RJ: I have too many problems in life for the last 5 years. Please guide. Here spiritual leaders charge a lot of money.

RJ: I have too many problems in life for the last 5 years. Please guide. Here spiritual leaders charge a lot of money.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Life always does not remain constant/stable. We have to face the result of our own previous lives’ deeds- good and bad in the shape of happiness and sorrows respectively. So, to get permanent peace, one has to worship God according to the eternal knowledge of Vedas which emanates from Almighty God at the beginning of creation. In this Vedic path there must not be extraction of charges. That is why, it is said that spiritualism has been made professional as a result people are far away from peace inspite of the worship/Bhakti which is mostly seems to be against the Vedas.

Secondly, God has blessed us (souls) with human body to perform Yajyen, to do name jaap and worship etc. to continue the said path everybody needs money. Therefore money and family life are earned to do worship. So if we will not get the time of worship then sure we will be doing sins.

There are three types of deeds (karmas) – sanchit, prarabhadh and kriyamann. Suppose one soul has to take birth (body). It means he has to face total number of deeds of his all previous lives and these deeds are called sanchit karmas but sanchit deeds are huge/unlimited and cannot be faced in one life. So the karmas which can be faced in one life are called prarabhadh (luck-destiny). So God has not made our luck at His own but Almighty God has taken the deeds which we have already done.

Yajurveda mantra 7/48 clarifies that human being is free to do any deed good or bad but God only awards the result. Now the balance deeds from sanchit deeds will be counted in the next life. Now the deeds which we do in our day today present life are called kriyamann.

If we do pious deeds according to Vedas, shastras and holy books and based on pious preaches of Rishi, Muni/learned saints then our all sanchit deeds are burnt and we can get salvation. Human beings are free in the matter of doing deeds good or bad. But result will be awarded by God. So we must worship and do pious deeds under guidance of a learned Guru. One should go always ahead for hard working, pious deeds, worship to make future bright himself. One should always work hard towards a right path.

Worship does not mean that we are free to discharge only our family duties, education, etc., but rather it is a sin. We have to get progress in both way at a time i.e., spiritualism and worldly progress i.e., science, education, duties towards family etc. God creates the universe according to His eternal law framed in Vedas which are always unchangeable and unchallengeable. So we have to follow the law of God always to get long happy life.

So, we should never worry but we must seek the path to overcome the problems. God state in Vedas that two tasks have to be done to achieve success as well as happiness.
1) Real worship- we should listen to Vedas, do daily havan even with gayatri mantra, do name jaap of God and if possible yoga practice, all under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedas. While doing havan, one should daily pray to Almighty God to obliterate his problems. If you know hindi then I can send you my book containing the procedure to perform yajyen.
The said pious action will burn the effect of previous lives’ bad deeds and give good result to remove difficulties/problems. This is the eternal law of God. Otherwise, the problem will only end after the stipulated time awarded by God which may be harmful. So to finish the problems early, one should follow true path.
2) Pious deed is “continuous hard working” in all circumstances. Because you also know well that God helps those who help themselves. So keeping away from any depression, tension and laziness etc., one should always work hard otherwise problems will not be solved. So mere prayer or worship will never solve the purpose. Goal is achieved when a person does hard work and does daily worship as quoted above. Only then the God listens and removes the obstacles. Some books written by me will be sent if you so desire on receipt of your postal address.

Dr. Harish Arya: When I sit to recite the name of God at that time there is ischemia in my legs what should I do for this?
Swami Ram Swarup: To remove the ischemia, first of all you should seek medical advice immediately. Long morning walk, light exercises, skipping or swimming will be beneficial for you please. In addition daily massage from a massage specialist will also be beneficial.

Dr. Harish Arya: How can we assess our need for sleep?
Swami Ram Swarup: In young age, 6 hours sleep, after 40 years of age, 5 hours sleep and in old age even 4 hours of sleep daily is required for a healthy man. Secondly, the sleep is a chitta vritti which can be controlled by a Yogi for which a long method is required to be learnt.

Anonymous: I have been practicing Yam and Niyam for 3years. Now I have controlled much more myself except the celibacy. At least 15days back I started to concentrate on mudra after studying your book “yoga” what you have sent to me. So I am feeling nowadays a silence in nature. First of all I was chatter box. Is it really happens with people or not?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is good you are practising Yam and Niyam i.e., Two first stages of ashtang yoga. Then you must also exercise control on celibacy. Then really a resolution will come in your life, to get more and more benefit. Now, you should also learn asan and Prannayam. Thereafter the mudra would give you 100% benefit. Yet, you are enjoying which is also a great achievement by you.

Dr. Harish Arya: How can I become Braham giyani through this yoga? It is the question from my friend.
Swami Ram Swarup: Brahma Gyani means the knowledge of Ved mantras and then after practising yajyen, name jaap and ashtang yoga Philosophy, the realisation of Almighty God.
So first of all, a man can be a Brahma Gyani if he listens and learns Vedas carefully.

Alok Sadana: Aadarniya Swami ji, where can I find the Surya Mantra in your site for reciting “Aditya Hridaya Stotra?”
Swami Ram Swarup: In Vedas, there is no surya mantra, please. However, the following mantra is there- “SURYO JYOTIR JTYOTIHI SURYAHA SWAHA” .In the above mantra, the meaning of Surya is Almighty God who is the form of unlimited light and gives light to sun and other planets as well.

Sundar: I have the following questions. a. Are there different souls in each human being or there is only one soul in all human beings?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, please. There are different souls in not only human beings but all living beings, quality, nature, form being the same. For example there are many stars in the sky but mostly their qualities and nature is the same. Therefore souls are innumerable but their number is constant. That is why, every soul according to his own deeds gets living body.

Sundar: b. In vedas, it has been told from mind everything arises, the universe etc…Is there only one mind from which everything arises or there are so many minds? Because I can see so many people in this universe with different thoughts…that means there are lot of minds?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. From mind everything does not arise. After the period of final destruction, when God starts creation then a power of Almighty God works in non- alive prakriti with the result the first matter of the creation is created in the shape of mind (buddhi) then from mind(buddhi) , Ahankar, panch tan matrayein , panch mahabhoot and then sun, moon i.e., every matter of the universe comes into existence.

Sundar: c.What is Atma? Is it soul? Is everything Atma? If everything is atma, is a stone atma, is a electric fan atma, is a tubelight atma? Is a tree atma? Is water atma? Is air atma?
Swami Ram Swarup: Atma consists of two meanings according to situation. For example when it is said that atma takes birth, then it means soul and when it is said that atma is Almighty and creates universe, then it means Almighty God. It is usually told nowadays that everything is atma which is false and not possible being against the Vedas. In Vedas, there are three eternal matters Almighty God, prakriti and souls. Almighty God and souls are alive matters whereas prakriti is non –alive matter. From Prakriti, all the matters of universe are created. But neither from God nor soul any matter is created. Soul can never be God being unchangeable and God can also never be soul being unchangeable. Soul due to the attraction towards prakriti is indulged in illusion and forgets his original form of immortal peace, purity etc. and has to face the birth and death again and again.

But Almighty being the commander of the souls and prakriti, is never attracted towards prakriti. He always remains purified. So, God cannot forget his original form and is never indulged in any kind of illusion. Therefore, everything like tree, tube light, stone, electric fan are made of prakriti and hence can never be God.

Sundar: d. Is “I” an illusion? Everybody says “I”… are there so many “I’ or only one “I”. If “I” is an illusion then what is the purpose of this life and world?
Swami Ram Swarup: ‘I’ ‘he’ ‘you’, ‘they’ mean souls please which has been briefed above.

Sundar: Is there “I” in an animal or stone? If they speak will they say “I”?
Swami Ram Swarup: I is soul and soul gets body of animals etc., according to his previous lives’ deeds. Soul gets salvation if he follows the Vedic path.

Raj Bhalla: I am going to ask you a very odd question. There are so many poor people in India who cannot afford to have milk daily leave alone Desi Ghee. Rigveda says that the purpose of Ghee in Yajna is to augment the fire. My question to you is this, can these poor peole use Dalda Ghee or Sanrson Ka Oil in place of Desi Ghee in Yajna? Hope you do not mind answering this.
Swami Ram Swarup: Purpose of ghee is not only to augment the fire but its atom connected to air and ray of light of sun goes in space, they create timely rain as well. Other benefits are also there. It is stated in Vedas that when a person will perform agnihotra daily, then automatically his earning will increase and he will no more remain poor. However, Agnihotra can be performed with Dalda and sarson oil as well but not give 100% good result as is received by pure ghee especially cow’s milk ghee.

Mahesh: I got your reply. I am thankful you replied. You replied that a Yogi can fly as well. What I have to do to be a yogi?
Swami Ram Swarup: A Yogi can fly when he attains Samadhi and has full control over Udyan bandh. Yes, it is good that you are ready to learn and do real worship of God according to Vedas. Perhaps, you are away from me, I do not know your locality. You must make contact locally with a learned acharya of Vedas. You must listen to Vedas and know the process of performing havan daily. You must also know how to do the name jaap of God daily. Thereafter, you will have to make contact with Yogi to learn ashtang Yoga Philosophy. Then only you will be able to fulfill your desire, in this life or may be in next, please.

D: How does one get rid of bad thoughts in mind? I am trying to follow the right path of havan, meditation, etc.
Swami Ram Swarup: Wrong thoughts come due to effect of previous lives’ bad deeds. But you should not worry for the same because you do daily havan, name- jaap and services to your acharya. So the effect of bad thoughts will be removed soon. My blessings are always with you and your family.

Raj Bhalla: Swami Ji, Parnam Among the 33 Devs, you mention Nakshtre, Prajpati and Indra. Can you please tell me what are they?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. 33 devtas are:- 8 vasus- agni, prithvi, vaayu, jal, antriksh, aditya (surya), chandrma, nakshtra (stars which emit light), 11 Rudra- Prann, Apaan, Vyan, Samaan, Udan, Naag, korma, krikal, Devdutt, Dananjaye and jeevatma (soul). 12 Aditya – i.e, Twelve months. 32nd is Indra i.e., electric discharge in clouds (lightening/vidyut). 33rd is Prajapati which means Yajyen.

Sachin Garale: Pranam and Thanks, After going through your answers. I have few more doubts
1) Understand that as per Vedas, to know eternal law, we have to performs Yajna, does jaap (according to Vedas) and practises Ashtang Yoga Philosophy while remaining in family.
Is it really feasible in practical?. I would like to know more abt jaap (according to vedas)? Which naam we should chant while doing jaap and why?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. (1) Yes, please. The worship quoted in your question is feasible in family life as well as practically. All ancient rishis, Sri Ram, Sri Krishna also continued practice in family life. Gayatri mantra must be chanted daily along with its meaning and hawan with Gayatri mantra is also necessary. Jaap of God’s name i.e., ‘Om’ must be practiced daily both times. However, the said knowledge must be gained from a learned acharya in person.

Sachin Garale: 2) As per vedas, God is formless and there are no avtars. Then, who are Rama , Krishna, Shiv, Brahmha? Are they false identity or our Religious books are giving wrong handover to peoples or some peoples are misguiding us? If he is formless, then how can we pray for him? By which name, by which nam mantra?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sri Ram, Sri Krishna , Shivji Maharaj also took birth and also did the above quoted worship i.e., study of Vedas from acharya , Name jaap, practice of Ashtang yoga and became equivalent to God but not God. Avtarwad is not possible please. In this connection, please read the article on Avtarwad.

Formless, Almighty God has shown the eternal path of prarthna (prayer), stuti (praise) and Upasana (worship). In Vedas, God has told that he who performs Yajyen with Ved mantras, he automatically does prayer, stuti and upasana. Yajyen is the best pious deed and worship of God say the Vedas.

Sachin Garale: 3) What is importance of word “OM”? Is it name of Amighty God?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, Om is the best name of Almighty God, say Vedas. OM has three Hindi words. Aa,Uu and Ma. Aa is meant for Aakaar from which three names of God are built, Viraat, Agni and Vishwadi. From Uu= uukaar from which Hirnyagarbh, Vaayu and tejas names occurs and Ma = makaar from which Ishwar, Aditya and Praajyan aadi, holy names of God occurs. Rig ved mantra 1/164/ 46 says the God is one but His names are several. But here only the said names are given. Viraat means he who creates the universe. Therefore His name is Viraat.

Agni means he who is knowledgeable, omniscient, to be known and adorable. Therefore His name is Agni. Vishw means in whose the space, fire etc., i.e., all bhoots are entering or he who is in all these bhootas and is omnipresent. So His name is Vishw. Hirnyagarbh means in whose these sun, moon i.e., dyulok reside and originated i.e., why His name is Hirnyagarbh. Vaayu means by which the universe is held , gives lives and destroy and is the supreme power, that is why His name is Vaayu. Tej means who is a shape of light Himself, i.e., God does not take light from anywhere else. But gives light to sun, moon, stars etc., So the unbroken, unconstrcted/unproduced and eternal shape of light is Almighty God and not sun, moon, stars, candle or any lamp of the world or any light of the world. Because all these lights are broken one day, but not God. Ishwar means who and whose knowledge is always a never dying truth and who has unlimited pleasure or merriment in Him. Aditya means who can not be broken in to pieces and thus cannot be destroyed. So His name is Aditya. Praajyan means He who knows the every manner and behave of whole of the universe without misunderstandings. So His name is Praajyan.

Gisele Beaupre: How do people live in Ved Mandir? I am not sure what is going to happen with the oil and food crisis at this point in time. There are so many doomsday predictions surround the year 2012. I am not sure where I want to be if the whole world collapses. I just had an accident and my hands and arms kept falling asleep. So lately I have had a lot of body work done with a massage therapist and a chiropractor. Why and how did you get early retirement from the service? Did you serve only in India? Why do you call enlightenment “merriment?” Family attachment is very difficult to deal with. How did you handle it? Did you run away from home?
Swami Ram Swarup: In Ved Mandir, people come and are adjusted within Ved Mandir. Here, the women, girls stay separately and gents stay separately. Boarding and lodging is always free here. World will not collapse for very long years to come, then what to talk about 2012. As regards food, we must not worry for the same because he who follows the Vedic path and worships the God and does hard working, he is helped by Almighty God always. Only worry to continue your daily worship and hard working then no doubt, the result which is always in the hands of Almighty God will sure be good.

To avoid body parts being numb, please take medical advice and continue practice of ashtang yoga Philosophy immediately. Only massage will do nothing please.

I served for 26 years in Government and then got premature retirement willingly. My job was not to fight on the border in army but was restricted to office work. I did electrical engineering. Yes, I have served only in India. Merriment means divine merriment please. So in realization of God, all Yogis experience “divine pleasure/merriment” and not worldly.
The earth is a stage, we all are actors doing drama on the stage and our producer and director is Almighty God. The drama is actually based on our previous lives’ deeds. Regular worship as quoted above can only burn our previous lives’ deeds including attachment etc. I never tried to run away from my home but still I am discharging my moral duties towards my family.

Raj Bhalla: Parnam. What is meant by Anta Karana? Is it the mind? It is stated in the Vedas that when the Anta Karana is purified, Almighty God lives there.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Antakaran-mann (mind), buddhi (intellect) Chitta Vritti {(faculty which receives knowledge from five senses and passes the same intellect is called Chitta and Chitta stores the effect of various karmas to be faced by soul in future at a proper time), Ahankar( feeling of one’s own existence). So by studying Vedas, performing Yajyen , name jaap of God and Ashtang Yoga practice, the Antakaran is purified.

Rohit: My family worships a particular avtar only. I want to take diksha but I want to worship the same avtar.
Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection, I can only say that Vedas do not agree with Avtarwad. Vedas state only to worship God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe, who is omnipresent, omniscient, Almighty and formless. He is eternal. However, you are free to worship at your own.

Mukesh: I have no interests in other things in lives including gossips. I want to meet God and get ATMASAKCHATKAR. What should I do?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Your views are appreciated please. The knowledge to worship the God is actually given by an acharya, personally. However, you are first advised to read some of my spiritual books based on Vedas. It will help you a lot. You are a student, so the books will be sent to you free of cost on receipt of your postal address. Please also state if you know Hindi language since the books are both in Hindi and English. After studying the books, you can again send your queries daily if you want.

Amit Kumar: What is cosmic mind and Hiranyagarbha?
Swami Ram Swarup: The hindi meaning of cosmic is ‘which relates to worldly affairs’. So cosmic mind means the mind which is indulged in worldly affairs, i.e., such minds donot have the time to gain the spiritual knowledge. “Hirannyagarbha” means “light” i.e., “form of divine light” i.e., Almighty God because God is formless and is a “form of own light”.

Shaveta: I want to become wife of Sri Krishna. I want to talk everytime about him but I have problem of job.
Swami Ram Swarup: Our eternal culture is knowledge of four Vedas which emanates direct from Almighty God. Our ancient Rishis studied Vedas, did Yajna, name jaap and hard practice of ashtang yoga, with the result, they realised God and further they wrote six shastras, upnishads, Mahabharat (Bhagwad Geeta), Valmiki Ramayan, Nighantu, Shatpath Brahmin Granth, etc.

The entire said culture taught about the worship of only one formless God who is Almighty, omnipresent, creates, nurses and destroys the universe. Nobody has told about such worship (Bhakti) where a lady or man should marry Yogeshwar Krishna. Yogesjhwar Krishna was a great yogi who also studied Vedas and did Yajyen, name jaap and hard practice of Ashtang yoga along with Rishis. They were great Brahamcharis despite being in family life. Since they were never interested in experiencing the destructive/false/transitional enjoyment generated by senses, perceptiond and mind. He had full control over his senses. That is why, he was called a great Yogeshwar. Learned acharyas have never found any reference that Sri Krishna Maharaj did raasleela with any gopi or went to a place where women/girls took bath.

The said truth is also revealed by the study of mahabharat written by Vyasmuniji. However, here it is to be noted that originally mahabharta has 10,000 true shlokas but the arrogant have become successful to add another about one lakh ten thousand shlokas which are spreding falsehood and illusion between the public.

So how can anyone even think about such a unforgivable bad thought to marry with such a great yogeshwar of entire world? Had he been alive today then first of all nobody could dare to propose him. Keeping in view his divine glory and command on his senses etc.

Secondly, I think the man/woman if had dared to propose sure could have been badly punished by Yogeshwar Sri Krishna. We all must only try to understand and follow the vedic preach of Yogeshwar Sri Krishan Maharaj given in Bhagwad Geeta. Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj studied Vedas, did holy Yajyen, name jaap and ashtang yoga practice entire life. So it is our duty to follow his path now also.

It will have to be considered that in the absence of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna or Shri Ram who were the greatest dignitaries of the world and based on the practice of the Vedic knowledge daily as quoted above under the guidance of their acharyas, became equivalent to God, are not now in human body. So they can not object any action of anybody which is against the Vedas. Therefore, it is possible that arrogant may produce themselves as Yogeshwar Shri Krishna and can instigate man or woman to marry with them. The said illusion/sin can only be overcome by listening Vedas.

Nishant Divecha: What is definition of Yuvan as per our Shastras? And Is it Vruti Vachak Shabd or Aayu Vachak Shabd?
Swami Ram Swarup: The meaning of “Yuavan” is ‘Young persons”. It is Aayu vachak word.

N Sriram: I am enlightened by reading the answers provided by you. I am presently reciting gayathri mantra, now after reading the questions and answers, I want to do the havan along with it. My sincere request from you is to kindly send me cassette or CD containing gayathri matra and its correct way of reciting and how to create havan and what all is required for it. I am asking this so that if am incorrectly reciting the matra I can get it rectified. By you answering questions over the net, you have greater audience now and more & more people read with sincerety. I seek your blessings.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. It is very good that you are reciting gayatri mantra. If you know hindi language as well, then I can send you a book in which the meaning of gayatri mantra and other mantras has been explained and have told the procedure to perform the Yajyen. A list of books is also available on the website. A VCD regarding procedure of havan including gayatri mantra is being sent to you, please. Some other VCDs in which I have delivered Vedic preach are also being sent. Please confirm if the Hindi book quoted above can also be sent. I also thank you for your inspiring views regarding me. Again my heartiest blessings to you for a long, happy life.

R: I have lots of problems wtih my partner and in my financial situation. Can you please give me some advise? Is there some mantra which I can chant every day?
Swami Ram Swarup: Mostly, after a long time, one of the partners starts creating trouble by one or the other means which disturbs the peace of mind of entire family. This shows that how a man has become selfish. He only thinks for his benefit and does not try to cooperate with whole family, society to spread peace and happiness. I will advise you to please bear more and more and in return, you must cooperate and shower your heartiest love to your partner so that the pious binding of marriage remains intact till old age and death. The reason for the disturbance must also be known to rectify the same immediately. In every matter, worship settles the problems. So, please chant gayatri mantra daily both times sitting on sukhasan or siddhasan. You must also do daily havan even with gayatri mantra which will help you to rectify the reason.

MB: I had done kundli matching in various softwares with the person whom I want to marry but our guna matching was only 15 points and it was written that its not a good match. Is there any remedy to resolve the problems of guna matching? We both are non mangliks and living together without any trouble.
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas are our eternal culture in which there is no scope for kundli matching, etc. Marriages are done based on good qualities from both sides and mutual compromise. It is a good sign that you are living together without any trouble, you must go ahead and get married immediately, sure God will help you.

PJK: I feel that my marriage is about to break. Will it or will it be saved?
Swami Ram Swarup: You must try your level best to save your marriage. Marriage is not a joke or doll’s play. It must be continued uptil old age and death for which good qualities must be maintained. I donot know what is the reason for break in your marriage and I am sure you must be knowing. So please solve the problem by removing the reason. Shower your love and good activities towards your family to save your married life. Otherwise, you will be getting a certificate of remarriage which will pinch you and your parents further.

Rakesh Mahendra Kawadia: People who follow Raj Yoga say that it is the end of Kalyug. Please explain.
Swami Ram Swarup: It is due to lack of study of Vedas that anyone starts saying about destruction of universe which is always has been a divine deed of only formless, Almighty God. Almighty God has given the knowledge of all kinds of worldly matters including creation, nursing and destruction of the universe. So based on vedic knowledge, universe will still remain for another one Arab years, please. So we all study Vedas daily, so that illusion does not affect us.

Rakesh Mahendra Kawadia: How to get salvation?
Swami Ram Swarup: The way to attain salvation is also mentioned by Almighty God in Vedas. So he who studies Vedas from a learned acharya, does daily Yajyen, name jaap and ashtang yoga practice, becomes entitled to get salvation. So one should immediately take shelter of learned acharya of Vedas for the same.

Geetu: Please suggest me how will be my future according to astrology.
Swami Ram Swarup: Present astrology, teva system, kaal sarp dosh and several other dosh etc., are not mentioned in Vedas. So one should not waste time. God gives the result of good and bad deeds. So one should always do pious deeds only. Always trust God. So try to chant gayatri mantra daily and better if you also perform havan with Gayatri mantra daily. After havan, please pray to God for a suitable match and I am sure God will listen to you.

Ajay: Can you tell me the proceeding of Hindu Death Ritual, what to do and what not to in Europe?
Swami Ram Swarup: Cremation is mentioned in Yajurveda mantra 40/15 and also in Yajurveda chapter 39th. Aryans always follow the preach of Vedas being eternal and emanates direct from God. Secondly cremation kills all the germs of dead body which are harmful to the public. Soul goes out from the body then only body is declared dead. Soul is eternal and immortal and takes next birth according to deeds.

Rakesh: Please tell me any sloka of Geeta which tells us that one must be a good human being first?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is not possible to be a good human-being first and then to study Ved-shastras or Geeta etc. Actually, study of Ved-shastras, Geeta and other holy books and worship of God makes a man good. Arjun was not good enough to discharge his duty of a kshatriya but after listening the Vedic preach from Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj he became good.

Madan Godara: What do you mean by Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vasudha means the entire earth. Ev means also. Kutumbkam means family. So, everybody must know that the living beings who inhabit the earth are one family and each one is its member. So all must live in harmony with each other like brothers and sisters to promote love internationally.

Dr. Seema V. ChaliahL I have read with keen interest all above questions and your answers to them. I have a young daughter who recites shloka very well how do I introduce Veda to her? I would very much like to. Also I would like me and my husband to learn the Veda for betterment of our life. Please guide us.
Swami Ram Swarup: Before entering the eternal subject of Vedas, I would advise you to read some Vedic culture which will help you to understand the Vedas. First of all, you must also perform daily havan with sandhya mantras or even with gayatri mantra. The book on Yajyen/havan and other Vedic books can be sent on receipt of your postal address if you desire. On receipt of your reply, further guidance will be given.

Dear daughter, in the matter of formless, Almighty God, it is impossible to contact Him directly. Sam Veda mantra 2 states- DEVEBHIHI MANUSHEY JANEY i.e., He (God) blesses the human-beings through learned acharya. So always aspirant needs the help of an acharya who is the philosopher of four Vedas and Ashtang Yoga. Secondly, Yajurveda mantra 40/4 states “NAINADDEV APNUVAN” i.e., five senses, five perceptions and mind cannot attain God, God being beyond calculation, beyond imagination and beyond description. So, God is above teeth, head, mind etc. It is the mind which gives answers. So, please continue your worship and if it happens that you come here, then I will also try to teach you about the worship of God according to Vedas.

My daughter, in this connection male or female gender makes no difference. Because soul has to attain the pleasure of realization and not the body. So my perception though has changed as regards gender but not in the matter of spiritual teaching and love.

Yes, I have been. still I am a father and live with family in Ved Mandir. I have rendered also 26 years service in military engineering services from where I got premature retirement and now I am pensioner as well.

There is no question of daily basis. Some of my disciples live with me who are Govt. servants having family life and have learnt Vedas and ashtang yoga philosophy.

Anonymous: I understand that the Vedas are divinely inspired and ordained. I understand how this can happen based on my own small experiences. I however do not have the big scope so I cannot understand all the deities etc. and how that is important today or for me. I would just prefer to deal directly with God. How is this path for a woman? Have you been a husband, father, community member as well as a working engineer etc. in your earlier days? How many students do you work with on a daily basis? Your explanation of Vedas makes a lot more sense than others I have read.
Swami Ram Swarup: My daughter, Vedas are not difficult but due to the lack of correct eternal procedure, really Vedas look to be difficult. In Vedas, God preaches that Vedas are not a book and have not been written by any Rishi, saint, man or woman. It is a formless knowledge which emanates direct from God and by the power of Almighty God, it is originated in the heart of four Rishis. That is, the knowledge of four Vedas originated in Rishis’ heart without oral preach and also without writing procedure. Thereafter, four Rishis for the first time in the non-sexual creation, chanted the Ved mantras by mouth and the other ignorant people listened. The ignorant people by listening Vedas became learned of Vedas i.e., the ignorant people also did not gain the Vedas’ knowledge from books etc., or from writing procedure.

So traditionally, the Vedas knowledge has been taught by the Rishis by mouth and disciples learnt it by heart. I mean to say that Vedas’ knowledge if is attained traditionally i.e., by listening from a learned acharya, then it is not difficult. Therefore, we must try to follow the eternal tradition. The said knowledge may become however difficult in case we now try to read or study the Vedas ourselves. It shall not be out of place to mention that people find it difficult to spare the time to go and listen the Vedas and hence the problem.

But the said problem gives unlimited sorrows and gives next birth other than that of human-being. So, it is not a good business of life that we do not spare the time to gain Vedic knowledge and remain indulged in illusion o face unlimited and unbearable sorrows for millions of years, including the present life whereas Vedas state that we have been blessed with human life by God to go to learned acharya to listen and obey the preach of Vedas.

The true preach and worship is not that which is according to our mind and requirement. Actually the true preach speaks to control the mind and senses. If the sense of Griffith for Rigveda mantra 7/96/1 is to sing Ved mantras which are mightiest and most divine (i.e., not worldly) of stream, Saraswati (i.e., Vedvanni) then it’s OK and if his sense is otherwise then he is wrong. In this connection, Rigveda mantra 1/7/1 states that the learned acharya must always sing song of Ved mantras to praise and please God. Since in Vedas there is no scope/place of mentioning any proper noun therefore present names of Ganga, Jamuna, Rivers can’t be considered that it relates to Vedas. Vedas are knowledge therefore Vedas give always the knowledge of matters of entire universe but do not contain any history or name of any person, place or thing.

Answer is naturally as above because Saraswati i.e., Vedvanni only gives divine energy, gifts, insights eternal life and not any river. River only gives water to produce plants etc., and to quench the thirst.

Dr. Harish Arya: Can people marry with our relatives?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. It will be a great sin because marriage between relatives is a great sin, as per Hindu philosophy.

Dr. Harish Arya: Should a brahamcharya eat brinjal?
Swami Ram Swarup: Brahamchari should always avoid tamsi and fatty food. He must also not take fried food. However, brinjal is a vegetarian food but must be avoided.

Gisele Beaupre: I appreciate your recent comments on the difference between Purush and Ishwaar. I recently ordered Swami Nikilananda’s versions of the Upanishads which I found very interesting. What do you call your particular lineage of philosophy?
I have been reading the Rigveda again online. I like in your books how you include some of the Sanskrit and references. I actually had understood earlier that the soma can be interpreted as the droplets of knowledge which produce euphoria but some of the words etc. in the verses are referring to actual plants etc. which is a bit of a diversion, unless this tradition is actually based on using drugs to produce visions and knowledge, etc. In Patanjali Pad 4 v1 it states: janma aushadi mantra tapaha samaadhijaaha siddhayaha.
One may gain insightful knowledge from birth, herbs, drugs, intense spiritual practice, or profound meditation but that knowledge based on mediation is superior and more long-lasting. .
Swami Ram Swarup: I would like to mention here that root of Indian Philosophy is four Vedas. So, the matter, thoughts, knowledge etc., which tally with the Vedas is always considered true otherwise not. The said rule is eternal please and has been mentioned in shastras. For example the writer of Yog shastra is Patanjal Rishi who says in his Yog Shastra Sutra 1/7-

i.e., to know the truth Pratyaksh i.e., to know the fact first of all one should have seen it through eyes i.e., knowledge gained by five senses is true.

Second proof is Anumaan i.e. to guess. For example – a person based on guess says that the sun will rise sure tomorrow. It means his guess is true.

Third proof is Aagam Pramann which contains Rishi Pramann (proof) and Vedas’ proof. For example if a person states that God reincarnates i.e., takes avtar then if present Rishi who is philosopher of Vedas and Yoga says yes then it is O.K. otherwise not.

At last, the fourth pramann i.e., proof is four Vedas. the Vedas are the self-proof and can’t be challenged. The statement of Rishi which is against the Vedas that too shall not be accepted as true. However, Rishi never tells lie. So if Vedas tell that God reincarnates then it is true otherwise not.

I would also like to mention here that entire Indian culture like 6 shastras, 11 upnishads, Mahabharat (including Bhagwad Geeta) , Valmiki Ramayan, and other ancient true holy books written by ancient Rishis were written only after the deep study of Vedas and hard practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy. So after gaining the true knowledge of eternal Vedas which emanates direct from God, the Rishis became/become capable of writing such true holy books. Those Rishis have prayed Vedas in the above books.

Thinking that in the absence of the knowledge of Vedas, nothing could be gained /written yet they have written a little knowledge in their books and the entire remaining knowledge still lies in Vedas. Would it not be unjust to read the above holy books without gaining the knowledge of the Vedas and how a person will be able to understand or write their correct comments on the above holy books if he is not aware of the knowledge of Vedas? Such person will give his own views which, I am afraid, may not tally with Vedas and the illusion can spread and harm the public.

You know, how a man even if he is highly educated (M.Sc. , Ph.D.) can do surgery over the patient if he is not a qualified surgeon? And this is the problem for those who have never studied Vedas but have been writing spiritual books or commenting over the ancient holy Sanskrit books, stated above etc. So, please be careful while studying the comments on ancient holy books written by ancient Rishis who were philosopher of Vedas.

My lineage of philosophy is eternal i.e., based on eternal knowledge of Vedas, please. Yog Shastra Sutra 1/26 says “SE ESHAHA POORVESHAM API GURU” i.e., at the time of beginning of the earth, the first Guru , spiritual master of four ancient Rishis named-Agni, Vayu, Aditya, Angira was Almighty God . Thereafter, the Rishi-munis have been our Gurus. In this tradition, Vyas Muni, Atri Rishi, Guru Vasishth, Sandeepan Rishi i.e., millions of Rishis had/have been getting the knowledge of Vedas . They did not raise any new path against the Vedas. They only followed Vedas-so, is my path.

Please also state if you know Hindi well. In Vedas, there is a philosophy that one word has several meanings according to the subject matter of the mantra. I mention here an example of Sanskrit word “sendhav”. Sendhav means salt as well as horse. So sendhav has two meanings. Now it depends on the circumstances/situation where the correct meaning would be used/inserted . For example, if an owner of the house is taking meals and asks the servant to bring sendhav then the wise servant will bring salt because his master is taking meals. If he would bring horse then he will be declared foolish/ignorant. On the contrary , if his master is ready, wearing the formal dress for riding and is out of the house in the evening or morning and then asks his servant to bring “sendhav” then the wise servant would bring horse for his master. So is the case of divine words of Vedas.
I am happy that you are studying Rigveda. Please, go ahead. Though Vedas are first listen from an acharya (guru).

Yes, that is why , the meaning of Soma is to experience divine pleasure of realization of God by a yogi and other meaning is green plants.

The word ‘Som’ has been defined in Vedas as “divine pleasure” experienced by a yogi when he realizes God in the Dharam-megh” Samadhi. Dharam megh Samadhi is attained after deep study of Vedas and hard practice of Ashtang yoga philosophy doing holy yajyen, regular contact with learned acharya of Vedas. It is sad that due to lack of study of Vedas, the meaning of pious word “Som” has been defined as intoxicating drink as one’s own discretion.

Also the meaning of Som is green vegetation. Som is also the name of Almighty God and we offer aahuti in Yajyen reciting “Om Somaye Swaha” for God. The literal meaning of Som at this juncture is “Form of divine pleasure”.

Ultimately, the knowledge gained by studying Vedas and doing hard practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy/Yajyen, name jaap of God will serve the purpose. Aaushadhi i.e., green vegetation etc., as mentioned by you will only take care of health, please and will assist to realise the God i.e., to experience the Soma. Because if a person falls sick but science has not got siddhi (perfection)to cure the sickness then the person will die. So to get the perfection in the medicine etc., in the siddhi of curing diseases and to improve the health is necessary. I bless you for a long, happy life.

Anonymous: How can I study the Vedas when there are so few books and certainly no acharyas in this area? So I guess I am doomed unless I give up everything and come to India to study with you, if you would accept me! Also I don’t have much of a background in Bharata (Indian) culture per se. I am a relative beginner – in this life!
Perhaps it is time for you to produce your own books on the Vedas, verse by verse? I understand that this tradition has survived and continues to survive based on oral transmission, which is not possible at this rate…unless you post verse by verse on the web and sing it as well. It seems to me that what I have experienced through studying the actual Sanskrit is much more profound than any explanation as it comes from the pure consciousness direct. So I do find the Vedas rather confusing. Did you study all the verses or did your teacher give you specific verses to learn. It seems overwhelmingly large. I agree that a true teacher is absolutely necessary to get anywhere with understanding the Vedas. What do you suggest I do?
Swami Ram Swarup: Bhagwad Geeta book is being sent to you, please. It is good that you wish to study Vedas here. Here, three families with their children have been residing permanently. You are always welcome here. And I am sure, you will pick up the knowledge of Vedas soon. I have placed number of explanations of Ved mantras on this website and now I have decided to print them all in the shape of a book for the benefit of the readers. By the grace of the Almighty God, I have studied all four Vedas, please.
My blessings to you.

Arvind: A child takes birth and dies at the age of 3 years. What Karmas he/she should have carried from the last life?
Swami Ram Swarup: Death and birth are controlled by Almighty God. He awards life according to the previous lives’ deeds of an individual. So early death or abortion etc., are the result of facing previous lives’ deeds.

The result of the karmas is controlled and awarded by God Himself, please. You know, we are kept free by God to do sins or pious deeds. But the result is awarded by Him in the shape of sorrows and happiness respectively, according to the deeds. So, it is not easy to say as to which particular karmas is responsible for a person not having kids.

God has given vast knowledge also in Vedas to inspire the people to do only pious deeds, to become happy always. However in the Vedas, God has also advised to take medicines and to worship Him (God) according to Vedas and God thus fulfils the desires also. You are always advised to seek medical opinion and to take the shelter of a learned acharya who knows Vedas and yoga philosophy. His advice would be sure beneficial for you because I am away and I cannot teach you from here.

Arvind: What is the probability of a person taken the human body again?
Swami Ram Swarup: If a person does pious deeds in the present life and that too according to the Vedas, he gets rebirth as human if he does not get salvation. On the other hand, if a person does not worship God according to Vedas, he faces the result of previous lives’ deeds in present life and the deeds – good or bad, done in the present life will have to be borne in the next birth.

Arvind: When does an individual takes the degraded body?
Swami Ram Swarup: As above, i.e., the person who does not follow the eternal, spiritual path, he will have to be degraded from the level of human being and will get rebirth in living being’s body other than that of human body.

Arvind: Like by looking at the Horoscope few of the Astrologers predict the future of an individual. Is there any such ways available or Yogis who can by looking at the individual can tell his past lives and future lives? Or what kind of Karmas he possesses?
Swami Ram Swarup: Past life has been spent that is why, a person has taken present life. The pious deeds of present life will sure make the future and rebirth bright otherwise will have to face the sorrows, please by getting birth in body of living-beings other than humans.

Arvind: What is the criteria for getting Moksha? What are the measurements available to check one’s progress towards attaining Moksha?
Swami Ram Swarup: The subject moksha i.e., final liberation is vast one. However, in short when an aspirant by studying Vedas doing Yajyen, name jaap of God and hard practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy , frequent contact with learned acharya controls his five senses, five perceptions and mind and burns all the illusion, then he gets salvation (moksha).

Pramila Singh: Who is Kal Bhiro? Is he an incarnation of Lord Shiva?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. Kaal Bhairo matter has not been mentioned in Vedas. So the learned acharya do not accept it being imaginary. Thus question of incarnation of Shiva does not arise.

I. M. Sharma: What is the responsibilities of a widow after death of her husband? Is she free for re-marriage with husband’s family members or other family? If answer is available in any Vedas, kindly send the Vedas name.
Swami Ram Swarup: According to the age/children/situation, widow can perform remarriage i.e., if the widow is young and has no power to maintain her brahmachrya then she can go for second marriage. This matter is mentioned in Yajurveda as well as in Rigveda, please.

D: If I buy share in morning and with some profit or loss I sale same day is it gambling and should I do this or no?
Swami Ram Swarup: To deal with shares is not gambling please but is a business.

Sanjay Mudgal: Om, Mahatman please tell me importance of reciting mantra “Hon joon sah”. Its meaning and importance. I have come across Mahamrityunjaya mantra.
Swami Ram Swarup: The mantra quoted by you is not in Vedas but it is a Tantrik mantra for which you may contact with a tantrik. However, tantrik path is not mentioned in Vedas. So learned acharyas do not accept it.

Mahamrityunjaya name has been originated by we people, otherwise it is Yajurveda mantra 3/60. So we must say that we are reciting Yajurveda mantra but it has been a tendency to say it as mahamrityunjaya mantra. It can never be started with any other shloka or mantra etc., because Ved mantras emanate direct from God at the beginning of the earth. So Ved mantras have not been written by a Rishi-Muni, man, woman etc., as Almighty, Omnipresent, Formless God is unchangeable. So are the mantras. The Knowledge of Ved mantras is eternal, immortal and unchangeable.

In the said mantra, we pray to God that Oh God! I perform your Yajyen, may my life be long i.e., 100 years or upto 400 years as the Vedas say. However, no one can cross the age of 400 years please. So, everybody must recite and do Yajyen from the said mantras himself because in the mantra we are praying to God that Oh God! I am myself doing your worship by Yajyen and no one else on my behalf.

Sunny Kataria: I want to know about dhayan mudra. How we start for that and what are the benefits of this mudra?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no dhyan mudra please. But dhyan (meditation) is the 7th stage of Ashtang yoga philosophy mentioned in Vedas. Eight parts of Ashtang Yoga are –Yam, Niyam, Asan, Pranayaam, Pratyahar, Dharnna, Dhyana and Samadhi.

Pushun: Aren’t there 9 shastras? 6 of them are based on the Vedas, and 3 of those 6 don’t believe in the existence of God?
Swami Ram Swarup: There are six authentic shastras and all believe in God. However, some so called gurus, may express their own views quoted by you which are not accepted by learned acharya of Vedas.

Harish Choudhary: I have complete faith on you and your teachings. I want to know EGG is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
Swami Ram Swarup: My dear son, Harish, my blessings to you for a long, happy life. Egg is non-vegetarian food.

Harish Choudhary: We talk about non-violence as mentioned in VEDAS and YOG VIDYA. Whether we should spray the insecticides to kill the insects, when crops are grown. Is it a sin to kill the mosquitoes too?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, we must spray insecticides because Vedas state to protect human body from insects etc., to avoid sickness, harm. No, to kill mosquitoes is not a sin but protection of human life. Suppose enemy attacks a country, the army of a country will automatically come forward to kill the enemies.

Amit Dua: I am studying your book ‘Patanjal Yog Darshanam Part I’. A little thing is confusing me. You told that a person desiring Moksha should do nishkam karma without desire of result. The thing which is confusing me is that if I do a job for earn money for me, family and some pious works, should I not expect salary for that? I mean that does the rule of nishkam karma applies in this situation also? Kindly enlighten me.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, even worship is done without expecting result because result is always in the hands of God. However, by studying Vedas and other holy books, a person knows that if a person does deeds , he gets good result in the shape of long, happy life, pleasure etc., if he does sins , he will have to face sorrows. So why must not we only do pious deeds without expecting result because result is awarded by God.

You see, the main motto of the human life is to get salvation and a person does worship, pious deed etc., to get the same but time and again if we will think that we have been doing worship for a long time and God has not given us salvation then our worship will be broken and will be of no use. One will have to think that motto is salvation but when will salvation be attained, is not known. So better, we must not pay our attention towards salvation but worship. To get salary is our right and salary is expected within a stipulated time. So we would get salary either we may wish for it or not. But our duties towards the services must be sincere.

Dr. Janak Mehta: Rituals of merely ceremonial performance of Yagna doesn’t appeal me. It may be an analogy that if you want to do a Yagna (project) you have to have a sankalp (Goal).And then some ahuti (sacrifices to be made). But just carrying our a physical form of Yagna would have any impact?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sankalp and Goal have already been mentioned in Vedas, please. For example Yajurveda mantra 1/1 states to have sankalp to perform holy Yajyen with Ved mantras in the presence of acharya who knows four Vedas. In the same mantra , the goal (pious result) has also been mentioned that performance of Yajyen gives permanent peace, health wealth and long life, etc.

In four Vedas, God states that he who performs the Yajyen , he attains arth (finance), dharma (religion), kaam (pious desires’ fulfillment) and Moksha (final liberation) which is the goal. Arth means he gets money, assets, Dharma means he knows his moral obligations/duties and he performs the same. Kaam means that by Yajna his pious desires get fulfilled automatically and Moksha means salvation. All four Vedas, state about sankalp as well as goal which are innumerable. Hence it makes no difference whether the aspirant has or does not have goal and sankalp.

But it creates lot of ill affect in life if the individual merely performs the Yajyen but does not know the meaning of the same by listening Vedas from the acharya. First Vedas are listened and then the teaching of Vedas like Yajyen, Yoga Practice, name jaap etc., are followed.

So the aspirant who is new and states performing Yajyen, he is really welcomed by God but side by side, he must either listen Vedas or study holy books concerning Vedas.
Benefits of Yajyen are of two types- 1st – worldly/materialistic i.e., purify the atmosphere, causes timely rains, drives away diseases, etc.

Secondly, he who performs the Yajyen, gets arth, dharma, kaam, moksha as mentioned above. In this connection, please read articles on some of the benefits of Yajyen.

Hitu: Send me your views about Lord Shiva, his fame, his origin and his power. Is the Ved vani is the vani of Lord Shiva?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedvanni is not the vanni pf Shivji Maharaj, please. The Vedvanni emanates directly from formless, omnipresent God at the time of non-sexual creation which takes place after final destruction. Shivji Maharaj was a Yogi who became equivalent to God by learning Vedas and doing Ashtang Yoga Practice. In Valmiki Ramayan, Valmikiji states that once Vishwamitraji along with Sri Ram and Lakshmann were passing a jungle and reached at a lonely and beautiful place where an ashram was situated. Sri Ram and Laxmann asked Vishwamitraji as to who lives there, Vishwamitraji replied to them that it was the pious ashram where Shivji Maharaj, lived. Please read the article on Vedas’ Philosophy.

Bidisha Chakraborty: Please answer me this question what is the route (map) of Huin Tsang when he came to India?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorry, I do not know, please but it is definite that he came here and praised our Vedic culture, a lot.

Prem. K. Sachdeva: In SANDHYA, we read the mantra once and do aachman thrice. Is it correct?After Prayayam Mantra, how to do correct prayayam?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, please whatever you’ve told is correct. Prannayam is a deep knowledge and can’t be told merely on E-mail. As per rule also, Prannayam and Yoga Philosophy must be learnt from a learned acharya in person. However, I have written a book named Patanjal Yog Darshan-part I and II in Hindi. You will get detailed knowledge on prannayam and Yoga philosophy by studying the said books, please. The total price of two books is 331.00 and can be sent on receipt of your postal address, if you desire. After getting the knowledge of Yoga philosophy, still you will have to go personally to an experienced Yogi to learn Prannayam.

Prem. K. Sachdeva: In havan, some people do swistkrit mantra first while others do it in the last, which one is correct?
Ans. Chanting Swastivachan first is far better, please.

Payal: Shiksha ke mehetave mein sanskrit mein shlok
Swami Ram Swarup: Yajurveda mantra 40/14 –is appended below.

Sreekumar: What is drishti dosha? Is there any simple mantra to cure this dosha?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is no drishti dosh, please. We only face the good or bad result of our previous lives’ deeds in the shape of happiness and sorrows, respectively.

Sanjay Mudgal: Which mantra should a man keep on reciting during his idle hours, apart from performing Yajyen?
Swami Ram Swarup: Gayatri mantra or Om must be chanted please. The proper way of chanting must be known personally from an acharya.

Chetna: I want know that what I am doing is right or wrong in life? How I can I know?
Swami Ram Swarup: It is stated in Vedas as well as Shastras that when a person become unable to reach at a conclusion, then he must brief his problems before his learned acharya who knows Vedas and has done Ashtang yoga Practice, a lot . He will guide him properly.

Dr. Harish Arya: What are the benefits of agya chakra and should we do this during jaap or prarthna (pray)?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, one must concentrate on Agya Chakra and get the benefit to observe the divine happenings/pleasure, there.

Dr. Harish Arya: I want to learn from you the niyam and yam?
Swami Ram Swarup: For the same, you should come to me please, for at least 10 days. Please confirm whether it is possible or not.

Sam: As per holy Vedas, there is only one God, which is great and true. Here, I got confused. If I want to pray then whom should I follow? Which God? In our Hindu religion, I understand that there are different Gods according to the human work profiles. Like for farmer “Indradev”, for fishermen “samudram”, etc. for which I don’t have any objections. So if I am following Lord Krishna as a God. Am I doing some wrong thing or am I following wrong path? Kindly understand my confusion and reply to this with your valuable supportive.
Swami Ram Swarup: You can say that nowadays, there are two types of Gods- One –man made i.e., due to one or the other reason, we have imagined our Gods ourselves, whose description is not available in Vedas.

Second- God is He from whom the knowledge of four Vedas emanates and is originated in the heart of four Rishis, at the beginning of the earth in non-sexual creation. God Himself has described His divine qualities, nature and deeds in Vedas only. Vedas state that Almighty God creates nurses and destroys the universe and we must worship the said God.

Sanjay Sharma: You told me that Valmiki Ramayan was written about 1 crore, 81 lakh, 49 thousand years ago. Current science theory says that man originated just around 1,00,000 years back. Please clarify.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. It requires deep study of Valmiki Ramayan, Mahabharat and Vedas. Then only, it can be known that the present science has originated from Vedas.

G. K.: I am a Sikh. I am not happy in my life. Please tell me some kind of mantra through which I can regain self-confidence in myself. I am totally disappointed in my life. Also tell some prayers by which i can become mentally strong and overcome all the problems of my life.
Swami Ram Swarup: I will advice you to listen Sri Guru bani with its meaning and learn Yoga philosophy. The problem is created by our own previous lives’ deeds. That is why, a person does not remain happy. So, to kill the bad deeds which create the problem, one should do real worship of God and simultaneously discharge one’s moral duties as well faithfully.

Vikash: I am a student. From early of my childhood, I was interested in satsangs. I wish to be a prawakta of Sri ram katha. I also want to study Ved-shastras. Please help.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Vedas are eternal knowledge which emanate direct from God at the time of creation. So study of Vedas makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Tulsi also has told in the first page of his Ramayan in Sanskrit shloka that he studied Vedas. So your desire to study Vedas is the best one.

Vedas only tell the real path of worship of God and qualities, power of God. I will advise you to study some of my books related to Vedas which will enable you to understand Vedas. Books can be sent on receipt of your postal address. If you are not able to pay the price of books then books can be sent to you free of cost and if the financial condition of your parents permits then you may pay 50% of the cost of the books. Some of the books are in Hindi and others in English. You may send your query while studying the books also. I shall also feel pleasure if you study the books with sincerity to gain knowledge and to become wise in Vedic knowledge.

Ajit: In TV there is a story that Som Yajyen for rain is taking place at 10 places in M P and 5 places in Maharashtra in the presence of scientists. The outcome of that Yajyen are very encouraging and resulted in rains in those area timely. Please elaborate on the same.
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, Vedas tell that performance of regular Yajyen causes rain. The subject is vast. In Yajurveda, Rigveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda, that is in all four Vedas, such description of causing rain exists. So, we all the Indians must prepare ourselves to make contact with learned acharya of Vedas to listen Vedic knowledge to make its use thereof in daily routine life as was being done in the ancient times. Our country was given glorious titles that is, “Golden Bird” and “Vishwaguru” based on the only knowledge of Vedas.

R K: Rishi says: If seniors of family disobeys Vedas and yogi, then his next generation have to suffer in tonnes. What if the next generation is devoted to Vedas and Rishi! Guruji, what is the ultimate solution to their problems? Do they have to take it life long? How can they come out of this barrier? Knowingly, that the seniors wont obey anyhow!
Swami Ram Swarup: Dear daughter, my blessings to you. It must be learnt that spiritual path is a personal matter also. If a member of family is against the Vedas and Rishis and other follow him then only problem arise. But if one, two or three or any member do not agree with the views of head of the family like prahlad then he will not be indulged in problems. He will get the blessings of God as well as Rishis.