Jandardanan: My humble oblations to Swamiji. It is understood that as per vedic teaching, the human egg in mother’s body selectively choose (swayamvaram) one sperm from the father during the process of reproduction. It is also known that each sperm is having an atma in it. All the atma except “the one” selected by the mother’s egg perishes. What is the reason for this? Why God decides such a premature end to millions of atma in father’s secretion. Always remains at your feet.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Process of birth is eternal, natural and everlasting. So, it cannot be challenged and it is not even answerable. Because Vedic rules are always unchangeable, unchallengeable, beyond imagination etc. So, we respectfully accept the Vedic path which is for our happiness, benefit and welfare. Again, my blessings to you.

R: Pujya Guruji Maharaaj, Pranaam aur Charan Sparsh. Guruji maharaja our deepest gratitude and regards for being beacon of our life in all the tough and good times of life. Thanks for the countless blessings which your mere presence and direction in life has brought to us. On the occasion of Guru poornima we fondly remember you and the way you are shaping the life of many people in the globe.May god always keep you in good health. Your presence is like a diamond in our life extremely valuable.

Guruji maharaja I am discussing a personal problem of A which is troubling for past seven months. He had put on 51 kgs in the month of Jan which was alarming for him. With intense hard work and will power and certainly your and gods grace he has reduced to 31.5 Kg. But now he has the fear of weight gain seated deeply in heart and mind. This thought and fear he is not able to take it out from mind and heart. Every now and then he checks his weight. Morning he has coffee and two slice of bread/ two dosas. Lunch fruits /snacks from breakfast which advait does not eat. Lunch after coming from school is two chapatis vegetable and dal. Night also vegetable and two chapatis. Now he is ok but we are worried. He does not eat rice at all. His weight phobia and tab addiction is a problem. We have no success in persuading him to do so. So please kindly guide us how to mould him. I know its only you who can tackle him. Please guruji maharaj take us from this problem and guide A to become a good human being in life. He keeps starving.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you all, my daughter. You are always welcome, My daughter and I hope that you’ll follow eternal, Vedic path. I think, you must not worry about loving A’s case but bravely, patiently and happily face the problem. We must take medical advice for him because what Doctor will advise directly to A that advise, I think he will follow. In addition, he must also be taken to the nutritionist/dietician who will also advise him about right diet which he will also follow. He should also be asked to write to me to enable me to advise him directly. Again, my blessings to you and all, my daughter.