J: Pranam Guruji, I am doing Gayatri mantra jap daily in the morning. However one of the bead in the mala is broken. Is it inauspicious to use such mala? Please advice.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In this regard, I paste my answer.

Significance of number of chants in mantra chanting

No please, there is no any significance of numbers. It is according to time which suits a person. It may be hundred or more even. It is not necessary that before Gayatri no mantra can be chanted. Every Ved mantra, however, is started from the holy name of God i.e., Om. And it is also better if we praise, worship and pray God reciting Gayatri mantra before chanting Ved mantra. It has been tradition of our ancient rishis munis also.

So, mala has no concern with Vedic worship.

Surrender: Sir I want to know that various people are habitual of alcoholic or drinking. Sir how we can stop them? We have made our best efforts but failed. Please response sir
Swami Ram Swarup: A person who is God –fearing and knows about Vedic dharma,worship etc., has control over his senses. When Vedic preach will be given that alcohol drinking, consumption of non-vegetarian, addiction etc,. is a grave sin and such persons are punished severely by God, then only people will start leaving the addiction etc., and would very well conduct themselves according to law of country.

So, first of all, our government and the learned people should try their level best to spread Vedic culture. And people should be made aware of the harms inflicted by such addiction.

In addition, the medical aid should be given to such addictors.

SP: My Horoscope does not match with the girl I love and wish to marry. She does not know about it what shall I do? I cant go back on my promise and cant turn down my love also?Please help.
Swami Ram Swarup: You need not to worry about horoscopes because the matter of horoscope is not mentioned in Vedas, so learneds do not accept it. However, you should take your parents in confidence, in case of your marriage.


Vedas have science like electronics, electricity, agriculture, about earth i.e., what is within earth, etc., but not horoscope. All the science which is in vogue at present is already mentioned in Vedas.

About astrology/dagda yog

Actually in Vedas there is no existence of such astrology and dagda yog. So please do not worry about what is written in your horoscope. Actually the human being has to face the result of his past lives’ deeds of good or bad nature.

Human body is meant for eternal worship under guidance of a real spiritual master to finish the effects of the deeds and to have long happy life. So please go on doing hard work and side by side worship of God for long happy life.

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