Rajiv: Swamini, If a person is committed for two values like” satya and ahimsa” and if tbere is aconflict between these two it creates “dharma sankat”. Which one he should discard. Say a man comes to me and asks for a man address as he wants to kill him. Should the address be told to him as if told he will go to that addres and kill him. What should be done in this case. Swamiji Namaskar.
Swami Ram Swarup: Shastra states- Satyamvad Dharmam Char i.e., always tell truth. Whatever is true, that should be explained as it is. This truth should be held by telling, by keeping it in mind and by action i.e., by mann, vachan and karma. But, you see Shri Krishna Maharaj has told lie several times but still he was truthful. Why because Shastra also tell that if you tell lie to establish truth then your lie will be treated as truth. I’ve heard a religious story that a butcher was after a cow. Cow while running fast, entered a hut of a tapasvi. Tapasvi was meditating nearby the door of hut. In between butcher came there and asked the tapasvi about the cow. Tapasvi thought that he should tell truth and he accordingly told butchar that cow was inside his hut. Story is lengthy but you see tapasvi was punished by God briefing that he could tell lie there before the butcher to save the life of cow.

As regards ahimsa, shastras tell that when enemy army tries to enter the border of our motherland forcefully, then ahimsa is not required but our soldiers must kill the enemies, which is counted as pious deed. Similarly, police should punish the criminals and attain pious result.

Anonymous: Swami Ram Swarup: Ashirwad beta! I think I’ve replied your question, please check. If the answer has not been received please send the query again. However, I’ve also replied before that niyog system and the marriage told by you is not applicable in the present times where the study of vedas and maintaining of Brahmacharya, control on all senses and perceptions has been destroyed.