XYZ: Guruji sader charan sparsh.Mera question ye hai kijaise kai log jo ashram aate hai jab koi bda yajan kerwate hai unme se kai log aap ko tilak lagate hai aur yajan k bad neeche aa ker dusro pe jabardasti mathe pe lagate hai .Kya unka aaise jabardasti lagana jayaz hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Beta, maine tilak lagane aur mujhe haar pehnaane ke liye sabko manaa kiya hai aur pichchley kareeb tees saal se manaa kar raha hoon. Phir bhi 1-2 shraddhalu mujhe kewal vyas Pooja par tilak lagaate hain ya haar pehnaate hain. Haar pehanna to bekaar hai parantu tilak lagaane mein koi burai nahi hai kyunki chandan ka tilak naadiyon ko thandak pahuchata hai jo swasthya ke liye laabhdayak hai. Han! Is sey bhakti ka koi len den nahi hai aur zabardatee kisi ko na tilak lagaana chahiye na haar pehnana chahiye.

Rashmi: Respected Guruji Mahraaj pranaam and chran sparsh, Guruji mahraaj my son was sharing with me his opinion . He was telling me asking me why all non vegetarian people do well . He was giving his friends example. He is vegetarian, Everyday gets up by 5 15 in morning takes bath and at sharp 5 30 generally do havan and after that go to school. Actually schools culture is totally opposite what should i say i really feel sad. I know at times it becomes difficult for him.Guruji he gets tired too He gets up by 0515 , goes to school at 7 and back by 2 30 after noon. Again at 4:20 in evening he leaves for akaash and comes back by 9 at night. Can he lie down for 1/2 an hour in afternoon once he comes back from school with your permission. He goes for runs in evening also 4 km . Please guide me in this regard.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my daughter. Beti, you know that according to Rigved mantra 10/135/1,2, the human body has been provided by God to face the result of good and bad deeds of our previous lives and the deeds which we have been doing now in the present life, will have to be faced in the future births. So, the people who are taking non-veg are treated by God according to the said mantra. School culture is totally opposite because in the schools vedas are not taught and students and staff of school have also not listened Vedas. You know knowledge is only gained when it is given by somebody.

Why not beti, I have already preached that everybody can take rest in daytime after taking lunch or any time but only for 20-25 minutes, not more than that. Secondly, every student must strictly follow Brahmacharya and one day if he works hard whole day, he will never feel exertion etc.