of creation and creator (God).

(YAH) he who (APAAM) water (PUSHPAM) flowers (VED) knows i.e., he who knows the best use of water and flowers. He (PUSHPAVAAN) rich of flowers. (PRAZAVAAN) will have learned children (PASHUVAAN) rich of animals (BHAVATI) becomes i.e., He will be rich of flowers, will have learned children and he is always full of milk, ghee, curd, butter etc. Flower means flower has scent i.e, his glory and fame will spread all over.

Further, the Sanskrit word written by you in English are not clear to me if possible quote the reference from where you have taken the mantras or send it by post duly in Sanskrit language.

Manoj: Swamiji pranam kis kis kukarm se dhan ki hani hoti hai aur kis karm dwara hum dhan badha sakte hai
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Ved-Viruddh karma karna hee paap hai aur issey yash kirti, dhann sabhi kee hani hotee hai. Ved-mantron se Yajyen karne se, Ghar mein sukh, dhann, aayu badhti hai.