Vishnu: Swamiji, I am confused with a few verses of Satapatha Brahmana particularly verses 1:7:4:1 to 1:7:4:7. Please help me know the truth.
Swami Ram Swarup: Shatpath Brahmin Granth verse 1/7/4/1-7 are actually explaining
the idea of Rigveda mantra 10/61/7. Idea of the said Rigveda mantra is that if a father gets daughter and not son from his wife then the daughter becomes protector and owner of her father’s house and her father’s assets.

As stated in Shatpath Brahmin Granth, semen has fallen on earth. Its real meaning has been stated in said Rigveda mantra that earth is stated as wife. Actually the Rigveda mantras from 10/61/5 to 10
educate the human beings to get married so as to get progeny. So, in Shatpath Brahmin Granth quoted by you, it is given explanation of the said Rigveda mantra and educates never to commit the sin. In Shatpath Brahmin Granth meaning of Prajapati has been stated as “Yajyen”.

The meaning of daughter is first verse has been stated as dyulok (heavenly bodies emitting light) or dawn and not daughter or sister. Till the time, when the knowledge of Ved mantras was known to public; especially upto Mahabharat war people were educated. But after Mahabharat war, from one or the other reason, the Vedic knowledge declined the result is before the world. I mean to say, due to the effect of devil nature, use of non-vegetarian, alcohol, commission of corruption, gambling etc., is increasing and such persons are indulging in sins. With broken heart, based on information from newspapers and T.V., the effect of the sin stated symbolically in second verse of Shatpath Brahmin Granth is being seen. thorough study of Shatpath Brahmin Granth 1/7/4/1-22 would reveal that real meaning of Prajapati, Rudra daughter, sister etc., has been clarified therein. So please study the same and if the meanings are not understood, you may send E-mail again.

Virendra: ‘Pranam swamiji’.. Que-swamiji agar kisi ldke ldki ki shadi honi h aur ldki agar ldke se bdi ho (1year) to koi badha ya paap lgta h kya.,…
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Vedon ke anusar , shadi ke samay ladki ki aayu 4-5 aur 6 varsh chhoti hee honi kahi hai.