Mohit: I want to ask that I believe in god and Srimad Bhagwat geeta.. very much. I also want to do my works without harming others but this corrupt system, loses me self confidence and I also become unhappy sometimes and work is not done 100%. So I ask whether to follow this system or do good deeds by becoming happy and making happy?
Swami Ram Swarup: You see, it is a fundamental law of Almighty God made by God Himself in His Vedas that happiness, pleasure, long life and bright future etc., is obtained by worshipping God according to eternal, Vedic knowledge under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedas and Yog philosophy. As regards, Bhagwad Geeta it is written by Vyas muniji i.e., it is an extract from Bheeshma Parv of Mahabharat epic written by Vyas muniji. I mean to say that during the time of Vyas muniji, present sects did not exist and only Vedic education was in vogue in public. So, the explanation of every shloka of Mahabharat written by Vyas muniji who was philosopher of ved and Ashtang yog philosophy has idea of ved mantras. Therefore, the present comments of any shloka of Bhagwad Geeta can not be related to present sects or present views of those saints who do not know Vedas. Therefore, I would like to advise you to listen Vedic philosophy from a learned acharya/purohit in the local Arya Samaj mandir. You may continue doing your work without harming anybody and without desiring the result of the deeds because it is always awarded by Almighty God. If we concentrate to get the result of our deeds then our strength will be wasted and in case of negative result, we may be in tension etc. If you are worried about the corrupt system etc., then you will not be able to discharge your duties satisfactorily. That is why, one should never bother about the result of deeds and obstacles etc., but must pay his attention to discharge his duties faithfully.

Ashok: Swami ji sadar namastay. Swami ji is sansar me jitne bhi padharth hain jaise jal vayu mitti ityadi sab padharto ka suksham se suksham roop parmanu(atom) hain to main ye janna chahata hoon ki in sab padhartho ke ek parmanu ko bhi padharth hi kaha jayega na. Kripaya bataye.
Swami Ram Swarup: Kisi bhi padartha ka paramannu use padarth se related hai kyonki weh usee padarth ka parmaanu hai, isliye aisa hee kaha jata hai ki yeh vaayu ka pramannu hai, jal ka parmaanu hai, mitti ka parmannu hai ityadi. Isliye atom padarth hee kaha jayega.

Prabhat: What should be my approach to such people? I am genuinely interested to know your approach. So please answer this after reading all what I have sent.

This is to do with PURVA PAKSHA, so I will request you to read all of them;

These people told me to convert because then I will not go to hell and also my Kundalini will be awake.

Q4.) I have done some more research in view of Q 3 above and come to a term of Digestion.

Are you aware of “Digestion” by the West and what are your thoughts on this, how do we counter it, if at all you fell there is a need to counter it? Also, read about U-turn theory.

I will be on my tenterhooks to hear from Swamiji and it is my intent to make every body aware of what Dharma is and what few people under the guise of Dharma / Sanskrit do , as will be manifestly be clear to you from the above links.

I know this will take time, but I will wait for you to answer elaborately and if you so decide that Q3 and Q4 should be discussed publicly, then it will be okay too.

With Deep respect and lots of anticipation,

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my dear son for a long, happy life. Recently, our four Vedas yajyanushthan that started from 3rd May, 2015 has completed on 5th July, 2015. So in between, being busy I could only find time to see your question today the 9th July, 2015. I am still trying to clear my pending jobs and therefore, it will take some time read your attachments etc. So, please wait for complete reply. However, one thing is clear that the knowledge of four Vedas emanates directly from God in the beginning of every non-sexual creation. God gives the same with His divine power and not by oral speech or by writing in the shape of book. So, Vedas are also not a book. Secondly, the ancient Munis as well as present Rishi munis know that as Almighty, Omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe is eternal and everlasting and never becomes old. Similarly, the knowledge of Vedas which emanates directly from Him is also eternal, everlasting and never becomes old but remains evergreen. The said views have been mentioned in the Vedas stating- Navyam-navyam i.e., always new-always new.

Here, I would also like to mention that the matter which is made by somebody and whose date of assembling is fixed that matter becomes old and one day is destroyed. But as regards Almighty God and Vedas, they both remain always new and immortal. I mean to say all the new views/ path which come out of the mind of human-beings, will become old and at the time of final destruction those will also disappear but the Vedic knowledge in the next generation will traditionally emanate from God and will be originated in the heart of four Rishis as it is. Such truth can only be realized by those who have started studying Vedas from a learned acharya who has also done hard practice of Ashtang Yog Philosophy otherwise without studying Vedas, if somebody says that Vedas are old and its language is hard etc., their views are considered negligible and oversighted by the learned acharya of Vedas being unauthentic. Even, those who study Upnishads, Bhagwad Geeta etc., but have never studied Vedas, they are also unable to understand the eternal, true and everlasting knowledge which comes therein by the writers of those pious granths like Vyas Muniji’s Bhagwad Geeta, Upnishads and Shastras by their respective Rishi’s who firstly studied Vedas, practiced Ashtang Yog and Yajyen and after gaining Vedic knowledge then they wrote their pious true granths. In this connection, I would also like to send you my views on Bhagwad Geeta.

Due to the lack of knowledge of Vedas, with the result, just for enjoyment of sensual pleasures and for accumulation of wealth, the anti-Vedic sadhu/saints have not left any short comings in spreading sins and hypocrisy, in the present times. So, a common man cannot be a learned of Vedas/Rishi, in our country Bharat, the land of Rishi’s, as before. Therefore, it shall not be out of place to mention here that one day the eternal knowledge of Vedas may be overlooked and hidden and falsehood may spread causing harm to the public in the matter of faith. Therefore, we may only appeal to the government to take steps to introduce Vedic education in Schools, Colleges and Universities to save the eternal, Indian culture and make the future of citizens bright. In this way, the public would be able to get Vedic knowledge to destroy the illusion and save themselves from the saints, who are against the Vedas.

In the four Vedas, there are no names of any person and no description of any event or history i.e., Vedas only contain knowledge. Even for argument sake, if we consider Sri Krishna as God, then why Vyas Muni, Narad Muni etc., did hard Vedas study for realising God. That is why, they did not accept Sri Krishna as Formless God. Secondly, Sri Krishna being born in Dwapur Yuga, the people who lived before the birth of Sri Krishna, were100% devoid of Sri Krishna’s bhakti, and only followed vedic path, under guidance of Rishi-Munis to attain God. As a matter of fact, God doesnot favour anybody and therefore can’t change the eternal worship mentioned in Vedas.

So, the meaning of Geeta Shloka 10/13 is that Almighty God manifested Himself within Sri Krishna Maharaj and Sri Krishna being a Yogi, became equivalent to God (But not GOD) as per Atharvaved mantra 4/11/7. Also, in those times, if we see the Sabha Parva of Mahabharat, wherein Sri Krishna was admired and respected not only by Rishi-Muni’s, but also by common public as the highest regardable dignitary of those times.

Yajurved Mantra 25/11 states that, Almighty God, due to His divine qualities is only empowered to make the humans and other creatures blink their eyes (because blinking of eyes is not under the control of living beings). God creates the body of creatures which have two legs and four legs and even without legs like snakes etc. Therefore, based on the vedic knowledge, we must know that there is only one formless, omnipresent God equivalent to whom or above whom neither any other God was born in past nor will take birth in future (Yajurved mantra 27/36 refers). At this juncture, we will have to think that we should only worship the above quoted formless, omnipresent God whose full description is mentioned in Vedas only and that too by Himself.

You see, during that time when Sri Krishna preached Vedic knowledge in terms of Geeta, people used to worship only the formless Almighty God in the same eternal Vedic way. So, explaining the Shloka of Geeta 12/5 for adopting idol worship is against the Vedas, that is it will be against both the preach of Geeta and Vedas.

Both the great dignitaries, viz. Yogeshwar Sri Krishna, who spoke and Vyas Muni who wrote Bhagwad Geeta, were great philosophers of Vedas and Ashtang Yoga philosophy and had deep knowledge of various worldly as well as spiritual matters. So, the phrases / words used by them in Geeta were totally based on Vedas as during that time only Vedic knowledge was in Vogue, house to house, present sects did not exist and therefore people were habitual only to speak in Sanskrit language. So, the present anti-Vedic explanations of Geeta Shloka’s by those who traditionally have not studied Vedas, cannot be considered authentic because in the absence of vedic knowledge, they are unable to comment on Bhagwad Geeta as per the views of learned Vyasmuniji and Sri Krishna Maharaj.

For example- If a person studies medical science and becomes authentic doctor, he only can discharge his duties well in respect of the patient and not by a person who is ignorant of the medical philosophy. It does not matter if he is, M.A, B.Sc, B.A or has engineering degrees etc.

This is not complete. The book can be sent free of cost on receipt of your postal address, if you desire.