Vishal Kumar: Namaste Guruji Do you have any book in which you have explain the meaning of Vedic Mantra in Hindi or English. I also want to promote Vedic knowledge in society if you have written any book with translation of important Vedic mantra with explanation, itwill be easy to make people inspire to get Veda knowledge.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namastji. Mainly, withthe blessings of Almighty God, I have explained Ved mantras along with meaning and idea in my book- Yajyen Karma Sarvashreshth Ishwar Pooja worth Rs.65/-,excluding postal charges. However, in the following books, some Ved mantras have also been explained, with words-meanings and ideas-
Vedic Satsang Sangrah-II
Protect the Holy Cow- Say Vedas.

The books can be sent on the receipt of your postal address, if you desire.

B S P: Dev puja ke douran Chhink aa jaye to kounsi kriya ki jati hai pls inform urgently
Swami Ram Swarup: Dev Pooja ke dauraan chheenk aaney par sarvpratham to towel naak aur moonh ke aagey lagana chahiyeaur phir gayatri kee aahutis daalakar hawan/yajyen shuru kar deina chahiye.

Dhanjit: What is the problem in your opinion? elaborate.
Swami Ram Swarup: No problem, please. I’ve replied all the questions till date.