Kumar: Swamiji, Namaskaar! When we intend to protect one live being esp used for food, will it not be at cost of other or do we not encourage more killing of other live being because one has to eat either to fulfill his need n hunger? Moreover, will nature harmony among different beings not be disturbed due to our conscious resistance to kill one and encouraging others? Best regards.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. The lord of the universe is Almighty God who has made His unlimited unchangeable laws out of which one is this that human-beings must be vegetarian and therefore he should not take non-vegetarian food under the law, to take non-vegetarian food is a sin.

Kumar: Swamiji, Namaskaar! I was willing to better understand minimum non voilence (Ahinsa). Plants & seeds are also live beings and all these except fruits can create their new generation by growing or by Tissue Culture like animals can create. Hence, will even using/killing plants & seeds not be like killing or destroying whole of their generations(Vansh Hatya)? May it be more per food eating(many seeds mean many live beings killing). Hence, how Paap & Punyas will be counted on account of this logic? Most Satvik foods is indicated as fruits esp naturally dried fruits & milk from Happy Cows(animals) which probably is not killing esp generation killing(Vansh Hatya). Best Regards.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. In the matter of non-violence, question does not arise for minimum or maximum. It is always for all living-beings, or anytime or any space etc. Plants and seeds/vegetables have been allowed by God, same to be taken by the human-beings. As lion etc., have been allowed to take non-vegetarian. So, in both cases, God does not punish.