R K: Gopalsahstranam takes 15 minutes to complete. How can I complete 108 of them in one night?
Swami Ram Swarup: Thanking you and My blessings to you. I am sorry that in the matter of Gopalsahstranaam, I am unknown, please. Reason being that said worship is not mentioned in Vedas. Vedas only tell to worship a formless, omnipresent, omniscient God who creates, nurses, destroys and again creates the universe. At the beginning of the creation, God Himself produces the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis. So, the Vedas are authentic. However, you may go ahead at your own consulting the matter with the local pandit/Purohit. Again my blessings to you.

Lalit: Swamiji your analysis regarding astrology needs more justification that it does not have any existence. There are people who have given their entire life studying and practicing astrology and some of them are very simple men and they dont even charge money. There are astrologers who predict very accurately, is this not prataksh praman .Please elaborate because it is a concern for many and maximum queries to you are regarding astrology
Swami Ram Swarup: I always tell about the present astrology which does not tally with the Vedas. Yet a person who believes in the present astrology, he may go ahead. In this connection, I would like to tell you that at the beginning of the creation, God Himself produces the knowledge of four Vedas in the heart of four Rishis. So, the Vedas are authentic. However, you may go ahead at your own consulting the matter with the local pandit/Purohit/jyotisha. Fundamental of the ancient Rishis like Vyasmuniji, Kapil Muni, Patanjali Rishi etc., is –
That is, to come to the truth, Ved mantra’s proof and proof of present Rishi-Muni who knows the meaning of Ved mantra is required. i.e., to reach at the truth the following proofs are required.

To know that what is true and what is false, proof is required. Yog shastra in sutra 1/7 says about four proofs within which proof of Vedas to determine the truth is compulsory. However, it makes no difference that if a present saint has learnt four Vedas, done ashtang yoga practice mentioned in Vedas and realized Vedas and God, then he is also next to God.

How to determine truth/reach at a conclusion
Samveda mantra 350 states (SHUDDAN) pure (SAMNA) chanting of Samveda (SHUDDHAI UKTHAIHI) by purest ved mantras (VA VRIDHVANGSAM) Almighty (SHUDDHAM) the purest (INDRAM) God (STAVAN) worship/praise (SHUDDHAI) by the purest mantras, the God (NU) soon (ASHIRVAAN) showers blessings and (MAMATTU) becomes happy.

Meaning- The mantra states that Oh! Aspirant, chant Samveda and by its purest Ved mantras worship the purest God, so that He may bless us and soon become happy on us.

Similarly, Yajurveda mantra 40/8 states that God is (SHUDDHAM) the purest (APAAPVIDDHAM ) never faces any kind of sin, (AKAYA) formless.

The deep consideration of the said mantras reveals that God is formless and always remains the purest. The consideration of the subject “creation” would also reveal that God is the Lord of prakriti and souls. Illusion originates from Prakriti which never effects God, He being the purest.

This proves the fact that the knowledge of all four Vedas which emanates direct from God is also the purest having originated from the purest God.

Secondly, Atharvaveda mantra 4/30/3 and Yajurveda mantra 40/7 state that a Rishi/Yogi who is learned of Vedas and after practising Ashtang Yoga, has realised God then God tells that “I Myself make him Brahmin, Rishi providing him with purest divine mind.” So Rishis are those who have realised Almighty God as well as have seen the meaning and idea of the ved mantras within them in Samadhi that is why, the Rishis are called – Mantradrishta Iti Rishi. That is why, Patanjali Rishi in Yog Shastra Sutra quoted above states that Rishi is also the purest due to his said hard Tapasya. So he also never tells a lie, so the writings and views of the Rishis in the shape of holy books, like the books quoted above, are also accepted as authentic.


Therefore we must accept the above eternal facts to determine the truth. It means at present also, any view or any statement in the present book are considered true if it tallies with Vedas and the books written by Rishis, otherwise not this eternal tradition was adopted in the ancient times. As a result, the public mostly remained away from illusion.

Shradha on Vedas
Vedas, Shastras, upnishads and even Geeta tell about shradha= Shrat +Dha. ‘Shrat’ means eternal truth. ‘Dha’ means to hold. So blind faith is not shradha or Vishwas. Nighantu, Nirukta and Nyaye Shastra etc., state that after studying Vedas, discussion ensues between Acharya and followers to reach at truth. So if I start preach in Bhagwa dress or any dress quoting myself as Guru and talk against the Vedas, then my preach is not to be considered a true one and is not required to have shradha or vishwas on the same.

Secondly, according to Yog shastra Sutra 1/7 and Sankhya Shastra sutra 1/52, Vedas are considered as self-proof. So if anyone states his views or gives pravachan etc., which does not tally with Vedas, that pravachan etc., is not considered true and not accepted by learned. However, nowadays, people are not aware of the eternal knowledge of Vedas and are thus indulged in any type of worship etc. So they can go ahead if they are satisfied.

(1) Geeta Shloka 3/15 states Vedas emanate direct from God.
(2) Sankhya Shastra Sutra 5/48 states Vedas emanate direct from God.
(3) In Shantiparv Bheeshma Pitamaha states to Yudhishthir that Vedas emanate from God.
(4) Yog Shastra, Nyaye Shastra and all Upanishads state that Vedas emanate from God.
(5) Mahabharat states that Vedas emanate from God.
(6) Ancient Nirukta and Nighantu granths written by Yaska Muni states that Vedas emanate from God.

That is all ancient books written by Mantradrishta rishis state that Vedas emanate direct from God.

Valmikiji in first sarg of Valmiki Ramayan states that Sri Ram was follower of Vedas.

Tulsi das in his Ramayan states: SHRUTI PATH PALAK DHARAM DHURANDER i.e., Sri Ram was follower of Vedas. Manusmriti states that Vedas emanate from God.

In Yagyavalkya Smriti, Yagyavalkya Rishi states to his wife ‘Maitraye’ that Vedas emanate direct from God.

Shri Guru Granth Sahib states: “VED OMKAR NIRMAYA” that is knowledge of Vedas emanates direct from God, at the beginning of the earth.

Yet, I say that every body is free to choose any path if he is satisfied in the same. So Vedas are self-proof and hundred percent true as God is hundred percent true.

Study of all four Vedas reveals that matter of present astrology does not exist in Vedas. However, the astrology mentioned in the Vedas relates to ashtang yoga Philosophy. So, if somebody has faith in present astrology I again tell that he may go ahead but if question on the said matter will be put before me then I will also tell that the said matter does not exist in Vedas.

So if the astrologer whose calculation is correct and is related to Vedas they are true. If not related to Vedas then question mark arises. However, theses are my personal views and views according to eternal philosophy of Vedas and those of ancient Rishi-munis for which nobody can be forced to accept.