Sagar: SWAMIJI PRANAM!! Swamiji I realise that it is a deep secret of yogis which you gave me that while doing pranayam the tongue should touch the the upper part of the mouth above tongue and also in front of the point where the upper part of the teeth and the skin ends. Is that both should be performed in pranayam or also in name jaap? Swamiji please clear my doubt.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Both touches are not required in name jaap but better to touch the tongue with palate (upper roof of mouth). However, while doing prannayam, some Yogis touch the tongue with the back of upper teeth. While doing name jaap, tongue should touch palate only.

R: Pujya Guru ji Maharaj, Pranaam aur charan sparsh from all of us. Guru ji maharaj after coming from ashram, my son had appeared for admission test for a good school. He cleared with very good marks and got admission there. Guruji maharaj, regarding havan i have few doubts which I am sharing with you for guidance.

Morning time my husband does havan as i am busy in kitchen for preparing tiffins and b’fast for all. Evening around 3-30 pm I do, my husband generally comes late by 8/7 pm. Guruji maharaaj why grih kalah happens inspite of dsoing yogaabhyaas and agnihotra. How to overcome with prayers of suitable veda mantras for peace and harmony in havan. please kindly let me know the mantra.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my daughter.

You are doing well but still you’ll have to try to perform hawan daily, both times, as per Samveda mantra 14. It will give you 100% benefit.

I congratulate and send my good wishes for loving son A for getting admission in D.P.S. and also for securing good marks.

Yogabhyas and agnihotra is an eternal i.e., true worship of God and we daily get good result for the same and result is pasted on our chitta (faculty which receives knowledge from five senses and passes the same intellect is called Chitta and Chitta stores the effect of various karmas to be faced by soul in future at a proper time). The said effect protects us and enables us to follow true path to destroy all our previous lives’ deeds and to attain salvation because our worship is not enough to clear all the deeds, as a result, some deeds create griha kalah etc. But an aspirant, at this juncture should be brave to tackle the situation bravely and happily, only knowledge enables us to face such situation happily. We must always be polite and bear happily all the criticism etc. One day, everything will be O.K. So one must be learned to face all the situations of family bravely and happily and politely while cooperating with others.