Eshwer: Swami jee, I have a question? Why Ram and Raavan is different in all aspects of life still they both have same bhram gyan? Where raavan is misunderstood can you please elaborate and clarify this?
Swami Ram Swarup: Valmiki Ramayan has stated pious qualities of Sri Ram. Some of the qualities are- Sri Ram used to serve mother, father, aged, Rishi-Munis whole-heartedly. He was a form of truth himself. He was justiciable, learned of Vedas and by hard practice of Ashtang Yoga, he attained Samadhi.

You see, Ravanna did not have a single quality harboured by Sri Ram (as stated above). Ravanna was also not a learned person, otherwise he would not have kidnapped Sita Mata and his army persons would not have disturbed yajyen of Rishi Munis. Several persons state that Ravanna was learned of Vedas but it is also wrong. Rigveda mantra 1/164/39 clearly states that if a person after listening Vedas does not know God then Ved-mantras will not give benefit to him. Mahabharat also states that if a person listens to Vedas, but do not obey them is most down trodden person.

Rohan: Pranaam Guruji and Charansparash, Gurudev, these days i am trying to learn meaning of havan mantras that we recite. I have noticed two things:
One, The sequence in which we say the mantras but the meaning are not explained in the same sequence, the former words come later and vice-versa when it comes to its explanation.wanted to know why it is like that? Second, when you have explained the meaning of the the words they become slightly different or they are divided in regards to its explanation, wanted to know why? Pranam Gurudev.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In Sanskrit language, when meaning of a ved mantra is required to be done then we have to follow grammatical technique which is called “Anvaye”. In Anvaye, former words may come later and vice-versa.

Meanings are different and ideas are different. For example- Mantras state that God creates the universe, so it’s meaning will be- God creates universe but in Idea, it will have to be told that God never creates the universe etc.
Again, my blessings to you.