Ashish: Swamiji Namaste! Swamiji i want to know do we get energy from calories that we intake or from the vital forces in our body, which gets charged during sleep i.e Aatma. As many say Aatma is the source of energy.

Is food a source of energy or it just helps in regeneration of cells in our body.

Could you please explain me concept of calories and how much calories should we consume in a day.

Thanks & Regards

Swami Ram Swarup: Namaste beta. Atma us not a source of energy but when atma live in a body then prakriti made padarth like vegetables, food etc., become source of energy to the body not soul. Soul is self sufficient. Beta about consuming of calories please contact medical advice.

Anonymous: Interested to take diksha (anonymous details of efforts done provided)

Swami Ram Swarup: Beta abhi aapke kafi achhe vichar hain, main 20 July Tak maun dharan kiye hua hun isliye 20 July ke baad jab marzi yahan aa jao aur deeksha le lo. Sab ko mera ashirwad.