Edward: Pranam Swamiji, Brihaspatim is the name for Jupiter if I am not mistaken, planet Jupiter is prakiti nonalive, why is Brihaspati worshipped or can you please explain Rig Veda 3 – 62 -6.

And also in Rig Veda 10 – 152 – 1 is Indra the Supreme Being.

Swami Ram Swarup: Ans. My blessings to you. The meaning of Brihaspati, according to respective mantra is either God or learned Acharya of Vedas.

Rigved mantra 3/62/6- in this mantra, the Brihaspati means respected King. The idea of the mantra is that- As the public respects the king, so the king should respect the public.

In Rigved mantra 10/152/1, the subject matter of the mantra is Indra i.e., Almighty God who rules over the universe.