PL: What’s the literal meaning of ‘Swaha’?
Swami Ram Swarup: Meaning of Swaha is as under-

There are 7 meanings of Swaha. Swaha means a true deed. So when we study Vedas and offer aahuti in havan kund/bedi with ved mantras then we are doing true deed, the result of which will remain with us to save us from sorrows etc.

Swaha means whatever is in our heart, the same is in our speech.

Swaha means we must not use for our own purpose, any article or good entrusted in our custody by someone.

Swaha means the purest views of heart etc.

So when the ancient or present Rishis/public do the holy Yajyen with ved-mantras, the above quoted result is blessed by God to them and thus they get long, happy life by performing the best pious deed i.e., Yajyen. Now, most of the saints have been telling not to perform the yajyen and thus we have been debarred from the above quoted divine good result with other several good qualities. So we must listen the Vedas from an acharya to know the fact.

R K: Swami ji ko charan sparsh, Swamji bhagwan ko jo phool mala agar batti chadate hain.. uske baad usko kahan phenkna chaiye.. iska koi niyam hai kya.. ya phir kachre main phenk sakte hain?? plz batayen main confuse hun.. kuch log kehte han river main baha do.. par is se to river polluted ho jaegi na.. krpa karke samadhan de.. OM…
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.Achcha hoga agar issey behtey paani mein pheink do. Ya yajyen karte samay hawan kund ke andar daal do.