Vivek: Swami ji parnam, Swami ji hum moksh kase pa sakte hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
Attaining salvation
The way to attain salvation is also mentioned by Almighty God in Vedas. So he who studies Vedas from a learned acharya, does daily Yajyen, name jaap and ashtang yoga practice, becomes entitled to get salvation. So one should immediately take shelter of learned acharya of Vedas for the same.

Lalit: Atharvaveda mantra 6/8/1 Wife should be dependent on husband just as a creeper completely depends on the tree. Does this mean that a married girl can not work according to the Vedas, if yes than in today’s world it would be very difficult for educated girls to accept the Vedas. It also seems a little demeaning to women.
Swami Ram Swarup: No doubt the laws of Vedas are unchangeable that is why only a capable person holds the laws. You know, nowadays, people are not aware of the facts of the Vedas, reason behind that they are not habitual to listen to Vedas. You know without listening how a person would be able to know and follow the teachings of the Vedas and hence the problem. After Mahabharat war, i.e., before 5,300 years people have left the Vedic path and as said in Tulsikrit Ramayan in uttrakand, mentioned below mostly the people have made their own path.


Meaning:- Due to attachment and illusion, people do not follow the eternal path of Vedas, which leads to acquisition of ascetism and true knowledge. On the contrary, people have made their own parts as per their suitability and interest. The suitability and interest is actually called “Attachment”.

So , how a lady would be able to follow the preach of the Vedas that she should be dependent on her husband just as creeper depends on tree? The fundamental laws of Vedas would only be followed by those who are learned of Vedas –both husband and wife. But those who are not aware of the teachings of Vedas, usually their target is ‘money’ . They can’t minimize their worldly desires. Moreover, in some situations the family is so poor that naturally first of all they would try to earn the money to live upon.

However, such all above situations are based on the previous result of good and bad deeds which we’ve to face in present life. I mean to say, even the Vedas tell that if a poor family also spares the time to listen to Vedas and do hawan then, it means they are elevating themselves to get the better human birth in rich family after death and the family members would get more and more facilities to do Yajyen and yogabhayas and lady would then not require to earn the money. So one would have to make him/her entitled to follow the path of Vedas in the present life by all means, so as to get better rebirth and also to attain salvation there. Otherwise, one will have to face the sorrows by taking birth in living beings other than humans.

Aditya: When would I get good job & position in my kife span?
Swami Ram Swarup: As you know, this all is always in the hands of Almighty God Parmatma. But God helps those who help themselves. So, I am sure that you‘ve been doing hard work to seek the job. It depends on your hard working and pious deeds. One should worship God daily to get His blessings in every matter. Good job, education, richness, happiness etc., is the result of previous life’s pious deeds and present life’s hard working, dedication, devotion, hardworking, honesty etc. And in this life one should always also do real worship of God to finish the obstacles if any which may be due to previous life’s bad deeds. So worship is always required along with hard working, devotion, dedication towards right path to get progress in the life.

I pray to God to fulfill your desire soon. Also, please chant Gayatri mantra daily and do hawan with Gayatri mantra daily both times. In the end of hawan, please pray to God to fulfill your desires. I hope God will sure listen to you.

Dr. Arya: It is said that man should keep ‘auj’ inside the body during brahamcharya. What about girls?
Swami Ram Swarup: The Vedic law of maintaining Brahamcharya is applicable to both i.e., man and woman because the knowledge is given to the soul and not to the body and accordingly soul gets pious result of worship and salvation whereas body is burnt on pyre and does not get pious result or salvation.