Anonymous: 2. I want to ask is Sanyaas compulsory in Vedas. I believe only very few people have capability of this and I am not one of them. Family is something I cant live without.

3. I am not married. I want to ask Is loving wife and spending good time with her and having romantic talks allowed in Vedas

4. Is talking to wife before marriage to know her better allowed
Swami Ram Swarup: (2)As per Atharvaved there are four ashrams

(a) Brahmacharya (b) Grihasth (c) Vanprasth (d) Sanyaas ashram and all are required to be adopted. Sanyaas is taken at the age of 75 years or if an aspirant becomes ascetic. Nowadays, the said preach of Atharvaved is not held in human life. Yes, sanyasi should be capable to have vedic preach and especially he should be ascetic who has controlled all his senses and perceptions by mean of studying vedas, performing daily Yajyen with ved mantras, doing practice of Ashtang Yog etc. otherwise ,sanyasi becomes a cheater. So sanyaas should not be taken until sanyasi as held divine vedic preaches in his daily life.

3.Yes, pure hearted love between the couple is not a sin but it is pious deed allowed by God in vedas.

4.Yes, talking to the girl who is to be married with you is allowed but before marriage the heart should not be given by anybody.

MC: Pranam Swamiji. Aap theek hae na Swamiji? Swamiji if things like greed for money , fame, pride etc. are causing hindrances in doing worship of God. Then what to do?
Swami Ram Swarup: Mera aapko ashirwad beta. Han! Beta, main theek hoon. Name jaap of God, daily agnihotra and time to time offering aahuti at the residence of Acharya and yogabhyaas must always be continued and let the hindrance come. This process one day will destroy all the hindrances.