Basant: Namaste swami ji Yadi Yogi kisi chhoti bachchi ko jo school chhodkar ke uske liye(yogi ke liye) bhojan ka dabba laye, dekh le to kya Yogi uske bhavishya me hone wale dukh ko dekhkar Bhavuk ho jayega? Yadi han to yah kon si samadhi hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Aisee koi Samadhi nahin hai aur aisee koi situation bhi arise nahin hotee. Han! Jo koi bhi chhota ya bada bachcha ya bridha, yogi ko bhojan khilataa hai toh weh apne bhagya ka nirmann karta hai.

A: Pranaam Swami Ji, mein yeh jan-na chahta hoon ki kya kundalini yoga evam dus mahavidya tantra sadhana ved-sammat hain. Kya in madhyaom se bhi aatma-sakshatkar ki avastha tak pahunch sakte hain? Dhanyavaad.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Nahin! Tantra sadhna ved sammat nahin hai. Han! Jo vedausar bhakti, yog sadhna karega, uske andar shareer mein change aati hain aur ussee mein ek aisee change hai jisko kundalini jagran kehtey hain.

V: Swamiji, I’ve written to you sometimes back using my previous email id , which is not in the use. I would like to clarify few things with you and appreciate if you could guide and assist me. For past 3years I have been chanting Gayatri mantra and Om mantra (at least 1 mala per session) About 6 months back, precisely last year Dec’12 I joint Ashtanga Yoga class and to progress better I also started Iyengar Yoga classes. When I’m in meditative state, I always have some sort of energy flowing sensation. I don’t really share the experiences with anyone, I assumed all these are common when we are engaging with divine force. But I always do plenty of reading when I have any confusion. About a week back, last, during my meditation I had involuntary body movements: my body was moved away from wall, the spine lengthen automatically and slowly my head was lifted up. It happens very gently and slowly. I was surprised but I try to be calm as possible. The next day I had 2 difference experiences. After work, at home I was sitting on sofa (crossed leg position), my mind was in very relax state and the energy comes back. My both hands which were placed on my lap, slowly and simultaneously moved to side of my legs. I did’t want to see further so I stood up and keep myself busy with other things. After few hours, I wanted to meditate so I did my usual chanting and exactly when I almost completing it, my spine was lengthen n my body was curled till my head touched the floor (I was sitting in lotus pose) It happened 3 times and I didn’t want to continue so I stood up and walked away. I noticed, all these movements only happen if I allow it. It is very much in my control. I can get it anytime anywhere provided the mind is in relaxes state. And I do notice, there is some moving sensation in my back of head and spine, very subtle. These sensations did not make me weak or tired but sometimes I have very mild headache and it is bearable. Since I had this, my energy level is good. I don’t feel exhausted or sleepy. I go work as usual and doing well at work and other tasks. I don’t have any kind of disturbance or mood swing. I am perfectly okay. Once I was standing and observing what is going to happen, eventually my whole body was bended till my hand can touch the floor then it comes back to normal position. Apart that, few times my fingers were doing some gestures, I couldn’t understand during the happenings. Later when I manage to check in internet. I found out, my fingers did hakini mudra, Vajrapradama Mudra and etc. I never learnt any of these before. Yesterday, in office I was doing some writing and I pause for a while to think and I noticed my fingers were (I was holding pen) moving slowly. I let it happen and I watched my fingers did some automatic drawings (I have 3 pieces of drawings). I don’t understand anything about the drawings (all are fine lines, curvy & some strange shapes). This freak me out. All these movements happened exactly last week and I am having this for a week already. I did inform my yoga instructor and my uncle (he’s some knowledge in this subject) both told me that, these are not bad thing, some good sensation but I must get a guru to guide me so that I won’t be facing any issues physically or mentally later on. Swamiji, I need some advice from you..what is happening in my body? Why am I having all these? I am very worried because some of my friends said it is not good energy, I might face some problems if I don’t get detach from this immediately. As of now, though I am going through very strange moment in life, my mind is very calm and positive. I have confidence that god won’t harm me in anyway. I did not commit any wrong doing, I am very sure bout it. I didn’t know meditation and yoga can lead to these kind of things. Never anticipated! Some of my friends telling, I have done mistake by chant.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is good that you are chanting Gayatri mantra daily, sitting on any asan. However, Gayatri mantra should be chanted along with its meaning then it gives more benefit in worship. Practice of Ashtang Yog is also a worship of God. It starts from five Yam, then five Niyam. If a person gets perfection in the said Yam, Niyam then asans are performed and so on i.e., Prannayam, Pratyahaar, Dharnna, Dhyan and Samadhi. However, if a devotee reaches at asan, prannayam stage and does it daily, continuously then also it starts to give some experiences within the body.

So, whatever you are feeling is not bad because it is totally harmless. It must also give you relief and some experience of divine pleasure, if not then you should continue your worship daily.

On padmasan sometimes, body of a devotee lifts above the ground and remains in the air for some time. I think, you have not experienced it, you must try hard to get the said experience by hard practice of Ashtang Yog and meditation of Gayatri mantra and Om. So, all your experiences are due to your worship which you are doing. You should continue your daily worship.

It should be noted, if you are not having any trouble out and instead you are experiencing even little bit divine pleasure then it is all O.K because if a devotee is doing practice of Ashtang Yog and recites Gayatri mantra and Om correctly, then he should be assured that there will be no harm in his worship.

In addition, I would advice you to do daily havan with Gayatri mantra which is also a worship of God. It will give you strength and inspiration to do worship. If you live nearby my daughter disciple then I will advice you to learn full procedure of Agnihotra from her. In case of any query, you may immediately write to me on this website.

Gopal: Swamiji Pranam, Could you please send me a copy of Manu Smriti?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are advised to make contact with M/S Vijay Kumar Hassanand, Nai Sadak, Delhi-110006. The website of M/S Vijay Kumar Hassanand is –