Prabhat: Pujya Swamiji – Sadar Charan Sparsh – Bahut Bahut Dhanyavaad I now understand what you had said. I would also like to say Guruji that I am also vegetarian and I was not negating
it, I just wanted to say that:
1.) If we keep aside the issue of meat / mutton by Shree Swami Vivekanand in a distant perspective, then what?
So Gurujee you have already answered this now and to ask for forgiveness from me on this issue, is *NOT* at all required. We respect you and it will bring shame for me, if I did something like this to upset you. So please do not ask for forgiveness as I am younger than you and perhaps immature too.
Also for second point wherein you say this:
2.) I offered the book and that is also free of cost keeping in view that the book is totally based on present Vedanta and eternal philosophy of Vedas i.e., traitwad and I am very-2 sorry that my offer hurt your heart.
No Swamiji No, your offer did not hurt my heart. I was declining the offer because I am not ready to read the book yet – partially because I am short on time and also because I am lazy. So when I am ready I will definitely call on your offer. So please forgive me…it was perhaps a misunderstanding.
Once again I beg for your wishes to me and my family for healthy and happy life and also for sad-buddhi so that we can fight any trouble with ease.
Regards, Prabhat
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear son, my blessings to you for a long, happy life. You are always welcome please.

Ankit: Danyawad swami ji I am following these thing like ashtang yog and regular exercise and parnayam and I am also vegetarian. I want to know about daily mental exercise like there are many mind games in smart phone to increase iq level or cognitive functioning does there is any mental exercise according to veda which help in increase mental power.
Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection, I paste one of my answers:-

According to Vedas, one must do daily havan, practice of Ashtang Yog and name jaap of God. Daily morning walk and light exercise is also necessary. One must always be vegetarian. One must go to bed early and rise early from the bed. One should also listen to Vedic philosophy. The said pious act will increase IQ and EQ.