Vandana: I’ve recently bought a flat. Some families have lived there earlier. Which is the earlies possible day for performing hawan there?
Swami Ram Swarup: The pious supreme deed Yajyen/havan is performed on any suitable day, please. You see, days, months, time, all have been made by the purest God. So, every time is pure and can be utilized according to suitability of a person.

Amit: I want to read all 4 Vedas. Are they available on the internet?
Swami Ram Swarup: I do not know about the availability of Vedas on internet. I will advise you that according to the traditional process that relates direct from the beginning of creation. The Vedas are first listened from a learned acharya of Vedas and yoga philosophy. Now, Vedas with commentary are available in the market. Before studying Vedas, I will suggest you to read at least three of my books to enter into the knowledge of Vedas. Books are-

1. Vedic satsang sangrah-I.

2. Yoga- A Divine Vedas’ Philosophy.

3. Vedas- A Divine light-I.

V: namaskar swami ji, In one of ur previous answers about marriage inspite of kundalis not matching, u said that we should not pay attention to it and marry according to our heart’s choice. can u please enlighten me why such a system of kundali matching has existed for so many years if there is no such truth about parents are against my marriage to a person i like because our kundalis do not match that well and there is a possibility of fights and divorce.but i believe that if two people want to live peacefully with each other , they can, with Gods blessings. please guide me if i am right in my beliefs.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you., my daughter.Yes, you are right about your belief. God created the universe about one arab, ninety six crores years ago. The knowledge of Vedas emanates direct from God at the beginning of each creation, at that time. The said knowledge remained in vogue till Mahabharat war i.e., about five thousand three hundred years back. Vedas knowledge is as true as God. So, the views which do not tally with Vedas are not accepted by the learned being unauthentic. After Mahabharat war, people have made their own ways of worship, mostly against the Vedas in which matching kundali, teva, Janam patri, present astrology, kaal sarp dosh, Pitra dosh etc., are included. These matters are unauthentic being against the Vedas.