Rashmi: Guruji maharaaj Pranaam, I have few questions, you have told many a times to prepare for sanyasi by 50 years. But today the time is such that every gets married late, children are born late too. So almost it becomes 60 by the time still children are not settled, you have to get them married. After this only sanyasi can be decided upon. Now how to go about it. The life is not safe, hardly any jungles so how should be fulfill this ashram. Could you please enlighten on this issue. With regards Rashmi.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you all, my daughter. Before sanyaas, vanprasth is taken after the age of fifty years and sanyas is taken after the age of seventy-five years. These are the order of Almighty God in Vedas. But still, I usually preach that if vanprasth and sanyas is not possible then, the aspirant after the age of fifty years must try his level best to reserve himself from the worldly affairs as must as he can. He should devote his maximum time for asan, meditation, name jaap, hawan and attending sufficient Yajyen. But he can live within the family. Actually vanprasth and sanyaas is required to be taken when a person has been habitual to listen maximum Vedic culture from acharya or study Vedic true books written by Rishi munis only. As a result, he likes to become ascetic. So, only an ascetic is allowed to take sanyaas because at this stage the acharya and God, both starts taking special care and God helps him to look after his family. Otherwise, nobody should take sanyaas because nowadays mostly and mostly people are not habitual to follow Vedic path and therefore are not ascetic and as a result they become professional which is a sin.

In the grihasth ashram everybody should follow Vedic path, should listen Vedic preach from acharya perform daily hawan, should study Vedic literature, must do practice of yog philosophy, should serve elders and acharya which is enough to attain the stage of ascetism either in present life or in the next life where he gets human body in family where already Yajyen are performed.

Swadhin: Please send me (1)Vedas-a Divine Light(Best seller). No.(2&3)Vedanta and Eternal Vedas’Philosophy – I& II.No.(4)Vedon Se Mrityu Rahasya Jano.
Swami Ram Swarup: I think you’ve please received the requisite books. Please confirm. Thank you.

Satyam: Swamiji pranam Jb hmein koi mansik ya sharirik dukh prapt hota h to usko thik krne ke liye doctor ke pas Ku jate hain hmein toh ye soch Lena chahye ki ye to hmare pichle janmon ke karm hain isliye Etna dukh prapt ho ra or hmko ye SB sahan krte rhna chahye.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Jub hamein maansik ya shareerik dukh prapt hota hai to vedon mein Ishwar kee agya hai ki turant Vaidya (doctor) ke paas jaakar checkup karayein aur dawai lein. Han! Yeh baat avashya hai ki hamein sabse bada doctor Ishwar ko maanana chahiye jisne yeh herbs/medicines banayein aur medical science ka gyan vedon mein diya etc.