Bipin: Param pujaya Guruji, our charan sparsh & dandawat pranam at your pious feet. Guruji, hope you will be fine and in good health. With your blessings we all are fine. We were fortunate to attend Annual yajyen and it was divine pleasure to listen Vedas from you and giving ahutis with Samved/Atharvved mantras. During period of our participation I had noted major points/synopsis from vedic preach and knowledge given by you. As you have said knowledge of Vedas will be in vain if we do not implement it in our life, so we will keep this in our mind and
implement it. I thought to put these synopses here so that it will be useful to the readers.
– Ishwar (GOD) is Som. If we do vedic worship etc. then Som also starts entering in us i.e. we start experiencing Sukh/Anand.
– Always try to control kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ninda etc. else Ishwar does not become happy with us. Observe yourself every day to be away from sin.
– Keep full faith in Guru, just follow his teachings & instructions.
– Yajyen gives punya which is more than wealth of three lokas. Do maximum yajyen in presence of Brahma (Rishi).
– Always avoid Rag, Dwesh and love every one.
– Whatever Vedas we speak/read, must be implemented in our life.
– Never make your mother, father and Guru unhappy. Always speak to them softly. Never insult them.
– Always seek advice of your Guru for problems of family life, questions of science-knowledge, spiritual and do not fight it alone.
– Keep away from Ahar/Nidra/Bhay/Maithun and do maximum worship of Ishwar.
– Those who do not do Dan, Sewa (Donate/service), Annaa (Food) its them.
– Ishwar first created Food (grain, fruits etc.) then He created Human beings.
– Who gives us birth is mother and who nurses is father. So Ishwar is our Mother and Father.
– Ishwar is purest. So his name cannot be chanted keeping dirt in ourselves. i.e. we must keep our self away from sins of Kam, Krodh etc.
– Always use sweet language/ be soft spoken (Hamesha miti vani bole).
– Shree Ram was Shruti Path Palak i.e. he always followed Vedas in his life.
– Ishwar says to human being why you didn’t do yajyen with Learned.
– Ishwar says why you made my earth dirty. Also we must keep ourselves pure mentally and physically.
– Ishwar says do yajyen and I will protect you.
– Ahuti & Daan (to Rishi) never goes in vain.
– Ishwar says to us that you are eating my given food but then why not worship me (i.e we will be selfish if He eat his given food but do not worship Him as stated by GOD Himself in His Vedas).
– In Yajyen everything, every matter becomes Ishwarmay.
– Everything is in vain without Guru. Only after Diksha from Guru second birth is obtained and thereafter punya of Ahutis are obtained and each deed of family life becomes punyamay.
– Birth of a Rishi is a rare happening for human being. This is because Vedas knowledge is given by Ishwar only once in the beginning when He creates this earth but later on until final destruction of this universe, this knowledge is given by Rishi-Muni.
– Family responsibility is our moral duty but aim of our life is to obtain Ishwar i.e. Moksh only.
– Our body is given to face deeds of our previous lives. Soul has to experience pain vide disease, cold, heat etc. through this human body.
– In Yajyen one must pray to his Guru to forgive his sins and should take oath not to repeat it in rest of his life.
– Like frog, person should go in lonely place and do Sadhna, to obtain knowledge and then to come back.
– Always do manan/chintan (give deep thoughts) of Vedas.
– To stop and control mind & five senses is as difficult as to stop air from blowing but one must always try hard to control it.
– To move towards vairagya by firm decision, daily Abhyas/Nam Jaap/Swadhyay etc.
– Oh Ishwar, I can give up everything but cannot give up you Ved wani.
– Only our pious deeds will come with us on our death.
– Senses can be controlled only by Sadhna.
– Do so much Sadhna and vedic worship that you get your next birth ..
– Knowledge of Vedas is beyond our mind and perception since its knowledge is endless like Ishwar.
– Never insult/disrespect a Rishi else GOD punishes.
– In Vedic yug of that time King and their people used to serve Rishi. They used to protect Rishi-Muni even by
sacrificing their life so that life of Rishi is protected and thereby knowledge of Vedas does not become rare.
– That nation gets destroyed in which Rishi is insulted.
– Rigved mandal 12 states that Ishwhar punishes severely to those who insults Rishi-Muni.
– Without Gurukupa, Ishwar krupa is not obtained.

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my son. I’ve read your synopsis and I appreciate it. Again, my blessings to you.